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On 29/3/2018 at 2:44 PM, Omfgreenhair said:

speaking of death. 42, the answer to life and everything, if you split it in 4 and 2, then translate them to Japanese and put them back together, translate it back to English, you have solved the riddle: "to die". The one inevitably thing life faces in existence.

Life can die, really?

I mean, if it's actually life...

Can salt be sugar?

MAYBE, people take a change of state as an end or extintion...


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23 minutes ago, ShioriStein said:

Why people not let this thread dieeeee.

No no. It just got real! We're onto pizza topic now. The most consumed product of in all of geekdom.


Now, not to trigger any Italians here, but I do love pineapple on my pizza. Hold your horses, I can hear you rustle your spaghetti but hear me out. Our local pizzeria has invented a new evil.

They call it the pizza-ice cream combo. Yes, vanilla and chocolate creamy ice... On a pizza bottom... And fruit!....AND, you can add ANYTHING else they've got as regular toppings. Broccoli, four types of cheese, all sorts of meat.


My only sin is pineapple. Let us please unit together to defeat this heresy!

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If he meant it then this thread would be closed.  This is an undead thread.  It will keep rising from the dead until it's shot with a silver bullet, decapitated,  staked through the heart,  burned in fire,  and doused with holy water. Even then it might not die the final death. The thread that never "really" dies. 

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