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1 hour ago, ArchangelN7 said:

The is no single "correct" answer for TDGs.  When it comes to tactics and combat, the only wrong answer is doing nothing at all. 

The ancient chinese won't agree with you on that, within their 36 proverbs they have a stratagem that means "Do nothing and let the others fight"

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2 hours ago, ArchangelN7 said:

I will post the best responses I receive on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, along with what I would personally do in said situation.


You sound like you are saying you would be on an equal level with the best responses. Until there is any proof, everyone can take that as not true.


Also, as others have stated, doing nothing might not be a wrong answer at all.

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Thanks for telling me, op.


It is always a welcome change when you think about the fact that a post does not have to be considered any further. I don't know what it's about now, but at least it brings a breath of fresh air into the community for me. You don't have to answer everything, but the possibility of considering that you could, is remarkable for me.


I love concise, short sentences that describe the essentials. And this introductory post hits the nail on the dot. I welcome your communication.


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