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  1. For all industrialist players and organizations here, I don’t know how you feel about the new schematics system. But for me it is a huge disappointment because it turns the gameplay experience into just a “click, check, drag and drop schematics” game… Explanations In the Beta version we have gone from one extreme to another in the industry: no schematics → everyone can produce whatever they want without constraint - to very expensive schematics which only allow players of larger or wealthy organizations to get them. In the release version, the introduction of a new system for the use and management of schematics is in between. What I completely understand. On the other hand, the current system will gradually stifle any org that wants to specialize as an industrialist. Because if you take the slightest expansion, you will only do one thing in the game: click on each industry and pour schematics into it. Even if you pour a good amount of schematics they melt quickly and you will have to recheck, constantly reload all industries, manually. Think about it: schematics in each refiner, smelter, chemical industry, glass furnace, 3D printer, electronics industry, metalwork, assembly line, honeycomb factory that you have to constantly check and manually feed! It just becomes an annoying and time consuming task. I'm all for using schematics but not that way because it just makes a game a boring and tedious experience. And the impression of progression is much less present because everyone can finally make what they want quite easily, it's just a question of available ore finally. I believe that it is possible to adjust the use of schematics to balance the game experience, so that it remains a game and that there is always a challenge in the progression. Some examples : no schematic for anything T1 more expensive schematics just for final objects (ex. engine, elevator, etc.) from T1 to T5, but not for parts a combination of more expensive “one time buy and use forever” schematics as in the beta for intermediary parts or elements, and “single use only” schematics for final objects (ex. wing) as in the release a deployment cost for any industry and “one-use-only schematics” only for the final objects (ex. wing), but not for parts etc. In short, a solution that saves the player engaged in industrialism from having to spend his time clicking on each industry to drag and drop a bunch of new schematics. And to have more time to accomplish other things like collecting resources, negotiating contracts with other players, creating constructions that give content to the game, etc. The actual system probably benefits light industry orgs or players. And it is probably sustainable for big orgs where each player is only responsible to feed just a small bunch of industries. But for the small orgs that want to go in the heavy industrial way it’s just a pain. Industrial orgs are important for several reasons in this game. They feed other orgs with objects that allow them to build content (ex. ships, cities, piracy, fights, etc.). And they feed the markets. If only big industrial orgs survive, with this new system of schematics management, they will have the monopoly on the market and the price of the objects. I heard about new talents coming in the December update. Eight talents for the schematics... Well, it will probably ease the crafting cost / time / batch size of schem and that’s a good thing for players and orgs that want to go the industrial way. But the main problem - and my biggest complaint - will probably persist : players will have to feed all the industries one by one, manually and spend so much time doing it instead of interacting with their mates or other players, or creating content. And the feeling of progression won’t probably be there much more. Maybe I’m wrong and most of the players are happy with the new schematic system. I would be interested in hearing from the players that play the industrial way in this game to know what they think about it.
  2. Proposes to place the braking distance parameter. It determines the path needed to stop the construct completely at the current mass and speed. A small thing that helps and makes me happy.
  3. I currently have to limit my market orders to the size I can handle as once the stack is larger then an empty nanopack, you can not retrieve the order anymore. Solution is to "park" a dynamic contract with a larger container near the market and use this as a linked container but workaround is going to turn the landing pad in a seaport container hub. So it is inconvenient, not handy to get the economy flowing please NQ, could you find a solution.
  4. Long story short, "clear the pipe and afk-drift for 4+hrs" is really boring, and there needs to be some stuff added in or changed to make Aphelia missions not be just the screen-saver someone lets run for quanta while they're off doing other stuff. To that end I'd like to propose that surrogate-station use not unload the physics of the construct to which the surrogate station is attached when it is used, thus allowing players that would otherwise be stuck afk-ing in a chair for several hours to do more interesting things while their ships drift through the void. The ability to explore other player's constructs or surrogate in to their own structures to work on a build would be a significant improvement over being stuck sitting in their mission-ship for hours on end as they are now.
  5. So, what do you all think of the idea of having a heat-management system? Not EVE's "periodically emergency over-clocking your elements until they melt" mechanic, but just actually having elements give off heat when used that then needs to be either dissipated via radiator, or stored in some manner of thermal-battery/capacitor? I'd figure it wouldn't be like power, where things probably just wont function if you can't power them, but perhaps the ship itself can start taking damage in some way if it cant adequately store or dissipate the heat and you keep generating more of it. Any thoughts?
