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  1. Market UI related : - adjusting a price changes 1st digit and then puts cursor at end of the number so if you want to change a price you first to 1 delete and then a number of backspaces -no longer able to create a selling order from the market screen if you have the item in your linked container (quantity is stuck at zero)
  2. Overall I am looking forward to the things coming even if they are very very barebones (but hoping to be good fundamentally for NQ to be able to expand on). Better to learn to walk first , especially after the 0.23 issue. The negative of this is that 0.24 is probably going to be like a little mouse step but if it is decently done, then NQ should be able to replicate and expand & proliferate fast afterwards.
  3. Fully agree, especially nowadays as you really need to have an atmospheric radar for the first leg of the journey out from allioth and then a space radar with the exit into deep space (as the area between allioth and sanctuary is getting really crowded and given the speeds, visual flying is not an option in space).
  4. Agree that piloting is getting a dangerous job , especially at night and this is with a radar and the cores showing on the hub. Whilst I do not have one, I thing we kind of should preserve the space elevators as they make sense to me to be there, so no against limiting in height the use of cores as a consequence. AAG should not be free to use so some form of fuel needs to be introduced, that would however increase the need for the spikes even more if we do not at the same time remove the limit of 1K. We then need an incentive for people to demolish their spikes, applying a tax or linking it to the future energy mgmt. could be an idea. PS some goes for those abandoned cores at various altitudes, that seem to procrastinate for ever.
  5. Hallo, I think you nailed it by recognising that there are just not enough different ways to make quanta in the game right now. So thanks for adjusting the roadmap and pulling forward the mission system and , I hope (although this may be me reading being lines) that it will be more than fedex player induced missions. I understand this will take some time to do though. Hope you find a solution to the unintented lockups from the RDMS change as well though.
  6. Does anybondy know of a place where one can find the atmospheric limit of each planetary body ? Have grinded together my first spaceship, I really do not want to end up as a fireball on my first re-entry ?
  7. Agree, 1) I would love to be able to find out where I have stuff bought and waiting for pickup 2) I would also like to be able to do a dual sort on the order screen (typically price and distance) and apply a filter on one of the columns (as a seller to roughly 4 market it gets really complex to see on which market an item is sold out and need replenishment) 3)When looking to buy something, I would love to be able to filter out to only see markets that are on the current planet for instance.
  8. Agreed but you can edit the autoscript on your vessel by adjusting the impact speedup and speeddown event from 5.0->1.0 and -5.0 to -1.0, gives me increments on the R/T keys of 5% now.
  9. Hallo any one know how the fuel intakes work ? I can open en close them but not link them to a fuel tank and placing them directly on the tank does not seen to do anything either ? Are they just decorative ?
  10. Please do not make it easier, it is a fun sort of minigame now. Would agree that ore inside an un-minable hex should not show up on a scanner, bumped into some lumps yesterday though that we like 40% or 60% minable with the rest in an un-minable hex so I fear this may we difficult to achieve.
  11. Hallo, just using my mousewheel does not give me the level of control on the throttle I want and the R/T keybindings are increments of 25% and the mousewheel keybindings can not be replaced. Has anyone tried to adjust the sensitivity of the keybindings to say 5% in the lua script ?
  12. Very good summary, One note just for completeness sake, if you plan to go mine in places without atmosphere (aka moons for instance) prefer v-boosters over hovers, yes they use space fuel and use a lot more fuel then hovers but hovers only work in an atmosphere though.
  13. Like everyone I can not be playing 24/24 so my perspective is from a western-Europe time zone, post work evening. As I like playing the game, I do not like it when I finally get home and find the server is down for maintenance (but that is welcome to a Beta). But thinking back, I feel like NQ has been progressing especially once I am in the game, I do hate the slowliness of the login-queue though) Yes, they are in a fire-fighting mode still where putting down one fire , lets another come up as there is not enough time to test the fixes and there is only the live Beta environment where this can be done at the moment. I understand people like the game that much they want to play it now (especially those who paid for a 3M subscription) but heck, if you can not stomach this lvl of disruption in early Beta, you got a month for free so, plan to come back in 2-3 weeks and see if it suits you better. At some point, I would love to see a "small" roll-back, just as part of Beta to ensure that it can be done whenever it would be needed. If NQ feels they are not ready for that now, then better not to do it now. There will be opportunities in the next months to test that mechanic. Same goes for a wipe, they need to test their capacity to create the magical blueprints, until they are ready for that, a) wiping is just erasing stuff people have worked on (took me till yesterday to grind myself up to a large core base on allioth), but once ready they should give it a go. b) we need people to progress further in the game to test those aspects? Not sure how many of us are already deep into t2/t3 items? If I look at the market, I start seeing t1 showup in some lvl of availability but last night I was looking for t2 ore on the allioth markets and it was very very flimsy still.
  14. Just take a shuttle back to allioth, on allioth teleport to the sanctuary district n# you want and once there take the shuttle back towards sanct ? Or did you build your base in the middle of nowhere then the build a quick speeder is the better option.
  15. I agree that the current zone is probably a fair setup, but are there no T5 on the moons of allioth, at least maps says so, those need to go but that may just well be the intend when NQ has been talking about the need to do an ore redistribution. This game is like desert warfare where your ratio of combattants to support will be 1: x and given the fragility of said backbone, even pvp orgs will want to have a lot of this in a safe zone, playing scavenger is a really hard way to go long-term.
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