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  1. discordauth:4TRqgf0kKElD78XoqsUHMGRs1P9QCuX4L3HZOW5JxU4=

  2. Welcome to the club! Now you can never leave. Also like ATM said, your avatar is very... interesting. WTF is it?
  3. Needless to say. Wherever the first city starts, it will be intresting which design they go with as I feel that design chosen will be reproduced in settlements afterwards.
  4. The one thing that I see happening giving a physical example is to take what happened in EVE online when they added mobile depots. The major trade hub had quite the "space art" on their undocks. While I personally like games promoting "creativity" if this creativity leads to server lag, not just individual player lag but literally the server struggles in general to render it, it may warrant some type of fix.
  5. I do gotta say though. $5000 for a sub with only 1000 subs is outrageously expensive. That sounds more like the price for trying to get a modship on a default sub.
  6. If you look literally 6 posts up, there already has been a VERY enticing offer from @yamamushi.
  7. Huh. Im starting to notice a pattern on the subreddit in question. /r/dualuniverse has started to have a lot of questions posted onto it the past few days yet the sub count has not ticked up that much in subscriber count. When I look at the accounts that are posting onto it I started to notice this as the time of posting: (Usernames have been removed to avoid any witchhunts against the users on the site however all the info is given as accurate as possible as of the edit time and to my written ability.) user 1: redditor for 4 hours user 2: posted 2 posts 3 years ago then nothing till just 2 days ago. user 3: Redditor for a year. Only started posting 2 days ago. user 4: Posts MANY of the same article to multiple subreddit in order to gain karma for the account. This is typically for an account that gains the karma then sells the account after because people who wanna buy high karma account. user 5: Same as above Note: Every single one of those users including a 6th at the time of posting have not responded to their comment in regards to asking followup question or even thanks for the answer which is a common occurrence on the site. These are just 5 of the last 6 people who posted questions on the subreddit. The 6th person I couldn't get a pattern on so I will assume nothing for that. Either way I feel that there may be something fishy going on with that sub in order to make it look active when in reality it is at the same if not less then the dualthegame subreddit. I know i'm paranoid but this cant just be a coincidence for ALL these users, can it?
  8. Pang, take a look what Aiden said and he didn't even give true proof. If we look at his last forum post it's almost word for word identical. You may not consider this an issue which is fine, you have your own opinion, but looking at all the facts given, one sub has transparency and people that love the game running it, the other has a person who according to he fourm hasn't even backed the game. This is about a person who has blatently created the sub in an attempt to power grab it from 2014. Along with this someone who has very few posts on this fourm, this is a person who doesn't auctually want dissenting opinions and has banned people with proof provided above from people just for asking questions about the state of the sub. Let's just take what Aiden says is true, "he isn't the mod", well why is a 15 day old account posting very similar posts to Aiden (Use Google cache on his banned account /u/aidenaiden2), acting like he has been leading for a long time, and having Aiden answer on his behalf? This doesn't seem to add up for me. Anyway, this is about what should happen for the subreddit of this game on the 7th largest website on the internet, whether you see it as import or not is fine, it's your opinion, but a LARGE amount of people visit the site, and having someone who doesn't care about the game should not be in charge on it. /Endrant
  9. Seems an issue by not placing a TCU there is what would happen if someone else places a TCU there and you lose your stuff? Something I learnt from my time in the old minecraft factions server when I was young would be place the control point(tcu) on top and build a little fort to make it look like thats all you have. However, keep the main below. Any person passing by will not think twice while only those who actually know will be safe underground. That is until a giant ship comes crashing down from orbit on top of the base
  10. The only options that I personally see that are on the table are either have the dev's talk to the reddit admins in order to remove the mod staff of dualuniverse due to their "harmful" acts towards the DU community, (Note: Which so far from what I read has not be successful for with talking to the admins.), or simply have a public statement from the NQ of what is the official subreddit of the game along with linking it in vids, newsletters and other PR items which will in turn bring people to that subreddit instead of the other.
  11. Just wanted to point this out as it was theorized that they were banning and muting people. I saw that the creator of the dualuniverse sub made a mod post and when I told my friend about it, he proceeded to make a post onto it. https://i.imgur.com/bo0uzqQ.png (I personally don't that think it's malicious for what was said but I guess the OP doesn't agree) When I decided to take a look not 20ish min later, the comment was gone and the thread was now locked. You can still see the shadowbanned comment and now my friend is banned from posting onto that sub. https://i.imgur.com/ZrJGbBl.png Don't get me wrong, if that moderator was willing to work with the dualthegame mods and didn't ban dissenting opinions, I may still lurk but the fact both I and my friend were banned is something that is completely unacceptable for literally the biggest dual universe sub on Reddit atm.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I understand the fact that the boards are a great place for conversation as I learnt from my time on world of warships. But, by saying the reddit community doesn't influence the games popularity is a horrible misconception. Reddit is very, very popular and people will find out about the game from that website and decide if they want it without ever coming to the fourms. Now if beta comes out and in the trending subreddit the dualuniverse subreddit gets it first, there will be little to no hope of getting the correctly moderated sub off the ground.
  13. If we look at the situation with what happened to the ark community on reddit, I really feel action should be taken before alpha comes out because when I got banned for when I msging the mod about just a normal question, it should not be a thing others should have to deal with. (For those that don't know the r/ark sub is ran by 1 person and a bot with 35k subs while /r/playark which is the official one with multiple mods that care is only at 31k subs.) I completely agree that the dualuniverse sub is not what the front page of this game should look like with all it's outdated content and a mod team on there that doesn't seem to show respect for the game or those with dissenting opinions. However on an important site like Reddit (going to use the word important loosely here) if anything should be done, now should be the time before this game grows bigger. I'm excited for this game and can't wait for it to come out, but for many new people who don't know about the game yet that we want to join, we need a "golden" entrance that people see an active community therefore enticing new players to join us for this game.
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