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  1. I hope you had time to slot some one new and useful in to my slot in the server test. Sorry I got double booked. Moms 80th birthday. It was attend or be lynched! lol And I was the only one organised enough to have a pen for signing birthday cards. 

  2. Mine will be a flying hobbit house so it blends in to the terrain when landed.
  3. I said No because there are some contexts where that would render a project impossible. However I have already suggested way to package raw materials as generic cargo that pays people on delivery only, so the courier cannot steal it profitably but anyone stealing it from him still has to deliver it to the designated destination to collect any loot.
  4. That's not how you save a voxel construct. The simplest way is to save the voxel type and number. log the position of the constructs and the important voxels. Mesh over the majority non air voxels to get the surface mesh, Whats visible. That's the first thing you see from a distance. Lod reduces that further. You do not need to record the location of all air voxels unless the air voxels are a small minority. Likewise if the construct is mostly rock you don't need to log the location of every voxel of rock just everything else that is not air and rock. The size of the save will depend on the d
  5. Planet side and H1Z1 use forge light but landmark uses voxel farm. They are trying to merge the two at daybreak but its hard. I also have a copy of voxel farm but it's not the same version. Generally twerks right and TehWardy is out of date. DU and Voxel farm are close but not the same and both are 2 generations beyond the limits set by minecraft almost a decade ago. The limits that TehWardy is talking about are also broken easily by some minecraft modding tools and the newer optimisations. . IE minecraft bakes the top surface of a chunk in some mods. World gen is three things. The seed, th
  6. We will be mining long before we are flying so I'll be doing something like the traveller RPG.
  7. It may do a tiny bit more damage that a well thrown clod of dirt. There is a trick here: It may be harder to make the nanomorpher do no damage rather than having it do some damage. It also means you can ever be disarmed, that may have some interesting in game effects. Or lots of head shots.
  8. This is the third weather channel on the site. Find the other two for more. lol. Weathers hard to do.
  9. If you had any early experiences with Second Life then this scripting architecture is relatively familiar. It's a big improvement on linden labs original LSL but many of the features that people are debating have been in the linden scripting language for 8 years. Home computer processing power is not a major variable. The scripts in many cases, even the turret attacking you, is running at your end. The fun starts when either a script is out of date or does not load at all. The protections and permissions systems is not easy but not new.
  10. I'm calling dibs on the little island on the left!
  11. Structure cores define a specific volume. Length, breadth, height parameters the cores come in 5 or 6 sizes. Smaller structures may be able to nest in available space in or on the edge of larger structures. Or they may exclude each other. That defines any city geometry. The other factor may be the need for streets, landing pads, parking. We will have people that want to walk, run, use hover vehicles that probably can't go more that 1 or 2 metres high so we will need roads. Landing vertically is hard so many flying craft will need skyways, highways in the sky. Like the jetsons, star wars o
  12. The ship core units come in five sizes with known length, breadth and height. Even if you don't put voxels in that volume that volume defines the ship and it's collusion volume relative to other ships of the same core class and landing on voxels of terrain and larger ships. Thus we can define 4 or 5 door and hatch areas as the front face of the class for doors, or it's bottom face for hatches. I would be possible to add 5 elements for doors and 5 for hatch/elevators which would either spawn the door voxels or would control them. You can do modular voxel doors of any size if you have a vo
  13. Ramming is dead easy in ship combat. Just add a ram weapon that you add to a ship that does a huge amount of damage, adjusted for velocity, but has a 1 or 2 metre range. You automatically tab target any ship in range. The real problem is the gameplay effects it makes big dumb ram ships too easy and kills all other ship combat options.
