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    While i know there are already some topics mentioning Re-entry i thought it fit to make an entire thread dedicated to this. Re-entry is something i believe Dual universe could use for a great deal of reasons. For example you could use it as a weapon, ramming ships into atmosphere to the point where they burn up. Not even to mention that it is a feature that few space sims like this have succeeded in. It wouldnt be too harsh on PC's as well. I cant see a little light coming off a ship and the ship exploding really affecting anything, especially considering what other things will be going on. Either way. Thats my suggestion. Not much, but yeah.
  2. I definitely want the ability to place water in any way into my structures. Often i like to have various ponds and such scattered throughout my buildings.
  3. I definitely am excited to scan a planet and detect all the things and the stuff on it (not minerals, as that has its own system) but i can easily imagine scanning a planet for a base and detecting some bases, but not the one you are looking for because it has some form of protections
  4. Like mentioned above this doesn't seem like the best idea as you already have to deal with the issues of an open universe. When you are offline your base/ship/creation could be blown to smithereens, and what do you have to replace it? nothing. If people start losing quanta as well as having that risk people will start being annoyed and ultimately cease playing the game altogether.
  5. This is definitely a good concept. You are correct in that normal trains (wheels) would cause a great amount of lag to the PC, maglevs would be good for a replacement for that reason. I can also see maglevs being used to make assembly lines. (conveyors)
  6. Well it wouldnt be too hard to do it. If they implement broadcasting through the LUA (as mentioned in messaging with lua) someone is bound to sit down and figure out a way to transmit images, and even transmit moving images. At which point you will have TV. And i can imagine waking up one morning on alioth and getting on my PC, and logging into the player made OS, and then seeing that being broadcasted. Awesome idea.
  7. I love the concept of a thriving economy, especially one that can go into a depression. This means that you will have to foresee this kind of thing happening, and i bet some players will even build a stock market to help see this kind of thing coming to fluition. My only issue with it would be players intentionally trying to cause this to happen. If you think about it one clever person could sell enough of one thing to crash it's prices, and then your market starts having issues.
  8. Makes sense. Im impressed such a new company to the buisness can pull this kind of game off.
  9. Thank you human.
  10. Im sorry, new to the universe. What is human?
  11. I agree here with Durendal5150. The idea of having different amounts of pure/distilled ore is good. Small veins of pure ore are easy for other players to get, but often annoying to find, while rich players find huge stuff and just mine it all. Despite it being less pure.
  12. 0-0 My brain. Its....what...how eve...Thats incredible. I havent seen a single space building game (Space Engineers, Empyrion, etc) that could pull that off.
  13. While that argument is incredibly compelling, i feel windows just has the user base to survive. So many people grew up knowing how windows work, and it all comes down to that. Yes, they may be classed as ignorant, but windows is just built into the infrastructure at this point. I do completely agree with that it might fall apart. Also i believe windows is so popular due to how easy it is to use. I do think DUAL universe should definitely go onto the other platforms though. this game should be avalible to everyone, in my opinion the more players the better.
  14. I can imagine the cities being useful for jobs and such. Players would be attracted to the cities if they didnt want to do something big, like an organization, for solo players it would be much easier to start a small buisness (AKA a bar/shop/restraunt) This is also good because it would propogate more economics. If possible i think it'd be cool for players to buy homes from other players, so people pay for the crazy detailed and complex building that they wouldn't be able to build, maybe due to lack of skill. I love the concept of a bustling city that isnt just there for looks. And the city having requirements would provide more contracts for people. I can imagine the worker in the electrical plant causing a city wide overload and then blackout.
  15. Agreed. I wholeheartedly think this should be an option. Megaddd gave me flashbacks to warframe, which as he mentioned has tons of these, they are cool at first, but they get infuriated after enough time playing the game. And after 300 hours, trust me, they are something i wish i could disable.
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