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I don't believe I've introduced myself here on the forums ever which is sad.  The name is PrinceChawmin, i go by many names but this name suits me just fine. I've been watching the forums every so often that i haven't really talked or replied to any thread here. But i tend on changing that. Dual universe caught my eye on kickstarter and was very interested, i haven't backed on kickstarter but i do tend on pledging here very very soon. Im very chill and tend to be open minded, so expect to see me in the threads cracking jokes, giving feedback, or just be outright boring that you'll throw me back in the catacombs of my mom's pantry closet :blink:.


I hope you guys accept me into your hearts, or for this case space ships, and become cool buds. Unless you want to become enemies for some odd reason then bring it! 

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3 hours ago, ForlornFoe said:

Appreciating the introduction, hello there. I will reserve an empty crate in my ship for you just in case :)


And since so many have been wondering about your avatar, I take a wild guess and say it is inspired by Undertale. 

You guessed right my friend!

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On 10/6/2017 at 6:55 AM, Cybrex said:

Welcome, exciting times are ahead of us. :)


32 minutes ago, Cybrex said:

Welcome friend. :)

I found out how @Cybrex has so many posts.

And welcome to the forums!

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