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  1. Last Post Wins

    Not profound enough, bro
  2. Asymmetrical ships

    I think torque should definitely be a thing. It doesn’t make sense that putting all your engines on the right side of your ship wouldn’t have an effect. Also, without engines applying torque, you wouldn’t be able to turn. I think they showed in one of the building videos that they’d show centre of thrust and mass, so you should find balancing relatively easy (though it shouldn’t be too easy, I think) and they said that the Default Lua would have the engines balanced, so as long as you made sure you had your centre of thrust roughly in line with your centre of mass, your ship can adjust the individual engine thrust to get net 0 torque on your ship. But you shouldn’t be able to just go put all your engines on the right of your ship and expect it to magically balance out (although if you had strong enough turning thrusters you could, at a cost of diagonal movement)
  3. Asymmetrical ships

    If you can tweak the thrusters, to should be able to balance the thrust out, it would just be a lot of tweaking to get it to work. Once you’ve got it to work, you will of course also have to worry about taking damage, although that would throw symmetrical ships off balance too. You could also possible use small maneuvering thrusters for rotations to balance out the forces, which might make dealing with balance changes due to damage easier, maybe with a script that auto-stabilizes you. You would then of course have to worry about not going straight forward. Assymetrical ships will almost certainly be harder to make and design, but seems like a fun little challenge, and if you get good at it, I imagine it would be a good distinguishing feature in the design market.
  4. How would you pay anybody, if you didn’t know who they were?
  5. Last Post Wins

    You don’t close it. Neither do you win. I win. And a different mod closes it. Without posting.
  6. Last Post Wins

    Thin base and standard pie cut. Pizza is awful with thick base
  7. Last Post Wins

    best pizza is pepperoni pizza. good topic choice. Now I’m hungry
  8. Last Post Wins

    And now for something completely different What? Completely up to you.
  9. Last Post Wins

    And now for something completely different
  10. Question on losing inventory upon death

    And saving more than the basics takes too much energy
  11. Question on losing inventory upon death

    I think in universe it goes other way round, it takes a you from an alternate dimension where the only difference was where you were
  12. Last Post Wins

    A false statement.
  13. Last Post Wins

    The feels are illogical
  14. Last Post Wins

    Ok then, I’ll just have to set up a bot that will post whenever someone else posts, right up till the heat death of the universe. Or DU closed down. Y’know, whichever comes first.
  15. Last Post Wins

    same as always so far