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Found 91 results

  1. The idea is simple, we alpha players, have the opportunity to test and try before everyone. So why not build our own city, as an experience ? Anyone can join and build is own stuff, no need for big. So, who's in ? Why this ? -Do a social experience -Strengthen the community -See how much it's doable or not -Test the game, and see if we have to address issues to the dev, or new ideas. It would be very nice if the major organization participate (even with few members) to this and have their own quarter here. I do not want to own the city, I just want to do a prove of concept, see if it's socially acceptable, as well as doable. It has to be a community project, and it can be done because we are not yet a huge amount of players. We are all here as tester, so let's do so and see what we can do with this game. Thank you for your vote, whatever the answer. EDIT: I created an Organization for convenient reason, it will just let us build together under the same zone and have no other purpose than rising the Alpha City. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/alpha-city
  2. How fast Mining will works will be the Key factor in the game to how easy and fast Player can Build constructs and fight in PvP Fights. Its impotent that Resources are not completely worthless but at the same time not way to expensiv, that is an very impotent factor on how the game will play. I think the mining it self should go pretty fast so that the main cost of Resources will be the transportation and the Risk of transporting the Minerals and not the Minerals it self. So The main cost of Resources should be decided by the flowing factors: Risk for Mining, Risk of Transport, Defense of Transport, Finding Minerals, Claiming/Finding the Areas for Mining And not the time you need to Mine the Minerals, that would be boring farming that no one or most people do not want to do. What would be a Healthy for the Gameplay experience from my point of view. 1. Not every Resource should be found in masses on all planets, every planet should have a Resources the have way to much and such they have way to less. 2. Mining times should not be a problem, this gets annoying very fast. The problem on mining should be Finding the Resources not The process of Mining them. 3. Resources should be Cheap as possible not to cheap but so cheap that people don't risk a Lot of time/Money by Fighting in PVP.
  3. Texture Wishlist This is a WIP wishlist just things I’d like to see in games so to maybe help Inspire devs here it is Basic Stone Cobble wood(log/Lumber)# New wood, old wood, diagonal wood boards(both[/][\] angles ), straight wood(both[|][-] directions) brick straw Cob Marble / Granite wattle and daub Glass Stained glass# Dirt Gravel Iron Gold Silver Copper Roof tiles(wood, clay) Bronze Modern Concrete# Steel# Diamond plate, Expanded Metal, Perforated Sheet, Bar Grating, MISC. Color* Emerald #(16 colors: Black white gray silver maroon red olive yellow green lime teal aqua navy blue purple fuchsia) *(http://www.colourlovers.com/web/blog/2008/04/22/all-120-crayon-names-color-codes-and-fun-facts Mahogany Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Chestnut Red Orange Sunset Orange Bittersweet Melon Outrageous Orange Vivid Tangerine Burnt Sienna Brown Sepia Orange Burnt Orange Copper Mango Tango Atomic Tangerine Beaver Antique Brass Desert Sand Raw Sienna Tumbleweed Tan Peach Macaroni and Cheese Apricot Neon Carrot Almond Yellow Orange Gold Shadow Banana Mania Sunglow Goldenrod Dandelion Yellow Green Yellow Spring Green Olive Green Laser Lemon Unmellow Yellow Canary Yellow Green Inch Worm Asparagus Granny Smith Apple Electric Lime Screamin Green Fern Forest Green Sea Green Green Mountain Meadow Shamrock Jungle Green Caribbean Green Tropical Rain Forest Pine Green Robin Egg Blue Aquamarine Turquoise Blue Sky Blue Outer Space Blue Green Pacific Blue Cerulean Cornflower Midnight Blue Navy Blue Denim Blue Periwinkle Cadet Blue Indigo Wild Blue Yonder Manatee Blue Bell Blue Violet Purple Heart Royal Purple Purple Mountains’ Majesty Violet (Purple) Wisteria Vivid Violet Fuchsia Shocking Pink Pink Flamingo Plum Hot Magenta Purple Pizzazz Razzle Dazzle Rose Orchid Red Violet Eggplant Cerise Wild Strawberry Magenta Lavender Cotton Candy Violet Red Carnation Pink Razzmatazz Piggy Pink Jazzberry Jam Blush Tickle Me Pink Pink Sherbet Maroon Red Radical Red Mauvelous Wild Watermelon Scarlet Salmon Brick Red White Timberwolf Silver Gray Black)
  4. Just wondering if there is a listing or compilation somewhere of the different building elements we can expect to see in the game at launch and about how big they are.
