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  1. You should,not keep everything you own on you You,should have some storage areas in safe zones and maybe few few spare ships Traveling should be dangerous and unpredictable so I think that your ship should stay in game with your character sleeping onboard
  2. I think first there will be warlords that take over smaller warlords intill they eventually make a city then nation then empire
  3. That's probably true but not certainly (I can always hope)
  4. For some reason I,just thought of directing the output of a star in one direction and just driving it away and just be like see ya later suckers...
  5. This is all true but when I first saw the game I was like there's a lot of similarities and wanted to make a thread to help people like me who have seen no mans first
  6. Players adapt to new situations easier I'm not sure if scripts will be able to
  7. There will also be overall fleet commander that would look over a whole battle and tell ships what to do This means there will probably be flagships There will also be carriers that have many smaller ships in side
  8. Well I was wondering if there were anymore similarities
  9. I'm pretty sure that some one at some point will try it
  10. There are some big differences between these to games but there are also,a bunch of similarities Both is space and are genarated in a similar way They are different as dual is more technical and has a multiplayer element (while no mans is technically multiplayer you'll probably never see another player) These are some of the major differences and similarities I've found
  11. Could be a good way to destroy a planet tho If it would work
  12. What about if,they add low gravity planets you may be able to lift a city with balloons or a couple small thrusters powered by a small mining station on the surface
  13. If u had lift pushing up on a city could you make it float above the surface Or alternatively if there planets with low gravity that u can lift up a city with balloons or something Or an antigravity device
  14. I think that there should be multiple ways to travel to different systems some would be only randomly found and some you should be able to harness with your ship Some would be rare and on the edge of a system And all the ones you harness with your ship would have different pros and con
  15. I think it can be controlled by by one person but a crew would be more efficient at responding to everything that u would have to on a big ship But it's also more dangerous I think that mutiny is possible
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