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  2. Definitely agree. Although one thing confuses me, it says Public Pre-Alpha Announcement Trailer, but I don't see a date anywhere? Or was this not supposed to be an actual announcement?
  3. Just wondering if there is a listing or compilation somewhere of the different building elements we can expect to see in the game at launch and about how big they are.
  4. ...I'm pretty sure that every bank in EVE has been a long-con scam. Is there a single one where someone hasn't just taken all the money and run? Not saying that it's guaranteed to happen, but banks have been tried before. Could be different in DU, but are you willing to take that risk? It's up to you.
  5. The thing is that some kind of absolute safe zone has to exist. I'm going to use an example from Eve, since that's the only full-PVP single-shard game that I know of. In Eve, even in High Security space, you weren't completely safe. If another player wanted you dead badly enough, you were going to die. They just had to be quick about it so they could do it before the Space Police showed up and made them into glitter. The only place that was completely safe for your ships and your gear was in a station. These stations are not rare, either, they're all over the place, and they were absolutely safe no matter what. The drawback to these stations is that, while inside, you can't really do much. You could buy and sell some stuff on the market, but that was mostly the extent of it. If the thing you just bought was at a different station, then too bad, you have to leave your station to go pick it up. I wouldn't mind it a bit if these ark zones were completely safe, indestructible, and indefinite, as long as some restrictions on exactly how useful they are would be put into place. If you have nowhere that you can put your stuff and have it GUARANTEED to be safe, how many times do you think players are going to willingly start over from scratch? Because that will happen sooner or later if there is nowhere I can put my stuff and KNOW that it's going to stay mine. In Eve, you risked what you were flying and anything that you were carrying on you. Pretty much everything else you just kept at a station.
  6. As far as transporting a ship in a compact state... Eve Online has a second market of sorts called Contracts where you could list a sort of "bundle" of items for sale on a single ticket. So, say maybe in DU you can make a sale order for a single-use ship schematic plus all the materials required to build the ship, all buttoned up nice and neat inside a shipping container. Or multiple containers, depending on the material requirements of the ship. Once the buyer has received his containers, he uses the schematic and constructs the ship using the supplied materials. It's IKEA Ship Building!
  7. This has me wondering just how common the public safe zones are actually going to be. In Eve this wasn't really a problem since you just docked up at one of the many, many stations spread throughout the cluster and then you were safe. In fact, inside a station is the only place where you are absolutely safe in Eve, but you can't really do much from inside a station beyond market stuff. I think having somewhere that is absolutely safe and somewhat easily accessible is important, but there should be a trade-off to being inside that safe zone. Namely, being stuck in a space where you can't really do a whole lot.
  8. So just had an idea but not entirely sure if it would be possible due to game mechanics, size limits, etc... But a ship class that I would call the "Nomad Mothership." Basically more of a travelling space station that houses your entire org and all it's holdings. The Org's wealth goes back into improving the Nomad until it becomes this massive, impregnable behemoth of a supercarrier that never stops moving. Or maybe it does stop moving. Find a nice spot to park it and set up a protective bubble and call that spot your home until you're done doing whatever you're there to do. Build a carrier bay into it to house smaller ships and transport people and goods to and from the Nomad. It's the possibility of this kind of thing that really excites me about DU.
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