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  1. Yes, they are there. No, it's not like the ore bots because the cargo itself comes from nothing and then returns to it. If for whatever reason you keep the cargo/open it, you lose your collateral.
  2. There are currently hauling missions on the PTS that will be included in .24. Very basic, take cargo from X market to Y market.
  3. Starbase is probably the closest to DU, like for like. It's still in invite-only alpha though. As far as what DU could take from any other game? Well, they should really concern themselves with the basics first. Then we can talk borrowed features.
  4. They didn't move anything, the ship was for all intents and purposes, already in motion. This is not the same as maneuver tooling the original ship...at all. Why leave that part of the video out? It's boring and irrelevant, unless you were expecting someone to lawyerquest in favor of the person who clearly stole your ship. I wouldn't have included it. So what if they were actually on an unclaimed hex? This changes nothing to the legality of the actions of the thief. Only one side broke the rules here, and by their own admission no less. If you can't understand this basic fact, I have nothing more to say.
  5. This isn't guilty until proven innocent. The accused perpetrator voluntarily admitted to his actions, which were to the letter against the rules. He parented a motionless dynamic core that was not his, parked on a planetary hex, moved it onto his ship, a ship designed to do this no less, and moved it into PvP space. The other party simply landed on said ship, which began moving on its own due to the owner putting it in motion before logging off. These events are not the same, and you are being disingenuous.
  6. Except their description perfectly matches what would happen if their avatar gets parented to a ship that was in motion at the time the owner logged off. This more than likely being the case, means they didn't move anything; the ship was already in motion, set by the owner. Why would we need a video of the ungodly amount of time it would take for them to sit in a ship moving at 4km/h just to get to the pvp zone? These are not the same offenses, as one isn't an offense at all. The other, however, is a breaking of the rules to a tee described by the perpetrator themselves.
  7. These are not the same situations, but you know that, don't you? You logged off with your ship in motion. You set it on a course to PvP space, with the intended mechanics in place to make your ship move again the moment anyone was parented to it. This is in comparison to you maneuvering a parked ship on a planet surface to take into PvP space. I have a long history of piracy and being pro pvp, so I know when I smell a rat. You are arguing in bad faith, and playing dumb when you know exactly what you did. Now you suggest their ban when they turn the tables on you, even though what they did was lawful. If you didn't want your ship to move (very far) without you in it, an active ECU would have brought it to a stop in short order. As for NQ, they should revert the change back to that simply seeing a ship should place it into motion again. Take your L and gtfo.
  8. Na, that was different. By the sound of it, you logged off while in motion. This means that by the act of them landing on it, they became parented to it, and it began moving again as by design. They just rode it out until it hit PvP space. That was actually your fault for logging while in motion, without at least having an active ECU.
  9. Not for me. Just two weeks ago I swapped a bunch of voxels from gray to yellow and it worked just fune.
  10. Yes, I recently used the voxel swap tool to change a few voxels to ones of a different type. In build mode they are fine, outside of build mode they revert to the old voxels.
  11. Clean up the markets yes, add gameplay probably not so much. Not saying it's a bad idea, it's actually a good one, it's just that once implemented people wouldn't leave their ships laying around ever again. I would count this more of a deterrent than a feature.
  12. Has it been confirmed which part of this talent is bugged? It states a maximum 50% reduction of capacity in the description, but only gives 25% at Grade 5. Is it the talent or the text that is the problem?
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