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    The Ruling Supreme Judge for the Terran Union Department of Justice.
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  1. Just join into the TU Discord, it should be on the TU's community page here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union And yeah I'm excited, it's going to be amazing how everyone builds up their communities. @supermega
  2. Hello! My name is ShaylixLinx, even though I have involved in Dual Universe sense 2017 I still haven't made an actual introduction. So here we are! I run the Department of Justice inside the Terran Union and I'm looking forward to buying this game. Even though a lot of my time so far inside the TU has been writing documents and structuring the court of the TU I'm still enjoying my stay even if I can't play the game. So to you all, what are you guys currently doing to stave off being board? Are you all excited about the progress done? ShaylixLinx
  3. The problem with this is that some crimes warrant more than just a fine while others warrant less than a parking ticket. It is better to have a diverse system than having a non-bending system. AKA one that can adapt to the situation it is given. Also, alienating people is wrong yes, but they're alienated because they did something to harm the TU or it's citizens. It's warranted to punish the player if they try or do cause conflict.
  4. Aye, role playing in an actual governmental body is amazing! It'll be amazing to see how each branch functions and ticks.
  5. The thing is, the Terran Union has almost a thousand players. We're in a very unique circumstance where we're going to have a lot of players in our organization. So we do need some sort of enforcement and judicial processes to make sure that players do not go 'willy-nilly.'
  6. So, when I was figuring out how the Department of Justice for the Terran Union would work I came across a problem. 1, how would we enforce player punishments, 2, how would we stop players from committing crimes in the first place. So, I came up with several ideas, each with their own stipulations: 1, we imprison players (in cases such as multiple intentional team killings) in special tile sections designed to allow imprisoned persons to spawn there and allow the player to leave the faction at any time but force asset seizure for any items and or ships inside the TU. 2, we create a tier system to limit the privileges of players inside the TU. Such as allowing people to take on certain jobs and such. A person would be promoted and demoted over time in the system and would have certain jobs with-held depending on their rank. 3, we just straight up exile the user in which would be very efficient but extremely hazardous. 4, we do an asset forfeiture in which their vehicles, materials, or property is seized by the state and transferred into state-funds, almost like a fine. Any comments on this would be appreciated as I'd like a think tank to just mull it over. Ruling Terran Union Supreme Court Justice, ShaylixLinx
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