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  1. NanoDot, This is an excellent point. People blow past you in Eve all the time. I noticed it was well populated but passive/poorly zoned. DU has created a looped scene in my mind where I must constantly look over my shoulder while I build. The constant fear will give this game a fear factor perfect for space proper. space pirates alone look to have a bright future to pray on those less fortunate. I will say though - if not already implemented, have a citizen status meter based on our activity interacting with others in space. Could call it threat level?
  2. Yes - that much is clear! Thanks blazemonger!
  3. Wow! First off - Nostalgic music was gold. Second, this is impressive! The style lines you use will look incredible in DU. Based on the videos, automated opening and closing of windows and doors - I can see that you will be taking full advantage of LUA's capability. I missed SL as a gamer - lots of regret there. Well done! Doob.
  4. Its not fair to you to say this as you have been waiting seemingly longer than I have (Just a couple of months since I wast studying Star Conflict and came upon DU.), but I will lose my mind until that availability. The Youtube videos show a game I am prepared to join, however - without ruining expectation, waiting is perhaps the wise thing to do. I haven't been this interested in a game since the debacle that was Spore(still burned a lifetime playing it). Will Wright had me on the edge of my seat at every video release. J.C. has seemingly mustered the same level of anticipation out of me. I have to say, I am impressed with the LUA scripting - this opens a whole new meaning to how we build and interact with things in a game. Look forward to seeing what you create! Doob.
  5. Let me follow up if I may, What is the current status of the game? How long before you anticipate joining the game Core?
  6. Brilliant! Thanks for taking the time! I truly appreciate it. I would much rather play a game thats based on users rather than made up quests. I will make one minor critique however - in regards to your response on the point of an MMO. Historically, MMO's have been driven by a mostly linear experience for players. Sure, you can explore, hunt, and patronize NPC's & other players on your own time. However, Cities are predesigned, Player advancements are determined by scripted NPC quests, The look, feel and progress of the game is determined by the content the software developer decides is best for the role play experience. You did answer this question perfectly earlier on, though! The game will have no NPC's and will include no guidance. This is the cherry my friend! Thanks again, I have a much more substantial understanding of DU!
  7. Hi Noveans, Just wanted to reach out and ask some general questions regarding DU. I took a look around and did not find exact responses to similar questions and would like to bump this up for new players and those considering pledging (like myself). Please excuse any redundancies to previous threads/topics/discussions. 1. I have been interested in pledging Patron - Is this too much to spend on the current & foreseeable available content? 2. I enjoy games like Minecraft, NMS(surprise!), and Astroneer. I actually did not enjoy EVE Online, Star Conflict, and some similar games as they became too overwhelming. Is this right for me? 3. In its current stage, especially as a p2p model, is there any downtime/restricted access periods that I should be looking out for? 4. Like I previously mentioned, I do enjoy open world building games where I can mostly be isolated to building large structures/ships. However, when I am fatigued from that - can I find cities, towns, space ships, space colonies, & other more cosmopolitan things to explore? 5. I love the FUNCTIONAL building aspect, I support others in there different & interesting interpretations of space and how it should be colonized. Does this game have a potential for us to live in each others creations? Routinely rely on player based cities, ships & so on? Its possible this question can be tied into 4. But the spacefaring explorer in me had to ask! 6. Finally, this single shard expanse, is it well populated? Or am I to find myself in another rendition of NMS? Again, I appreciate the time any of you take to go through this with me. After countless hours of scouring youtube for gameplay video and commentary, I have found the answers to these questions outstanding. Although I could always be wrong and not have looked hard enough! All the best! Doob.
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