  5. I would like to see more ideas based on automation. So far, I've seen JC talk about having a large number players working together... Obviously, JC doesn't watch SAO, sometimes you gotta solo... I mean, If I built a large ship with guns, I want to be able to fly it on my own, without having to ask a stranger to come on board and touch my stuff.
  6. Here's my list of top things I'd like to see in the game regarding building. 1 It'd be nice if we could have a way to set the X,Y,Z dimensions of a voxel shape we are going to deploy. You know, rather than counting by 25cm increments until I get to 1600m x 890m x 530m for my Star Destroyer. Seems that could be tedious. 2 It'd be nice to be able to have a map of my ship I am making; its internal elements and internal voxel structure. Otherwise I think I could get lost inside my ship while I'm building it. ; ) I'd like to see a few dynamic elements added - 3 A clamp element that can connect/disconnect a dynamic construct to another dynamic construct or to a static construct. 4 A turntable element that can be used to create a hinge, turret, or axle. 5 A linear motor - something that can move groups of voxels parallel to each other like a train on a track or a sliding door. 6 Some kind of layer / grouping tool - would be useful especially for very complex constructs Yes I am thinking like I'm building with legos only unlimited pieces - awesome! Anyway, the game looks amazing already and I'm looking forward to the end of the month. Hopefully these things will end up in the game at some point in the future.
  7. So we know that we'll mine resources of various kinds... and build things... and some of those things will be ships which need fuel. Will the materials be ores that need to be refined at some sort of refinery to be made into the finished fine materials used for building... or into the fuel or fuels used by various ships engines? I think it'd add another layer to the economy if miners sold to refineries ... and refineries had to be large constructs... with storage for their product which could then be sold to builders and explorers and shippers. Also has any thought been given to power generation to power lights... or the hypothetical refinery?
  8. I like the blue, yellow and red ghosts that were shown in the August dev diary. It will be very helpful to know if there will be some voxel distortion or the intended operation is not permitted, but I was wondering if there will be an alternate indicator for someone who is colorblind and not able to distinguish them.
  9. Aqua&Mons Corporation Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas Informations : Langue officielle : Français Communication : https://discord.gg/BEEeeM LE GROUPE Profil : Aqua&Mons Corporation est un groupe industriel polyvalent et structuré. Nos équipes conçoivent, réalisent et exploitent des ouvrages destinés à améliorer au quotidien le cadre de vie et de travail de leurs utilisateurs. Gouvernance : Prochainement .... Stratégie : Prochainement .... NOTRE HISTOIRE En cours de rédaction ... NOS ENGAGEMENTS Afin de prendre en compte toutes les facettes du développement et toucher toutes les parties prenantes, notre démarche s’articule autour de 4 axes : Environnement et construction durable, Clients et partenaires pour un projet durable, L'innovation et la construction numérique Développement des filiales. ACTIVITÉS Aqua&Mons Génie Civil : Filiale historique du Groupe, notre section Génie Civil est structuré en 6 pôles, assurant la fiabilité et la qualité de nos ouvrages : Le Bureau d’Études (BE), composée d’ingénieurs et de techniciens évaluent le cahier des charges du client et lui apportent les meilleurs résultats en termes de prix, de délai et de qualité Notre cellule Grand Projet est l'unique interlocuteur avec le client, ses coordinateurs s'appliquent à bâtir les infrastructures dans des délais souvent court ou sur des chantiers "groupées" Notre service travaux, rassemblent l'ensemble du personnel "chantier", les conducteurs travaux, les chefs de chantiers et chefs d’équipes sans oublier nos valeureux compagnons le département Méthodes prépare les chantiers, optimise la production et assure l’approvisionnent en matériels et matériaux sur les différents sites Notre usine de préfabrication ainsi que son équipe conçoit, réalise et commercialise des modules habitables à moindre prix, mais apporte aussi une réponse pour chaque client avec le service interne de personnalisation des modules afin qu'il s'adapte au mieux à son utilisation La "Pépinière", notre laboratoire de R&D innove sans cesse afin de pouvoir construire n'importe ou et n’importe quand. Aqua&Mons Immobilier : Ayant pour ambition de construire un monde meilleur, notre filiale immobilière nous permet d'accompagner nos clients, nos partenaires mais aussi des particuliers dans leur projet quel qu'il soit. Nous avons aussi avec l'aide de nos architectes conçu diverses gammes d'infrastructures : Prochainement .... Aqua&Mons Pionner : Cette filiale est spécialisée dans la construction ou la rénovation d'ensembles "sensibles" comme par exemple des prisons ou encore des complexes militaires sous-terrains, le secret professionnel est le maitre dans ses chantiers sous hautes sécurités. Aqua&Mons Space : Dernier né du Groupe, créé par Kraglin Obfonteri en 2016; a pour ambition de créer des flottes de vaisseaux capable de suivre les colons dans leur exploration pour construire l'avenir. Pour cela différentes classes de vaisseaux utilitaires devront préalablement être développer au sein des chantiers spatiaux de nos partenaires : Croiseurs : Classe "Gaïa" : Croiseur de terraformage capable d'adapter l’atmosphère ainsi que les reliefs de la planète. Classe "Ploutos" : Croiseur servant de d'immenses entrepôts spatiaux. Classe "Zeus" : Vaisseau mère de la flotte; il commande les différentes escadrilles de constructeurs prêt à bâtir et sert aussi de hangar. Classe "Athéna" : Croiseur sert de laboratoire R&D itinérant. Corvettes : Classe "Hestia" : Une corvette qui sert de base mobile pour une équipe complète lorsque l’opération est excentré du gros de la flotte. Navettes : Classe "Hermès" : Une navette existant en 2 versions; transport de personnel et soute de stockage. CARRIÈRES Quel que soit son métier ou sa place dans l’entreprise, chacun de nos collaborateurs est un maillon essentiel de notre démarche de développement durable. Chacun, par son comportement, agit, au quotidien, dans le respect de nos engagements. Pensée pour instaurer une véritable cohésion entre nos collaborateurs, est ainsi être une aventure collective stimulante pour tous. Vecteur d’innovation, elle est enfin créatrice de valeur pour nos clients qui peuvent ainsi bénéficier d’une vision de la construction qui répond, aujourd’hui, aux enjeux de demain. Si vous souhaitez vous joindre, envoyez simplement un message à Kraglin Obfonteri qui dit que vous souhaitez vous joindre et nous vous contacterons. En ce moment, nous recherchons un artiste capable de dessiner des logos et des images pour la description, si quelqu'un de volontaire et de motivé pour accompagner cette société à travers les galaxies alors contacter Kraglin Obfonteri par message !ATTENTION! Tous les nombres mentionnés ici sont sujets à des changements, Toutes les fonctionnalités mentionnées ici, ne s'appliqueront que si elles correspondent à la mécanique du jeu Version 0.3
  10. (am i in the correct board?) (if this isin't i blame the DU discord :u) So I've made a discord server, not one for an org or anything like that but for 3D models and designs to let other people use in any future builds, sure DU isint coming for a while, but when it does people are going to want to build something, and not everyone has the time to go around the web everywhere, so the discord server is where people can post 3D concepts, or interior designs, for the sake of inspriation, or to directly copy a ship design Justifications Dual universe isin't out for a while but people may want to design ships before release, or are uncreative, etc Sure there will be an in game shop but what if someone wants to design something out of the game, when thier bored and dont want to launch dual universe? Finding inspiration can take a long time, but when people make crazy shit that time can lower How it can be done, simplified alot 1)Get anything that can make and export any sort of 3d file, even a game work (I use starmade) 2)Create object 3)Export 4)The exported file will have textures and stuff, and a folder, zip that 5)Upload to sketchfab or whatever else you use 6)Post link in the appropriate discord channel Server link: https://discord.gg/22urFJ4 Criticism and telling me off for rule breaking by accident is welcome
  11. The Spacing Guild We have a saying which we found very suitable: Growth + Profit = GROFIT The GROFIT must flow....Do you enjoy GROFIT? Calling all the shiny object, resource hoarding, merchants who like prospecting to carve out a wealthy pieces of real estate out of DU for yourself. Come be apart of the Spacing Guild. We as an Organization specialize in the Mining, trading and exploration are the main focus, where making money is just a given. Must have some interest in one or more of the following roles: Mining, Trading, Resource surveying, Exploration, or Construction. Protection is assisted with by other organizations we have agreements with, however, nothing prevents us from blowing shit up as well...gotta protect the assets and members. Whilst there is are no hard fast rules that say "you must do this" and "you must do that" within the guild, those that wish to do more get more. Come on over and see a bit more about our Organization. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-spacing-guild#tab-description PS: those that wish to shoot shit are also very welcome.....as we expect that you will have a lot to shoot the more the game ramps up :-)