  6. According to NQ the only way you are going to be able scavenge constructs is to purchase the tile with the wreck (so that's a 500k hole to fill) and then wait two weeks for the owner of the construct to get it. Apparently this will protect those players without the forethought to land their craft on safe turf and, effectively, reduce player responsibility for a microscopic percentage of players who may be absent for two weeks on short notice. While I'm closer to the free for all approach, (if you've not interacted with a construct on an unclaimed tile (or my tile without a prior agreement) for a week it' should be fair game), I'd be happy with the burden of payment being on the construct owner. A kind of insurance payment of 100k - 1m q (based on core size) lasting a month that prevent the construct being scavenged (in game indicated by a green bubble) while insured. This will open up some much needed gameplay, though I agree with the Ytuber that's it's just making money for money's sake, as are nearly all DU activities.
  7. Those some of the solutions are Very Easy to Implement in to the Crurrent game. Pls Upvote if you see this as A Prolem as well. -------------------------Price Per unit to Produce with L4 skills------------------- ------>/Product Nitro Fuel/---------------------------------Market Price----------Gewinn -627kh per 6M investment in ores At the moment most people just Mine Ores sell it to bots and Buy BP Because at the current state of the game thats the fastest way to get BP. The Problem with that is if they Buy BP's Money get destroyed, if they sell Ore Ore getsdestroyed. So in a Nutshell they do nothing to the Econnomy, even worse they dirft more and more away interacting with players. So The stuff they do is completly Meaning less. So more and more People becomme less intrested in the game. new players have a very hard time starting and probebly Leave Early. Economic Perspektiv The in game currency is now worth way more then it was before Update that would not nessearly be a Problem there is allready a way that new Money gets generated in the game: daily reward. But as we all now this is not the only change that happend, at the same Ore Bots where Intreduced to Put more Money back in to economy, Essentialy Allowing players to do Useless work by selling stuff to Bots. Yes those players will one day after Houres and houers of grinding have all the BP's and Ore Pricec will go Obove the Bot level Again. 2 Problems with that 1. You will have Huge Economic Monopoles because once Ore pricec Rise players will have a very hard Time getting Industrie them self. They need Months to get industrie runnung and to get the investment on Industrie back. 2. not evry one Likes Farming Ores and its very hard to do somting else (with no Kapital) New Players how start mining at Alioth they have no other choice then selling at 10-16 on Alioth so what do the Big players do they take this Ore take it to the Huge Hauler and Destroy it on sanctuary Profit 15-10h/l So those new Players do not even Help the Economy, they are just being exploited for Money. And Yes i know some Elements are Below the 24h/l ore Buy Value so at the moment Elemets are sold like ore Pricec would be 20h/l or Below but that wont last long when they Realize instead of selling stuff at the market i could just as well direktly sell evrything to bots would bring more Money. Luckly most didnt seen to Realize that or they may just dont want to sell to bots. All Solution Eliminated The Need for Ore bots / Avioding money skings / Compensate money sinks Soluations for Eliminating that gigantic Money sink called BP's Solution 1 BP gets Distrubuted daily rewards So all players get a Random BP which they can sell To the Economy instead of Bot deciding the price Players do now and Learn how to Interact with the Economy Solution 2 BP Get Distrubuted by Mining if you dig you might find BP by Diging Underground. Solution 3 Daily rewards get way bigger to Compensate to money loss from BP's Solution 4 Have smaller Taxses on Markets. Solutions to Destroying Material in a more Fun way / Creating better Resource sinks / Compensate Resource sinks Solution 1 Elements just have 2 lives now Solution 2 Elements Get used over Time Solution 3 You Creat bots that Set Pricec (Minus 1-5) of the Highest Buy Order from the player Solution 4 PvP gets More Relevant Solution 5 Recepies get changed depending at the State of the Economy(Hard to Implement) https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/143304/better-economic-stabilization-methods
