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Dual Universe 2030 and beyond: Shall we see new Zaha Hadid raised by DU metaverse?


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One of the distinguishing characteristics of a work of Voxel art is that it serves no practical, material end, but is an end in itself; it serves no purpose other than contemplation and the pleasure of that contemplation is so intense, so deeply personal that a Novean experiences it as a self-sufficient, self-justifying primary and, often, resists or resents any suggestion to analyze it: the suggestion, to him/her, has the quality of an attack on his identity, on his deepest, essential self.


To understand the nature and function of Voxel art/architecture, one must understand the nature and function of concepts.


A concept is a mental integration of two or more units which are isolated by a process of abstraction and united by a specific definition. By organizing his/her perceptual material into concepts, and his/her concepts into wider and still wider concepts, Novean is able to grasp and retain, to identify and integrate and unlimited amount of knowledge, a knowledge extending beyond the immediate concretes of any given, immediate moment.


When one learns to translate the meaning of a voxel art into objective term, one discovers that nothing is as potent as voxel art in exposing the essence of a Novean's character. A voxel artist/architect reveals his naked soul in his work and so, gentle Noveans, shall we see new Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry in DU?


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Great !

Or Bella Hadid and a fashion show  ! Or A thousand balloons at the opening ceremony !!!! Imagination .....

Voxelmancy exists ! Its out there . 

Requirements :

1) Wealth

2) Materials

3) Industry ( Skills and Infrastructure ) 

4) Scripting 

5) 3d modeling ( Blender - input object )

6) Space (or tiles)

7) Imagination




Comments about  :


On 4/25/2021 at 2:19 PM, rothbardian said:

In order to find next Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry in DU we created a voxelmancer competition total prize not less than five billion quantas (5b).

Cant wait !!! I am in !


1 hour ago, GraXXoR said:

she’s the one that designed

a stadium to look like a vagina.  


Aha so she is the one ... right !


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3 hours ago, rothbardian said:

Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a Novean who assumes the responsibility of thinking.

can you also spam your own thoughts and not only (pretty bad) quotes?

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I wander how much thinking i need to stop seeing a male sex organ on that building. 

And connecting that to some other works from that woman, i think its even degrading to her not to give credit on her source of inspiration. 


I also love how NQ goes to remove my "dick" comment. But when someone calls me a idiot in fancy words, it is ok... 

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@joaocordeiro Nobody calls you an idiot or something, you are one the smartest and most creative Novean in this community. I understand your obsession with the male organ and your creative look upon Hadid's buildings and making connections with your obsession. But the purpose of this thread is really different.

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Talking about smart ppl and smart behavior. 

To me, a smart person is not the one that can disguise an insult in a clever way. 

Thats just a "smart" parasite. 


To me a smart person is the one that can dodge all the attempts of insulting, escalation and is able provide to others the logic for his argument to be right. 

Unlike a person that replies stuff like "you will never understand this" or "smart ppl would understand". 


You are not the judge of who is intelligent or smart, or worth being here. 


If you have a point. Make it. 

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1 hour ago, joaocordeiro said:

If you have a point. Make it. 

Yes I have a point and mentioned 1st post in this thread, but you started to troll this thread with your obsession with male organ and Hadid's creations.

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Yes, i indeed started to troll this thread in direct response o your behavior on blazemonger "good bye" thread. 


But independent of that, that building looks like a sex organ. 

And if a kid makes a drowning of that in his 3rd grade assignment, his parents will be called by the school. 

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Ok, I have been unfair on this topic. But now Im interested.
Last time I played there was no easy way to do some wanted polygon I usually had to use the voxel reactor to do several layers of the polygon.

Has this situation changed in the regular server? Or in new tools in the test server?
If yes, what can you show me something that was hard before, and now it's easy (and works well)?

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Outside of some new minor voxel brushes nothing changed. JC said in December a Vertex editor would be coming this year but i think it's safe to say that is off the table together with pretty much everything else he said would come in 2021


NQ will needs to:

  • Get funding first
  • Fix the core of the game
  • Make what they have an actual game
  • Have all the KS mechanics in 
  • Have a stable game with complete game loops for release which they now say they are shooting (but not committing) to have ready in little over a year from now by mid 2022



All the extra stuff I do not see happening before 2023, if NQ stays alive and gets lucky and  their stuff sorted they may be able to have a stable game out by the end of next year. All the extra stuff JC "promised" for 2021 will have to wait if it ever happens. NQ needs tens of thousands of new players become fairly stable subscribers to stay alive mid-long term. They need to appeal to so many people that advanced/niche/nerd features will not make sense. They need a solid basis and enough attractive options around that to keep people occupied and that means a cash shop with skins, voxel texture packs etc in addition to subscription money.


Getting the game to perform better, look better and handle better should be their #1 focus for most of this year. I really think the first two of the three recent blogposts pretty much said as much but hen they muddied it all up again with the third one (which I expect was actually the only one meant to be released and function as as a carrot).


I decided to stop bothering and uninstall because of the total chaos their attempt at communication is and so far there is nothing that tells me if they will even be around in two months as I would expect NQ will by now have made up his mind and that of the VC group. So I do expect to hear from him/them soon-ish.. And before that happens, anything NQ PR/Marketing says is just words.


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3 hours ago, blazemonger said:

Outside of some new minor voxel brushes nothing changed

They said something about a paste to cut instead of add.
If it works ok* it could lead to quite nice forms.

*: chances are minimal but.. you never know.

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