  12. Hi everyone, another question from a newbie: The ship editor in Dual Universe is by far the most capable I have seen in any game and it offers nearly unlimited possibilities in terms of creativity (that´s the very thing that convinced me to support this game). Now my question: Will we players be able to try and experiment with blueprints without imminent resources consumption? What I have in mind is a creative mode for creation of blueprints so that resources are only required if I actually want to build the blueprint and turn it into a flyable ship. The alternative would be days of resources gathering before you can even properly try out the ship editor (Most people I know would not be in for that because of the limited free time a working person has). In my book, this would work out nicely for large projects that require a lot of resources (and hence players) to complete: You could simply post a picture of the blueprint on e.g. the forum of you guild as a preview of what is being constructed. Additionally, this would aid the construction process assuming that everybody helping with the construction can see the blueprint and hence the shape of the final construct. Best regards, Neza
  13. This idea I hope gets implemented. As ship builders and architects get more accustomed to using the Toolsets provided, we are going to start developing our own brushes (custom shapes). Either by merging shapes, creating stamps/molds. From what I have seen it's possible to create duplicates of these forms which is great. The problem is, how do we store these for later use. Sure we can create giant tool boards in our workshops but this leaves our biggest asset open to being copied, griefed, destroyed or lost if our land area is taken in PvP. I would like to request a way to store, name and sort custom shapes (brushes) for later use, hopefully in a similar way the primitives are.
  14. Alright, i've thought about things that would make building sooo much easier. 1) The ability to move voxels. If we manage to flip our small vehicle over, we should have the ability to exert some amount of force on it. 2) Bind two separate structures. To allow for factories and ship yards to function efficiently we should be able to build parts of ships separately then attack the two making it one structure. 3) Artificial atmosphere in ships. I want to be able to breathe inside my own ship. If any of these have been confirmed already, please let me know, i must have missed it. Thanks, Az
  15. BOO IS ACTIVELY RECRUITING PLAYERS AND ORGANIZATIONS BOO WEBSITE LINK BAND OF OUTLAWS COMMUNITY PORTAL LINK A WORD FROM OUR FANS (LINK) Discord: https://discord.gg/mhAaKmA ________________________________________________________________________ WHO ARE WE? Band of Outlaws is a growing community of gamer's within Dual Universe. Our goal when the game launches is to provide a community environment for all play styles. While our theme and preference leans towards the renegades and outlaws, we are also happy to accept traders, builders, and anything else in between. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from. We understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. ________________________________________________________________________ THE PLAN: Band of Outlaws wants to create a community for those who wish to play out their inner rebel, whether that be through pirating, smuggling, being a mercenary, a bounty hunter, and everything else in between. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Battlefield 1, Conan Exiles, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game. That said, we certainly plan to have Dual Universe as our focus when the game launches, and we have several projects in our development pipeline for our community to participate in when the time comes. I'll list an example of such below. • Project Tortuga: Band of Outlaws plans to accomplish many tasks within Dual Universe with the help of volunteers within our community. We want to create a safe haven for outlaws like you and I, and are planning to construct a free port away from prying organizations who seek to control everything. Dubbed "Project Tortuga", our free port will be available for anyone to use, not just the Band of Outlaws. This project has also been extended to the greater Dual Universe community, and with the help of the Band of Outlaws, we can all have a place to call home. _________________________________________________________ THE OVERVIEW: • Primary language: English primarily. • Time zone: We accept anyone from around the globe. • Goal: To create a support network for players in DU, providing benefits for mercenaries, bounty hunters, you name it. We plan to have several internal services established to let you play out your character in DU. Also, blow things up and make money. _________________________________________________________ WHAT CAN BAND OF OUTLAWS PROVIDE FOR YOU? • Security in numbers: Our safety network will you keep you and your assets safe. • Community: We have a vast network of players with a wide array of goals