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  1. Yes this technically works, but it is impractical. In order to have a decent hit chance, the pilot is making constant adjustments to both speed and vector.
  2. You forgot to mention that you have to point your ship in the direction of your vector to generate lift, or you will stall out.
  3. No, not really. Your standard hover seat can only fire 3 XS weapons with a small radar, and this is with maxed out talents. Any reasonable sized weapons will need gunners. Not on ships. I certainly hope not. Stealth in PvP games has proven time and time again to only be used for alpha-strike ganks.
  4. I am a space pirate with an extensive history of wealth redistribution. Rumors of space riches beyond my wildest dreams, ready for the taking. I would love any information on if there are any future plans for Space Cores/Stations in regards to defense. What I mean by this is, as it stands, they operate very much like a territory (base of operations) yet receive none of the protections. As I am to understand, unless it is built inside of the safe zone, it is vulnerable 24-7. With the safe zone ultimately being the minority of the play-space, surely it is unreasonable to expect a station to be staffed/defended at all times. Or are they all expected to be built within non-pvp space? I am not looking for any hard answers, perhaps just a statement that this is not the end design/intention. Thanks!
  5. Neither do you, and their current design philosophy favors my line of thinking. There are more of us than you think there are, and you are not needed.
  6. As you may recall, I stated that your surrogate idea was a good one. It could also be coupled with a surrogate talent, that would allow you to participate with a percentage of your actual talents. There is no need to limit this to gunners. As it stands now you can have a surrogate crew staff your ship for everything but pilot/gunner. Being able to fill out a crew quickly in such a manner is still in the spirit of group play, just made more convenient.
  7. There was always going to be a safe zone (Sanc), now it's just bigger. There was no change to the core philosophy. You will not see a removal of a need for a crew to man ships. This is one of the few aspects that sets this game apart from the rest.
  8. The fact that, though it does have a safe zone, there is no "solo play" mode. If you are so convinced that this game is a sinking ship, you can leave at any time. The design philosophy will not be changing.
  9. This isn't that game, thankfully. Feel free to see yourself out of this "dying game". I do, however, agree with your surrogate pod idea. I have one on my ship, as crew members can do everything else on the ship (repair, etc) except use control units.
  10. Oh no, a doomsayer! I played Elite: Dangerous for 6 years and every week people said, and still say, the game was/is going to die for this reason or that. Guess what, it's still there despite its massive flaws, with plenty of people to shoot. This game will be fine because it fulfills a niche people like me need. As far as ship cores, XS (as in fighters) don't need gunners. With talents you can mount 3 XS weapons and a radar, which is plenty. My S shuttlecraft is rather big. I don't need a gunner, as I still have XS weapons mounted, but I also have a couple M size so I have a bit more firepower. My gunner is optional. M core ships are quite large, and there is no way a ship that size shouldn't need a crew. Even the Milennium Falcon needed two gunners, a pilot, and a repair tech when in battle, and that was roughly an S core ship. This is the style of sci-fi they are going for when it comes to ship operation.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself. If you want solo play, this isn't the game for it. Fortunately you have plenty of others to choose from, so don't try to kill what makes this one unique.
  12. Then they (and you) can go play one of those other games. What we won't have here are large core ships handled by a single person. You need a pilot, you need gunners, and you should have a damage control team. Wake up and realize that not every game has to keep the status quo.
  13. We need gunners to force group dependent gameplay, and to me, this is a good thing. People will solo every time if the mechanics don't greatly favor team cooperation. It also allows for the dynamic of multiple gunners potentially firing at different targets when it comes to large ship battles, which I find appealing.
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