  8. Due to numerous reports of this happening, including pictures, lets talk about end of warp obstacles and ramming in general. Here is an example of a net placed exactly in front of a warp exit. You have about 10-15 seconds to change direction right after end of warp, but most people won't pay attention and ram into whatever is in front of them. This has been a thing for a while now, but we now have some reports of ship destruction due to warp destination constructs being purposefully placed in the way. One way to get around it is of course to pay attention and maneuver the ship immediately after warp destination is reached. However, there is a lot of discussion to be had about warp obstruction and ramming in general. For example: 1) disabling collisions between cores: this has already been done with trees so I imagine it can be disabled for static / dynamic cores, probably will increase server performance too, but also an effective way of getting rid of warp traps. 2) disable damage on collision with constructs: an alternative of the above, except collision will cause velocity changes as expected between collisions. We don't have bumper car physics, could be a bit strange, but this also gets rid of warp traps. My personal favorite and very biased option: 3) reverse ramming logic (THE RIGHT LOGIC): it's really strange to consider that an L core going at 30,000km/h can be obliterated by a stationary xs core. It just doesn't make any sense from a logic perspective, although the reason for this implementation probably has roots in server performance considerations. I think collision damage should be shared between constructs and distributed according to mass and voxel logic. Added benefits are: COMPLETELY LAG FREE MARKETS... because naturally people will start ramming, hence a necessity for garages / safe parking facilities, opportunities for business, etc. I would go so far as to say that static cores should be rammable as well. This has huge ramifications for space stations... there will be a need for space mine fields or wreckage around stations to prevent people from completely destroying stations with ramming dynamic cores. Space stations will need engagement rules such as: if dynamic construct is going faster than X amount inside a certain radius around space station, fire all weapons at dynamic core. There are all sorts of interesting ramifications for this gameplay. There is something important here I think: it is not ok to simply add a rule to the EULA saying warp traps are illegal. This is a sandbox, emergent gameplay will always happen, and a bunch of players can give a hell of beans about what the rules are. It's in poor taste when a game cannot / will not implement systems to prevent certain actions from happening but simply adds a "RULE" of conduct. In some cases it is certainly appropriate (abuse, discrimination, etc) but in this case, this is emergent gameplay and adding a RULE will not solve this issue. In this situation NQ actually has an opportunity to capitalize on the situation and create game mechanics to either solve this issue or enable ramming AND add mechanics in order to counter ramming. On the other hand, warp traps such as these can be cancerous. This is a tactic used extensively in Eve, see here: Do you think warp traps are an acceptable emergent gameplay mechanic? What are your issues with it? What can be done to solve it? Again, to reiterate, simply adding a rule of conduct doesn't work here in my opinion. NQ should really capitalize on this opportunity... I think they failed in the district 15 drama, they could have done some epic stuff there... problems can be turned into opportunities, lets contribute to the discussion and find opportunities Edit: After writing this post, I have received confirmation that players are "netted" both when: 1) player finishes warp, comes to a complete stop, then accelerates/or planet gravity pulls the player, and they end up in a strategically placed net 2) player finishes warp and gets damaged in net BEFORE coming to a complete stop from the warp
  9. This post is about the experience of crafting using industry in the early game. I am fully aware that as you build resources these concerns decrease, but .. this still leaves us with a less than ideal early game experience - which is the issue I want to address. So, early game, you're building things in your nanocrafter and you're starting your industry... You build the parts for the Assembly Line S (skipping the XS as it's useless initially), then you build the parts and Assembly Line M, then you build the parts and a Smelter, Refiner, Electronics, Metalwork, 3D Printer, and containers galore. The progression here is fine, the issue is that because you have to use the nanocrafter to produce the parts required (typically into a linked container as input to the assemblies), and because you have to manually alter the recipe each time, you're essentially tied to your base, for long periods of time, doing "nothing". Sure, you could be building the base .. but.. typically you've used all your starting honeycomb and don't want to make more, yet, as it would slow down your industry creation. Sure, you could run off and mine.. but then your nanocrafter queue will put the current output in the wrong place (because you leave the linked container range) and then it will stall (as all the inputs are in the linked container, now out of range). So.. instead, you sit with your thumb up your .. doing "nothing". This is a "not much fun" gameplay loop which I would like to see improved. I think the solution is to add queues to industry units. What I mean by this is that we ought to be able to queue a "make X of Y" request, just as we can in the nanocrafter. I am not suggesting we queue "make infinite" or "maintain X, and Y, and Z" or anything like that. So, industry units can either be processing a queue of make X of Y OR doing one of those other things, not