in the game, we all support each other in and outside of the game world. • Trade: We plan to have a vast trade network, where you can get the best deals by being in Band of Outlaws. • PVP: BOO will need to protect its assets, and we plan to be very aggressive. We will teach you how to fight, and provide you with the ships to do so. • PVE: We're not sure how PVE will be in the game, but we certainly plan to be apart of it as we know many players may not want to do PVP. • Exploring: There is a big galaxy out there, so of course we're going to explore it! _________________________________________________________ WHAT OTHER SERVICES DO BAND OF OUTLAWS PROVIDE? • A discord server that is managed 24/7 with hundreds of members playing various games. • Website/Forums to hang out with other BOO members. (WIP) • An actual gaming community of internet nerds, with the number one focus being fun. This family is open to all. • A chance to help create something unique and inspiring. Come make history with us! _________________________________________________________ HOW DO WE OPERATE? Band of Outlaws is not out to be the next mega corporation with an umbrella controlling every sub-organization within our community. We operate under a general community management system with our Managers and Moderators doing all of the admin work so everyone else can enjoy whatever game we are playing. Within the context of Dual Universe, right now our management for this game is open ended until the game launches and we can see where we need certain positions filled. _________________________________________________________ DBAD CLAUSE - RULE: Band of Outlaws will not drag you down with rule after rule. To sum up how we expect members to behave - don’t be a dick. We’re all here to have fun, and there is no reason to be rude to each other. This includes flaming, hate speech, starting drama etc. Let’s act like grown men and women. This also extends to how members are expected to act towards other organizations/communities. Be respectful, regardless of affiliations. _________________________________________________________ INTERESTED? We are always looking to recruit new players, or organizations within the Band of Outlaws. If living the outlaw life is for you, then this is the best alliance to be apart of. We encourage you to apply immediately, and be apart of the greatest organization made for rebels and outlaws like you. Below will list minor details to help you when you apply to Band of Outlaws. • Applying by yourself as a player? Simply head on over to our community portal and submit an application. Your application will be reviewed, and a voice interview with yourself before we finalize your enrollment. This is simply to make sure we can maintain some sense of security within Band of Outlaws, and that we can both get to know each other and be sure that not only you would be a good fit for us, but that we would be a good fit for you. If you are interested, just apply on our community portal - Band of Outlaws Portal Link • Applying as an organization? We are always looking for other player organizations to join the Band of Outlaws alliance. Being a member of our alliance has benefits that are listed in this post above. Among those, you will benefit mainly from a wide market audience and support network. Band of Outlaws members and organizations are forbidden from openly attacking each other. We are all allies here with the same idea, and we want you to be apart of that. Simply send a private message to Cybrex, and negotiations will be made. If you have any questions regarding Band of Outlaws, please contact Cybrex. BAND OF OUTLAWS COMMUNITY PORTAL LINK
  16. So I was watching videos from the Dual Universe channel: Dual Universe - YouTube And I saw how big the cores for building were. After seeing the sizes of them, I wondered if they could ever be resized to smaller versions but with the same functionality, preferably for smaller ships, such as: pods. --------------------------------------------------------- Check Out My YouTube Channel: MaxedMASKED
  17. I was just wondering if it was possible for people to make planet sized ships by hollowing out a planet and adding the right components
  18. EDIT: I just noticed that there was already a post on the same theme... However I don't feel that bad because it was a year ago... and now I want to see what people think about it since we are starting to get a more prescise idea of what the game is gonna look like... Hello there, So I recently started to take a look at From the Depth, and they had a turret system that looked really cool! Basically, to make a gun you have many components wich act like "blocs". You have to actually place them on your ship, facing the right way so they do what you want these to do: for example, the loading system of a shell is basically ammo inserters facing a rack, the number of block of rack you have aligned determines the ammo clip, or buffer your gun has, and the number of