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  1. Just an interesting finding - once you update us with the latest news, your content count will be 666!

    I hope this does not indicate there are evil forces at work here! :D

  2. Thanks for providing that link! Also, I agree a lot with your thoughts mentioned in the other thread @Aetherios ! Best regards, Neza
  3. Many thanks for your feedback! I forgot to mention that having a "goal" in form of a blueprint you want to turn into a flyable ship would be something to keep people motivated. Weeks of gathering resources (which is nothing else than farming) to achieve that defined goal works out nicely. But doing the same just to test some ideas? I´m not sure about that. What if you get killed and your resources stolen before even coming that far? What Falstaf mentioned: << Practically this means a person could create blueprints without any investment. << There could be implemented some kind of fixed cost for creation of a i) big, ii) medium or iii) small blueprint. But still, you can do little with said blueprint, if you don´t turn it into a ship. So it´s not like you actually get something for free. Best regards, Neza
  4. Hi everyone, another question from a newbie: The ship editor in Dual Universe is by far the most capable I have seen in any game and it offers nearly unlimited possibilities in terms of creativity (that´s the very thing that convinced me to support this game). Now my question: Will we players be able to try and experiment with blueprints without imminent resources consumption? What I have in mind is a creative mode for creation of blueprints so that resources are only required if I actually want to build the blueprint and turn it into a flyable ship. The alternative would be days of resources gathering before you can even properly try out the ship editor (Most people I know would not be in for that because of the limited free time a working person has). In my book, this would work out nicely for large projects that require a lot of resources (and hence players) to complete: You could simply post a picture of the blueprint on e.g. the forum of you guild as a preview of what is being constructed. Additionally, this would aid the construction process assuming that everybody helping with the construction can see the blueprint and hence the shape of the final construct. Best regards, Neza
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