  14. Ramming and easily blowing a hole in a ship is unlikely. Combat will be about knocking out ship systems and finishing with a boarding action and a hack to take the ship. On resource limits a 100 km planet has 125000 cubic kilometres of rock. If it has only 1000 ore seams per km2 that's a lot of ore. So in a couple of years 20000 people will have to dig though every cubic km to find every ore seam. We are not going to find every ore seam. Australia has sites where the gold rush never mined out the ore. Easier and cheap mines were founds and so the miners moved on leaving some ore untouche
  15. We do have a genuine problem with several countries where the currency is so low it makes it hard to buy 18 EU a month. The Russian Ruble is 0.014 EU. Average in come is 36525 RUB/Month. Minimum wage is 6204 RUB/Month. $A126.67 a month. A fraction of what I earn and I'm under the Australian minimum wage. It's the same for many African, south american and Asian gamers. If however these Russian and third world gamers can earn their DAC there is a strong drive to monetise the DAC. It's a problem no one has solved. The free to play is not a solution to the income problems of low productivity s
  16. Mathig your out of date with how voxels work now. You can generate that terrain mesh quite easily in a voxel engine. That's just a voxel terrain, relatively smooth, with decorations; the rocks. I can't see why you think it's a non voxel terrain. There many other worlds: rising world, Landmark, Life is feudal or Wurm online all of which look similar. They have slightly different resolutions. Wurm is the biggest and oldest grading down to landmark which is 20 cm. You can take any terrain mesh and plug it into a voxel engine to get most terrain. Even real world digital elevation meshes can be
  17. Look at the edge of the voxel deletion in the terrain in the gameplay video the edge of the 4 Sphere deletions tells you the scale. It's clearly the same as the constructs 25 cm with some smoothing. The dual Contouring Allows multiple levels of detail. The limit is memory. Any change made by the player must be recorded somehow and integrated into the chunk save that is shared by a server to all. The building core units can probably record some fine detail with rock, dirt grass etc. The seed world generation can be 25 cm because a seed interacts with the terrain to subdivide it while sealing a
  18. The next question is how the heck do we make that work will 10000 people on the server. Multi channels will be needed: Local, Ship, Org/system, org wide. or maybe just local and team with an invite mode. Perhaps org battle mode which auto invites all regional org members on activation. You would also need a trade channel ideally local only and an off topic channel so you can be told to take it some where else. Throw in a GM management and voice help channel and that's 7 or 8 channels. Are there plug and play voice middle ware that can do all that yet?
  19. I'm the guy that suggested mock lootables. This means that if a pirate or bandit player attacks and kills another player the player victim does not lose his stuff (he may lose a percentage of ores/ parts etc) but he and his ship is 'insured' as in eve. The loot the pirate gets is generated by the game and is in some cases proportional to his inventory or it could be a saleable loot item. There are three advantages to this: NQ can toss in a few DAC's to attract more players. In this case the pirate gets a DAC but the looted player does not lose one. But these free DAC would reduce income to N
  20. I voted option A all DAC are safe because many will enter the game without reading any warnings a will this get robbed. This would produce thousands of appeals to NQ for refunds and probably more that one lawsuit. If you want to be robbed sell a DAC in game load up with valuable cargo and go get robbed. Everyone knows that this whole debate is driven by the pirate players that know that they can't earn DAC playing pirate only. They will need to find a fence to make a DAC earning profit and any civilisation would hunt down both the fence and the pirate. Any civilisation would hunt down or ostr
  21. Just as a test I just re installed Planet Entropia and fired it up. The debate about payments above is really about player loss if the leave the game for a while. Hence the test; I've been out of Entropia for 6+ years. My avatar was unchanged even though all the buildings around me were different. I went back to Port Atlantis, Got lost, got killed by a level one creature. All my skills, recipes, inventory and stored items were there. I did not own a room or landing pad etc but they are just another form of inventory. DU would be only different because your base would be gone but that's sa
  22. My point exactly bitcoin is not a competing currency to the current mix of money technology. Bitcoin is a currency life boat to keep the internet going through a hyperinflationary crack up boom. The catch is there has been no boom or bust they have unintentionally busted the fractional reserves system instead. To the 5th person to suggest this, please study the words Money Laundering and federal penitentiary on Wikipedia to know why game companies run screaming from the room when people talk bitcoin. Block chain can do so much more than mere money. NQ should have a bitcoin account just
  23. Here are a few from me: A one shot solid rocket booster voxel that requires no power. Just chemicals. So if the enemy shuts down your power system ,or that alien energy draining space critter from Star trek gets you, then you can light a fuse and get out of the trap. Rods, rebar and sticks. 2 cm by 2 cm by n cm elements that take on the texture of a voxel material their crafted with to make everything from chair legs, to hand rails, to guiders, the techno babble thing that holds your ship together when they have blown it in half. Undamaged by blasts and weapons fire so it seems to be holding
  24. I'm not joining any organisations till launch. Someone needs to be the guy who is not in any org testing all the org lockouts work. I here that one of the Korean game companies did a game test where all their testers were in guilds and as a result they missed one of the security flaws. They all got looted two weeks after launch. Free guild bank slots for all the newbies who haven't joined the guild. lol.
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