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  1. Thanks UbioZur, I found it. The Character Map was the one place I forgot to look. I hope you make much ħ
  2. Does anyone know what or if, there is an ALT Code for Quanta ? or how NQ have produced this symbol ?
  3. Hmmm. You've said you've 'tried tricks for placing them', this video might spark some ideas if you haven't seen it before. Good luck.
  4. As far as I'm aware Hymentome, 3 months is the minimum. Another option you could ask your game friends who played DU when it was in Alpha if they have a Beta Key you can have. Some were given to Alpha players so they could give to friends. This entitled them to 3 months free play. Judging by what I've seen of SC, many SC players are giving DU a try.
  5. Regarding my previous post..."There seems to be a pattern emerging over the last few years." 1 Novark Citizen replied "No it doesnt mean that it is on one server". Whether the servers are 'Meshed' or not, they form 1 single place where players connect to. The issue is players are having difficulty logging in and staying logged in. That does not justify you labelling my comment as a "LIE". Secondly, if I have "no idea how tech works", the fact remains that some gaming companies promise a lot and then either don't deliver or deliver less than they promise. Which was the point of my post. Instead of replying with aggressive posts, like you have, perhaps you could take a step back and look at the point I was trying to make. You may well think I'm an idiot, cretin, imbecile, or what other derogatory name you can conjure up, but I'm a player, I paid my money to play this game and I'm entitled to have my say. In a fair and respectful community, I should be able to do so without these types of replies to a post.
  6. There seems to be a pattern emerging over the last few years. A few game programmers get together and dream up a whizz-bang game, then seek investors or get players to 'sponsor' them. However, it seems that the concepts they dream up are not all technically possible. So, they develop the game and put it to market as a sandbox Alpha while they get the basics working. Then comes the Beta release where the basics are supposed to be working and go on to fixing bugs, introducing new planned content. When it all works, it gets a full release. Haha, not so. In the case of DU "Single Shard", means that all players are on the 1 server, only the server can't handle the number of connections, causing frequent disconnects. This is basic stuff. It appears that the system has not been thoroughly tested, because if it were, the game wouldn't have been released in Beta, where new players are expected to pay a subscription to play. Games like Empyrion Galactic Survival and Star Citizen also have basic issues that have never properly dealt with. Playfields not rendering fully, laggy, constructs missing, costing CR to rebuy de-spawned constructs, and the list goes on. Entropia Universe with it's real market economy marketed as a free game, however in the early stages a buy up of CR is necessary to get a start. Then they reduce the amount of most of the loot, leaving even the most experienced players to grind for hours just to keep their ships, and shops running. Real Life money invested in buying virtual shops, where the lag is so bad, keeping shops stocked is severely hampered. One of the playfields has been left only partially developed and abandoned. But players are still encouraged to visit and play. It appears these guys have the big ideas, but when it comes to execution they can't get the technical aspects to work properly and then come up against business restraints like cash flow, retaining and attracting experienced staff etc., and the whole thing falls into disrepair. All the while, mug players like me shell out $$ for a poor quality product having been sucked in by the sales hype and Spin. IMO, it all comes down to Quality Assurance, thorough testing and the ethic of 'do it right and do it once'. My rant over.
  7. The method of mining that was suggested to me, and seems to work is: Key 3, scan the ground whilst walking, change directions (N,E,S,W) until the dots on the scanner remain at a constant depth. Create a Bookmark for where your vehicle is and another one where the entry point is. Face a Cardinal point (N,E,S,W) press 'L', dig at an angle on 45-50 degrees until you get the "Too far..." message in red. Travel down to the end of the tunnel, turn to the next Cardinal point to the right, Continue to dig at an angle of 40-50 degrees, until you get the "Too far..." message, Travel to the end of that tunnel, Turn to the next Cardinal point to the right and continue in the above fashion until you reach the required depth, When the ore is 40 metres below, press Key 4 (directional scanner), point downward and slowly turn around until you get vertical lines indicating the direction of the ore, Dig to the ore. Before mining the ore, create a flat platform around you (Key 8), ensuring you can access the tunnel you came down from, plus access the ore above and below. If you want to dig ores further down, make your tunnel down, from the main platform and near the tunnel up. This method will make it easier and quicker to return to the surface near your vehicle. If you have a Cargo box on your vehicle, link it to your Nanopack (point to the container, right click, "Declare Linked Container"). Your skill level will determine at what depth you will loose contact with the linked container.
  8. Not everyone is familiar with the jargon used in online gaming (especially senior's like me). So I'll attempt to keep adding to this list. Doxxing - Doxing, or doxxing (from "dox", abbreviation of documents), is the Internet-based practice of researching and publicly broadcasting private or identifying information (especially personally identifying information) about an individual or organization ... The methods employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases and social media website (wikipedia.org) Nerf/Nerfing - A practice whereby Game Developers (Dev's) or Server Administrators, deliberately lower the amount of reward for a player who completes a task. For example, reducing the reward (loot) for mining a rock. NOOB/Newbie - A new player in the game. Gank/Ganking - To be killed without mercy on a MMORPG for the sport of it (urbandictionary.com). For example, a new player with little or no defences or resources is attacked by a more experienced player. A player who regularly does this is sometimes considered as bully. Pew Pew - Shooting other players, or objects. For example, 'time for some pew pew' Server (in gaming context) - Is the computer system that the game is loaded onto. Essentially it's hard disks or Solid State Drives. Commonly you will hear that the 'server is down' or the 'server will reset' (which means rebooted). Some games operate where players will host the game on their private computer equipment. The owner or administrator of that computer system will have some flexibility about how the game is played , by changing a configuration file that is available to them when they start 'hosting' the game. An example is that the admin. might set the level of reward for a particular action or task. Dual Universe does not employ this system. They have one system where every player logs onto. Hence the 'single shard' title. Other games like Space Engineers and Empyrion Galactic Survival use the server system. NPC - Non-Player Construct. A game/computer generated building, person, air/spacecraft. PvP - Player versus Player. PvE - Player versus the Environment or Player versus Non-player Contructs (NPC's). Cache - Essentially a computer file that contains temporary information relevant to the current session. After a while it can consume large amounts of space and can confuse or slow down the operation of a game. Players and the Game owners will have to get rid of this data periodically. In Dual Universe in the Beta stage, there is an option for the player to clear their cache using the drop-down box on the top right of the screen which is labeled 'Debug options'.
  9. Hi, my in-game name is Reg-01. I'm from Queensland, Australia (UTC +10). I started playing DU a few months ago, however I wasn't able to get very far until another player who was playing another game, invited me to join his DU Society (New Genesis). Thanks to the leader of the Society (TMA), within an hour or 2, I had a much better understanding of the basics like which keys to press and in what order. This game has a lot of potential, however in my view it needs some point of difference from similar MMORP Games like Entropia Universe, Empyrion Galactic Survival and Eve Online. These games have a sophisticated and well-developed virtual market place, structure and vehicle building, Player Vs Player and Player Vs Environment. The challenge with these game is for them to continue holding your interest. Once you build a nice base, join a faction/society, get some PvP and PvE ships, and participate in raids and dog fights, what do you do next? So I hope NQ and dedicated players can find ways to challenge the mind of the players with less experience, whilst maintaining a fair, equitable and non-bullying environment. I also fervently hope they will discourage 'Pirates' from playing or being a part of their Society. I'm usually up for a chat online or preferably Discord (New Genesis channel) or one of the other games mentioned above (similar in-game name). All the best. C U there!
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