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Hello, I'm supermega


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I haven't done these in a while! Been just a little sidetracked in thought lately but welcome to the Forums @supermega



That is an FAQ post. Since you aren't a Gold Backer or above, that is going to be your best(and really only source besides asking someone in the community) about the game.


Onward to the main topic though! How did you find out about the game recently? I'm curious about how people have been finding this gem nowadays.


Once again though, welcome to Dual Universe!

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Thanks for the info. At this point I think I've absorbed everything I can possibly find on Dual Universe, I wish I could participate in forum discussions, they really are interesting, because all I can do now is just wait. I really hope that Jessy can do a Development Diary for this month as well.


How, I found this project was via a forum I was reading on another space game. Some one posted a comment asking peoples thoughts on Dual Universe, I didn't know what that was, so I looked it up on youtube, and the rest is history lol.

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