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  1. I used to be able to sink adjusters into elements such as ailerons and thusters for a very clean look, but it would no longer seem to be the case. Are my current ones illegal? They still seem to be operational according to my flight tab.
  2. Just checking back in to make sure practically no one is finding wrecks with any consistency, and that this feature was so poorly implemented that it might as well not exist at all.
  3. So that's it then, NQ? The box is checked and we're on to the next update? PvP content without first addressing the glaring core issues of PvP? To say this leaves me jaded would be woefully understated.
  4. Not gonna lie OP, this tastes like copium. Having played Elite: Dangerous for 7 years (another space game with huge pontential) and see it fall short of goodness (not even greatness) every single new content release, I am not holding out hope for this game. To draw parallels, both the release of DSAT/Asteroids and Wrecks have been very poorly executed, but they still consider those boxes checked, ready to move on.
  5. Was this language used just for the original wrecks to which there were only 100ish, or was it used for the latest iteration?
  6. NQ, I had hoped you had taken this to heart. I had hoped we were being offered an alternative to mining/manufacturing and courier work. A chance to play as a humble scavenger. If this expectation was either misguided or unrealistic, please read no further. However, if this was the goal... ...what exactly were you going for? It's been a week and I have roamed PvP space, both in-between planets, and out in random directions for a couple thousand SU, and have not found so much as an XS wreck. It feels as if you took your implementation of asteroid finding and went in the complete opposite direction to the extreme. Unless the goal was to just have us chance upon a wreck, here are a few reasons scavenging is completely untenable. - Detection distance: Space, as you know, is very big, and 2 SU is "needle in a haystack" metrics. - Rate of travel: This problem is two-fold. One, if traveling at maximum speed you are doing about 2.5 SU per minute (forgive my math if I am off). This means that you have less than a two minute window on your hours long search to see a wreck IF it intersects your search sphere right down the middle. The second issue being braking distance. Due to the detection range being so small, even a slight delay in seeing a wreck dead ahead could lead to you losing it in the backtracking process. Sure, we could reduce our cruising speed, but now we are covering less ground in an already astronomical search. - Spotting the wreck: As I mentioned you have a very small window of opportunity to even see a wreck in the perfect conditions. Are we expected to stare at our screens the entire time we are searching? Sure, some one may (perhaps already have) write some LUA to make an audible alarm if a radar contact pops up, but it hardly seems reasonable to have to rely on that. Slow-boating anywhere is an hours long process and to be expected to sit in your pilot seat staring at space is completely unreasonable. - Number of wrecks: Only you know how many are truly out there, but I will speak to the type of density needed to reasonably satisfy a scrapper such as myself. Over the course of, say, a four hour play session, I would hope to see roughly 2-3 wrecks. They don't need to be "What a haul!", but I do need to see something for my efforts. In a game that has all but zero PvE, this is a great opportunity to add some that doesn't require AI, but we need reasonable tools to succeed! Increasing detection distance significantly doesn't meaningfully affect PvP (*ahem* such as it is) due to lock-on distances remaining unchanged, and this would be just the simplest of solutions. If I'm the only one who feels this way go ahead and ignore me, but if there are others out there that feel the same way, please speak up now!
  7. Excellent, this is the exact type of content I was hoping for! A few additional questions about them, if I may. 1. Spawn locations. Randomly anywhere in the solar system? I ask because space is big, and if they don't spawn out in "wild space" (nowhere near, or in between, anything), we should probably know not to waste our time. 2. Do you think it reasonable to only be able to detect said wrecks from 2 SU out? Again, space is big, and a sphere with a diameter of 4 SU feels a lot like a needle in a haystack depending on how many there are out there. 3. How many are typically out there at any given time? Personally I don't want to be tripping over them, but spending a 4-6 hour play session with nothing to show for it is pretty disheartening as well. 4. What goods can we hope to find on board? Anything and everything? Just Ore? Fuel/Warp Cells? Schematics? 5. What level of ship variation will we see? Will there be a chance at L cores out there? Thanks for the responses!
  8. Can you give us any more information on space wrecks? Are they permanent? Do they respawn weekly? Can we replace their core/repair modules and fly them away?
  9. You are not the only one. There is no real balance between core sizes, and there is no real form of counter-play when it comes to combat. I will never fully commit to this game until PvP becomes more robust.
  10. Do you know how games get more players? They have good gameplay, not just promises of it.
  11. In theory, because they'd be a lot harder to hit, and far less costly if lost. There is a balance that needs to be struck for the sake of gameplay. Bigger simply cannot be better, or that is all you will ever see. I'm not saying XS should be taking down L, but enough of a smaller size should be a problem without an escort of some kind.
  12. These are ridiculous suggestions and overly simplistic. Small ships aren't supposed to fight large ships (alone anyway), but they should be faster, more maneuverable, and harder to hit. Weapons should absolutely not do the same damage all across the board, which is why tracking should be the modifier that evens the playing field between the different size ships.
  13. Just some adjusters put inside of engines via the standard method so that it looks clean. We need to know if this kinda stuff is going to be illegal.
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