both. So, lets start by listing and attempting to refute the common objections to this: 1) this would make large factories redundant If you can build everything with 1 electronics, why have more? Because one electronics can only do 1 thing at a time. So, if you want to produce something with 5 ingredients, you would have to wait for one electronics to produce all the input, one ingredient at a time, and your "factory" (of 2 units) would be super slow and inefficient. Given this, you still need large factories, especially once you reach the scale where you want to "maintain" a range of input ingredients to keep your factory production constant and efficient. Queues have to be queued manually, so they're not appropriate for a fully automated factory. In short, queues won't change how large factories operate, so they will still exist just as they do today. 2) this would reduce the "value" / "cost" of items in the game, and "ruin" the market. If things are too easy to build, who would buy items from the market. Yes, this will make it easier for new players to build the smallest, cheapest, T1 elements in the game. But, doing so will still take them quite some time (see point #1 above) even if they have a few industry units, so they might prefer to buy these items some of the time. For higher tier items, with more ingredients and longer build times for those ingredients and the item itself.. those players are going to have an ever better reason to buy the items instead of making them. Another way to look at this; even late game players might prefer to simply buy, in bulk, lower tier items. If crafting these is easier for new players, then they may even be selling on the market. This is actually a net positive for the market, even if the price per unit is lower, there will be more items being bought and sold. In short, queues may have an effect on the low end of the market (positive and negative), but very little effect on T2 and above. 3) Any other objections? If you have any, please let me know, keeping in mind the points made in response to objections #1 and #2 above (as I can think of some potential objections which these points refute). This is not just my complaint I am not the only person who has issue with this gameplay loop. I recently watched this video where they express the same concerns about crafting speed and having to sit round doing "nothing".
  10. Hey all! I recently subscribed and started playing the game. But the game has been almost un-playable for me due to the low FPS (5-15 FPS) When at the hub my FPS sits around 5-10 FPS. With a lot of the time bringing me down to 1-3 FPS. While getting 15-25 FPS when out in the wild. I have all settings set to low and even changed it from auto to manual and bringing my graphics down to 1. Here is my specs. I7-4770 GTX 1080 16GB DDR3 Game is running on an SSD with 100GB free left on the SSD. I see a lot of other people are having issues too, but a lot of people are doing fine. For example my friend with the same rig, but with a 1060 is always sitting at around 25 FPS at the hub and 60 FPS in the wild.
  11. Aliens have long been a subject of speculation and a pillar of science-fiction, so I set to wondering, if the game-makers finally decide to bring them what would we like them to be? EDIT!!: Do not post any pictures videos or information from the pre-alpha(as proof or otherwise) according to the NDA.
  12. The most commonly accepted theoretical method for FTL travel is called the Alcubierre Drive, which propose to build an engine that can warp space. This involves creating a 'warp bubble' which consists of an unexpanded region in the center, a squished region in the front and a stretched region in the rear. To simply slap on a module that make your ship go is not good enough. To make FTL ship design interesting/compelling a designer should have to calibrate the field geometry such that the ship fits in the bubble the bubble is streamlined the engine has sufficient power to maintain the bubble radius Desirable attributes of FTL drive for shipbuilders to balance: Startup time - This is the time your ship takes to initiate FTL from cold start Speed - This is the maximum velocity your ship can achieve without overloading your FTL drive Acceleration- How fast your ship can speed up and slow down.Energy usage How much energy it takes to maintain velocity. Structural integrity - The ability of your ship to accelerate in a given direction without flying apart. Power - The amount of your ship dedicated to supporting your FTL system Control systems - A well designed control system will operate your engine efficiently and safely, without exploding Interactive FTL capability will add value to ships and increase competition for engineering design and control systems. The FTL design of a vessel would have to be engineered and calibrated by a specialist, and each design would have to be unique. Equations of warp bubble can be described by the FTL drive component with simple made up math which is loosely based on current ftl research but has nothing to do with reality: The field is composed of an expansion ellipsoid and a contraction ellipsoid Velocity =Vector(D, sqrt(E*C)*FD) where D is the angle between the FTL drive and the point furthest from