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  1. Thx for the effort. I hope you don't get tired of this work. Do you plan to add some key items like cores, territory scanners, beacon, etc ?
  2. What I imagine with this is that an L core with 1 voxel of the best honeycomb gets max shield, depending of the amount it can be too much for small sized ships. I would suggest to also cap the amount of shield depending of the total mass or amount of the ships elements, big ships gets more shield. If NQ is going to add shields, it will probably be related to energy managment (resistances, recharge rate, etc).
  3. Yea but how? The construct was not made from a blueprint, all constructs are now DRM protected.
  4. Yea, I can't edit but still have access indeed. So, is there a way to remove or add DRM protection on deployed constructs?
  5. Apparently, every constructs in the game have now DRM protection (overriding RDMS). I thought only constructs made from blueprints were getting it.
  6. Which RDMS right will rule the access of this bank?
  7. 17 millions quantas remaining for this mission. Check completions here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Aj1ZPyqrkhbVPQXnhJtXNC_4DL8V8VgdPhAMzxSORfc
  8. @sHuRuLuNi to help me. Did you use a programming board?
  9. I have a mission for you, it is available at each market near disctricts or at the Station VR: Mission Artifacts.
  10. Why did you choose Pann as a name? Is it a reference to something?
  11. As you said, destruction is the seed of life. Counterparts bring challenges, objectives, basically game balance and gameplays. Why remove this? For player who don't want to leave their confort zone? When a game becomes too easy, people become bored and leave, without realizing their fears and complains led them here. For bugs? Game balance should not be designed around bugs. Should NQ make a soft transition for that?
  12. Will we have a lua function to know the restoration counter? I don't see people checking every elements one by one.
  13. In a finite world, as DU is right now, yes. Will DU stay as finite as now?
  14. Same as today I think, we can't remove the element or remove links as long as it will result in an overflow of the hub. How I see it is that technically the "destroyed" elements are not destroyed, it is only a state indicating they are "broken and can't be repaired" so we can imagine that the content is intact. If it is the case, I just hope they handled well the transfer of the content and links when replacing a broken container/hub. If not, there are multiple scenarios where destruction of the containers would be problematic for the distribution of the content in the remaining containers: - when an item is too big : like a Territory Unit on a 5 XS containers hub, does it get lost? - when the entire content is too big : how to choose which items get lost? edit: talents bring the same problem, from which player are they applied? At the end, should the content be lost? If the container/hub are technically really destroyed (ie totally disappeared) yes, but apart the previous problem, we need a way to know an element has been destroyed, hence this mechanism. If it wasn't here, our ships would slowly decompose without knowing what elements are missing, repair unit could be handy there but maybe too hard for new players just starting.
  15. Regarding this announcement: this particular scenario: and this future feature: Will the floating container stay forever? Will a player "killed" by force-respawn leave a floating container? Depending on this, players will probably build castle moats as trap holes around their bases/tiles. What if everybody does that around the districts? If beeing traped is an approved scenario for demanding NQ's help, should setting up such traps be forbidden by the rules? Is it bad to play this card? note: this is also valid for trap constructs with closing doors and detectors for example, should it be considered as griefing?
  16. If the creator gives "Build Construct" right, what happen to a Control Unit if it is removed from the construct, does it keep the DRM flag and all the dynamic properties? If yes and if I understood correctly, this would allow us to sell protected Control Units. If no, will it be implemented? Also, a suggestion: currently the action "edit lua parameters" for a Control Unit is bound to the right "edit element", I think it would be better to bind it to the right "Use Element" (or create a dedicated new right) to let the new owner customize the Control Unit without gaining access to its lua code.
  17. If this comes out a day, I suggest adding a parameter to control it: show the color of the territories if they have at least [0-6] adjacent territories owned by the same org. This allow us to filter bigger empires, and recognize their weak and strong spots.
  18. ℏ is the Planck constant over 2pi, the alt code is 8463 but I never managed to use it. For me it gives this: ☼
  19. Adding a section for player scripts, the old topics are locked in the alpha feedback section. I don't think general discussions is the best place for that.
  20. You can enable it by adding the game in Nvidia control panel (3d settings).
  21. I guess we will be able to set up policies for the said hyerarchies, so we don't have to put tags on every screen for example. But for now, I never used this and I don't really know what it is used for.
  22. Values are equal to the expected result when talents apply, so yea it applys.
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