loader on the side (wich can for example load a shell of 100mm caliber in a few seconds...) determines the ammo loading rate you have, and you can synchronise your gun firerate to be able to acheive a constant firering... Again, the caliber of the gun, the length of the barrel, the barrel type , the number of barrels (you can make a gatling gun) all of these and much more can be customized, there are no identical guns... (Even though I know that DU isn't going to simulate the projectiles, that wont come in the way, you can compute the statistics of a weapon and apply them in combat) and they have a similar mechanic for missiles wich are composed of "compartements" wich can be used as propelant, seeking, explosive charge, fins, ... and the longer the missile, the less agile it gets, the more reload time you get.... and the more space it actually takes in the ship... This way you can't met two exacte same misiles, and that would allow much more diverse defending methods They didn't used this system for propulsion, however, that's not a bad idea either, I'm already seeing different types of fuel injectors, mixing chambers, combustion chambers... That would of course be a lot of work, however if this ever become a thing, I already see people asking each other's confing, and actual skills in engine manufacturing... perhaps some part will require a better prescision, and can't be made everywhere... Some parts could end up being really rare... and others easy to make... anyway I'm really tired, I got exams tomorow so there probably are a lots of mistakes, and beeing French doesn't help... Thank you for your consideration!
  19. The Empire is an organization that values Honor, Loyalty, Wisdom, but above all else, it values Respect among its people and its Military. The Imperial Military has probably the most advanced Ranking and Communication system yet and in Battle Scenarios, we train our Military Leaders in the art of war. Our fleets are comprised of ships that can decimate an entire planet if called for but we are not tyrants, we are peacekeepers but when our territory is threatened our fleets will go to war. We have an Economy plan that will shine brightly as a beacon of success and of industry as our worlds grow and our citizens get rich.As our Emperor said "you could become a multi-billionaire if you wish" all with the help of the Empire. But if you don't want to be a businessman/businesswoman or you don't want to be in the Military, you could be in the IAD or Imperial Advanced Development and be constructing the great imperial fleets or you could be a Researcher in IAD-RD or Imperial Advanced Development Research Division, this Division is for researching new technologies and constructs prototype ships for the imperial fleets to test.This is the Link to our Website if you would like join us we would be glad to have you!http://dualempire.com/
  20. Stealth systems, or some kind of "silent running" mode, are often depicted in sifi as a kind of tactical art form. For example, in Elite Dangerous, dog fighting while in Silent Running to throw off your opponent's targeting requires a carefully control of heat levels. Meanwhile, in Space Engineers you can build a stealth ship simply by painting it to blend in with the skybox or an asteroid. In The Expanse, stealth ships are covered in an advanced, sensor-resistant composite material. Either way, effective stealth requires skilled engineering and piloting to achieve. Why not combine all of these aspects in Dual so that stealth is very difficult to achieve (so it is not OP,) but very powerful as a strategic asset. In my mind there are two kinds of stealth: Active - protects from active detection, I.e. bouncing a sensor beam off of your ship. Passive - protects from passive detection, I.e. emissions by your ship that could be detected. Materials I envision stealth-enhancing hull coatings or plates being lightweight, delicate, and extremely difficult to manufacture. They would also, to fit the balance I am describing, not be very effective. Stealth materials would do two major things: First, they would partially absorb active scans, reducing your sensor signature. Second, they would reduce the amount of heat radiated into space by your hull. Camouflage Simply painting your ship to blend into a given environment. Perhaps some kind of adaptive coating could be possible, that changes to blend in with different surroundings as needed. Also, fewer windows. Reduces chance of visual detection at extreme close range. Hull design Designing a ship's hull to have as small a profile and conceal it's drive plume as much as possible. Placement of thrusters and radiators to minimize unnecessary emissions. Makes the ship a smaller target and thus a smaller blip on sensors. Reduces thermal signature and reduces the angle you must thrust at relative to a target to avoid detection. These are just a few basic concepts to make stealth possible but challenging: an art form for sneaky pilots. Thoughts?