the warp drive on the contraction ellipsoid. where FD field divergence is the maximum distance between the two ellipsoids in meters where E energy is a constant based on the total energy supplied to the drive where C is the speed of light in a vacuum If I place my ellipsoids farther apart I will travel faster. If I place them closer together I will slow down. Changing the field geometry such that the field is offset in a direction other than forward would allow your ship to drift, strafe, and warp sideways and pull off all sorts of maneuvers. The offset and the sizes of the ellipsoids comprising the warp field will determine the velocity and direction of travel. To withstand a change in direction the ship must have sufficient cross-sectional strength/weight ratio in the direction of the change in acceleration. The drive is controlled by the positioning of the ellipses. The first set of inputs, X0,Y0,Z0 control the energy diverted to projecting the bubbles in each direction, determining the size of the bubbles. The second set of inputs , X1,Y1,Z1 controls the position of the forward bubble relative to the drive. Field divergence and velocity is given by the second set of inputs. To turn the drive off, cut the power. If the power level is insufficient to create a bubble which your ship fits inside your ship will not enter warp. If the field strength is not sufficient to maintain the bubble radius the ship will be crippled by the shearing force. Energy usage will be given by the total volume of the bubble divided by the aspect ratio of the bubble, direction of travel to max radius perpendicular to the direction of travel multiplied by the field divergence. Protip: Use the same mechanic except with a single ellipsoid when you implement shield bubbles to save work. This will lead to the following situation: The captain tells the engineer to outrun the other ship The engineer is concerned because you run the risk of overheating the engines The captain doesn't care and just wants to go faster Either the ship explodes or everything works out ok depending on both the engineers competence and the designers competence A staple situation of modern space drama which would only appear in a cutscene in any other game.
  13. So, when I was figuring out how the Department of Justice for the Terran Union would work I came across a problem. 1, how would we enforce player punishments, 2, how would we stop players from committing crimes in the first place. So, I came up with several ideas, each with their own stipulations: 1, we imprison players (in cases such as multiple intentional team killings) in special tile sections designed to allow imprisoned persons to spawn there and allow the player to leave the faction at any time but force asset seizure for any items and or ships inside the TU. 2, we create a tier system to limit the privileges of players inside the TU. Such as allowing people to take on certain jobs and such. A person would be promoted and demoted over time in the system and would have certain jobs with-held depending on their rank. 3, we just straight up exile the user in which would be very efficient but extremely hazardous. 4, we do an asset forfeiture in which their vehicles, materials, or property is seized by the state and transferred into state-funds, almost like a fine. Any comments on this would be appreciated as I'd like a think tank to just mull it over. Ruling Terran Union Supreme Court Justice, ShaylixLinx
  14. Simple question: Will I be able to change my on-screen displays for scanners, speed, etc, to the imperial system? My guess would be yes, but I wasn't sure if it was confirmed anywhere. In this latest Dev-Diary (Awesome), All measurements seem to be in Metric. https://youtu.be/5yG5DtZcdd8
  15. After just coming out of the shower, I have had an epiphany: Seismic and volcanic activity on planets. This feature would not be applied to all planets, as it may cause too much server stress. This engine would work similar to how tectonic plates work on earth, or the plates could be immobile and the only evidence that they exist is mountains and valleys. All of the plates on Earth are driven by one thing: magma. This magma could present on planets, with unique subcrustal temperatures varying greatly. This magma does not have to be fluid, but textured to look fluid. This would ensure that server stress levels remain stable to handle this amount of liquid present without crashing. In order to compensate for this lack of fluidity, lava tubes could be implemented to present evidence of previous plate activities that could be used as a base hideout of some kind. This magma could be used as an energy source, with many pumps being used to extract it. These tubes would have to be able to handle the high temperatures of the magma in order for successful magma extraction to happen. If it is unsuccessful, the pipes could just melt or something. This would explode the market with different types of tubes with varying effectiveness. I will continue this post as a different idea titled "Ice Moons and Cryovolcanism" so you can respond to it separately.
  16. Will there be some kind of food levels in DU? If so, what about water? I don't think it is a good idea, just more of a nuciance.
  17. Hi Noveans, Just wanted to reach out and ask some general questions regarding DU. I took a look around and did not find exact responses to similar questions and would like to bump this up for new players and those considering pledging (like myself). Please excuse any redundancies to previous threads/topics/discussions. 1. I have been interested in pledging Patron - Is this too much to spend on the current & foreseeable available content? 2. I enjoy games like Minecraft, NMS(surprise!), and Astroneer. I actually did not enjoy EVE Online, Star Conflict, and some similar games as they became too overwhelming. Is this right for me? 3. In its current stage, especially as a p2p model, is there any downtime/restricted access periods that I should be looking out for? 4. Like I previously mentioned, I do enjoy open world building games where I can mostly be isolated to building large structures/ships. However, when I am fatigued from that - can I find cities, towns, space ships, space colonies, & other more cosmopolitan things to explore? 5. I love the FUNCTIONAL building aspect, I support others in there different & interesting interpretations of space and how it should be colonized. Does this game have a potential for us to live in each others creations? Routinely rely on player based cities, ships & so on? Its possible this question can be tied into 4. But the spacefaring explorer in me had to ask! 6. Finally, this single shard expanse, is it well populated? Or am I to find myself in another rendition of NMS? Again, I appreciate the time any of you take to go through this with me. After countless hours of scouring youtube for gameplay video and commentary, I have found the answers to these questions outstanding. Although I could always be wrong and not have looked hard enough! All the best! Doob.
  18. I suggest having multiple coding language editing boards in case we can't fins a way to learn Lua before the game release. There are not a lot of online resources for learning Lua, and any of the websites that would potentially have Lua don't. I'm saying that we could keep Lua, and we could also have other languages for people to edit if they aren't knowledgeable of Lua (myself included).
  19. Hello, Here is the question. Is it possible on the whole game to play without fighting. I mean without pvp ( except pve there is no full loot) Because i had the experience in an other mmorpg with full loot and i i lost all my gear because of it. Are there more mecanism more pacific without using violence on an other player (except pve) ? Thank you a lot and see you.
  20. I was just reading the wiki about the combat and at the "friendly fire" paragraph I wondered how DU will handle collisions. So will there be enemy collision? I think there is but that it will be limited in the sense that you won't be able to ram and destroy a ship with your own ship. Is this correct? But more importantly what about friendly collision. If there are 10 starfighters will it be possible for them to occupy the exact same X,Y,Z coordinates, meaning that there is no friendly collision?
  21. Is alpha going to be the same thing as space engineers, but without damage? - _ -
  22. Hi Everyone, If you did gather all the info on this game you may have notice 3 things: - JC said (approximately) : "would be cool to have a lua script which make your ship doing an automatic front to back (180° turn) with one button so you can face a foe behind you" - The game will be first person view. - As everyone know, pvp will be lock then fight depending of characteristic of your ship, I guess he has EvE gameplay in mind. Problem: This 3 "things" belong to very different game design choices, because the first one is "arcade" or "simulation" gameplay, where you need to react fast to face your taget (and aim?) in order to shoot at it correctly. The second, FPS mode, is also arcade gameplay where you have the limitation of the view angle and camera, increasing the difficulty of finding your target compared to a third person. Last is tactical gameplay, where you certainly have to react fast as well, but more important, have to do choices giving a certain situation, you analyze and react, prepare the situation before it comes (design your fit). It is all but arcade mechanics, compare EvE online against Elite Dangerous and you'll get what I have in mind. Well, it is emergent gameplay ! Why not mix ? Well ... because you are manoeuvring your ship in an arcade way, you expect to eventually dodge, do nice things moves and enjoy a dogfight ... while the damage you do and you suffer are actually not dependent of this here... In a more technical way, the game is using position prediction to simulate smooth movement while the position information of player are updated not frequently enough to simulate a dogfight. You may say, it is not the goal of the game, indeed, so why would we even need "arcade" mechanics ? Just put a ship list on the right of your cockpit UI and click on "target" then "orbit at 10km" if you know what I mean. I could also add to this the concept of big ship with plenty of automatic weapons < big ship with plenty of manual weapons controlled by several players, (why would I ever want to sit on cockpit and click on "target" then "fire", then "target, then "fire", etc). I am not shooting at the game right now, I just want to expose my concern about the risk of such a gameplay, it could be very frustrating to have smooth and cool control of your ship but with no relevant impact in a fight. Overall, the mix is dangerous and could lead to unhappy or unpleasant gameplay feeling. And yes I know that there is technical reason underneath, but here we may need an emergent technology to solve this... (Lock then P2P to avoid Server overload, would be like P2P on the fly with your target ? I'm not really a specialist in that specific domain you probably thought of this already) That's an open topic, please throw your thoughts. Aesir
  23. Hey Guys ^^ Is there even an official statement about recording and publishing gameplay in Alpha? I'm a German broadcaster streaming on Twitch and publishing on a Gaming YouTube Channel, so this is kinda important to me. I really wish to combine my passion for DU and my passion for YouTube/Twitch.