  21. I know we just got some details on How territories will work on planets, but will there be any territories in space. If not then what is the process of building an orbital station? or star base? If it there are territories in space then I'm assuming there would be some sort of second layer of hexagons around the planet a certain space away and you would put down a floating territory claim device on it and then you would be able to start building. If there are NOT territories in space then how will this work? We can just start building anywhere in 3D Space? or does it have to be on a certain plane? and if the orbital station has an up and down how will we walk on it if we build it upside down if there is no gravity? Will my orbital station rotate around the planet? How does that all work? Thanks in advance.
  22. I propose the idea of having something similar to blueprints that allows you to paste in a shape or 'block' to a construct. These could be things like fences, walls, hallways, engine nacelles, modular structures, you name it! Think of it like the 'chisel & bits' mod from minecraft, where by using different 'bits' materials you can create templates for you own blocks. At the very least it could be implemented into the VR constructor, and maybe limited in the game world (skill rank determines max volume/dimensions, takes more time to place by hand, etc.).
  23. Hey Community! I'm Flow, the Legate/Commander of the Organization "Stargate Command". I'm currently searching for people who like Stargate. As a huge fan I've created this organization because I realised Dual Universe is the perfect game to bring the Stargate Community together and to have fun with Stargate stuff. Our targets are pretty simple. We will build Stargate ships and buildings like the Daedalus, Atlantis, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and more. Our activities are exploration (through stargates) and keeping peace in the galaxy. If you already have a organization you can join us anyway (being a member of multiple organizations is now possible). It is also possible to hire us (the whole organization) to be a military separation of another Organization. Star Wars will take part as a player driven lore, so why not Stargate? If you want to have fun with us you can visit us here. And dont worry, there will be stargates! We hope to see you! Greetings Flow
  24. Hi, first of all correct me if this thread has already been opened somewhere else. If not, well one thing came to mind. What if there could be some in game activities, such as Chess, Texas Hold'em and 8 Ball Pool in the game world. They could be pre-defined models you could purchase or craft in the game. This would bring more reasons to come to play. I don't know if you guys have heard of a game called Puzzle Pirates. If not well it's pretty much what the name suggests: Being a pirate and sailing while doing various puzzles etc. anyway in that game I think this was implemented brilliantly. If I wanted a break from sailing and pillaging then I could just go to the nearest tavern and play some game like Texas Hold'em among few others and relax, completely away from the sailing stuff. This would also bring meaning to some of the buildings in a city or a colony. For example there could be a community hall, where players could gather between their travels, sit down and play together. Some variety to the game + at least something as a heritage from planet earth. Well this is just one idea among others and could obviously be implemented later as there are 1000 more important things right now, but anyway.
  25. After giving the most recent Kickstarter update video a listen, I got a nice little nugget of info. ~Blueprints will not be wiped between Alpha, Beta, and the Release. This gives a tangible advantage to players at the gold level and higher, as the time they spend building (and helping test for that matter) the voxel system, ship building, and base building will get to carry-over all of their blueprints and potentially have an economic advantage at game launch. While other players are trying to develop ships from scratch or working off of the start ships, Alpha/Beta players will already have designs with a slick uniform look and possibly so will their respective org. Despite not having access to all launch features, this makes ORG play viable at least in Beta to acquire an advantage for main release. Does this provide an unfair advantage to Alpha/Beta players? An advantage sure, however our characters probably won't get to keep the levels we had to gain to make those builds possible. When the wipe hits after beta and before main launch, every other tangible resource will still be an obstacle for players who have a bank of blueprints from the previous versions. I for one will try to flex my Alpha and Beta muscles with the Alchemists to get a head start on builds! Pretty neat eh? I'd HIGHLY recommend upping those pledges to at least gold at this point if you haven't already
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