  24. Drones and Gameplay Yes drones probably one of the most discussed topic with a lot dreams. I've been thinking a lot about how those things could be integrated in a sandbox game for a longtime now not just with Dual Universe. I want drones which are in theory capable of everything the player is able to do with his equipment. (DU equivalent: his constructs) It would be up to the programming skills of the smart people to develop good software which would also be a good trading good. Awesome AI software + awesome construct = awesome drone The problem with that is it will be most likely abused very quickly with some kind of replicator device and an army of drones steam rolling anything that is in the way. (And yes, I'm guilty I did this many times where I was able to do so) But since you are not alone in the universe that is not an option, they have to be nerfed in a way that doesn't cut the capability of them but also clearly restricts usage to prevent such SkyNet scenarios. I first thought about really complicated stuff that needs a very high level of knowledge and skills like (and dev time): Building up complicated rule sets in order to use them, the need for communication devices with limited range and a max number of drones or a master drone controller with "CPU" cycles that get used up by the various functions performed. (The CPU cycle thing is fun so, I had competitions with my nerd friends who could build the most efficient program) But all those have flaws and turn players off who don't want to dedicate much time to this topic. Drones should be a essential part of the gameplay and not just for the 10% who are able to grapst the topic. Things like summon your ship would be a drone activity, any construct performing a advanced series of maneuvers with a given task would be a drone. This kind of automation needs to be accessible to everyone either by hard work or buying it from the marked. Besides that, providing means for ingame automation makes third party bot software less viable. Then it hit me, how to prevent SkyNet and make drones a very good gameplay element in DU. DU already has some very unique and great abilities such as the rights and duty management system. So how about you need a licenses in order to use a drone. A license could be bought at the ark ship or a skill learned overtime but they are finite for example you can own only 5 per player. Those license must be assigned to a construct core in order for it to function as a drone. A little scenario Now I'm a big company with a giant mining site (claimed territory) and doing everything per hand is stupid, I WANT DRONES TO DOOO THAT..... So how do I get to use many drones there? That is where the rights and duty management comes in as a organisation you can claim a number of drone licenses form you members. However it is up to them to give them to you they could keep or trade them in the market if you don't offer enough in return. (And you could decline them membership for that but that is up to you) With the ability to sublicense you can make a small income and miss a drone or you could control more drones at once. The next problem pops up Ok now I have 15 drone licenses and all are used in the mining site for bots and somebody attacks. There are 5 additional fighter drones stationed at the side, so in order to defend it you need to dynamically reassign the license and risk 5 mining bots falling out of the sky or you could rent 5 additional licenses from a market place. This is in my opinion a very balanced solution which allows big empires to have a drone police to provide security, big companies with automated equipment to do work and the average Joe a relieve from resource grinding. P.S. it is 03:43 AM and I tired so for any mistakes: finders keepers :-P
  25. So, I was thinking, what if, you can make more or less of your body cybernatics? So, replacing your other arm with robotic arms for example. Some key modules: -Advanced Brain: makes skill training quicker -Caloric converter: turns food into energy useable by implants -Energy converter: turns energy into calories -Backup Life Support: backup systems to replace failing organs from combat(or something) to prevent dying long enough to get to safety Biology route -Needs organic food -not as much endurance -more fragile Cybernetics route -Needs expansive repair materials and energy cells -Drugs Performance-enhancers doesn't work as well -Needs skills to implant/use Please be respectful and post your suggestions here!
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