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  2. lol Bullnosing is rounding a hard edge-face into a semi-cylinder. Like this:
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, this forum is basically designed for overthinking things. Any discussion about experience with the game is under NDA and we've barely got 4 hours worth of (some very old) footage and descriptions with fairly little actual gameplay. What else can we do but overthink things
  4. But why bother with the risk. Why have a bank in an area that could be attacked when you could put it in an 100% safe invulnerable area. People can camp outside non-msa bases too, but they can also attack it too. Does anyone know how raw resource to general currency or other usable items will work? (like buildable ATMS, markets/general markets - where?) Will you really ever need to take things out of their safety?
  5. I've gone through that and I'm still not seeing a reason anyone would ever put time into building OUTSIDE a safezone, therefore what ever will there be to do PVP with? Why DOES someone build something outside the safezone where they can't be raided and cant lose their stuff - hence how can raiding or war ever be a viable option? Surely you can just mine your stuff cheaply without any non essential structures and transport the goods frequently, leaving little to ever plunder. If a secret and evil organisation wanted to steal from the USA then they rob a bank, not steal a lumberjacks wallet while he cuts wood.
  6. found this info: A Territory Unit is an inventory item that allows you to claim a hexagon of land in the game. When on a claimed hexagon, only the owner of that Territory Unit can build upon it. However, please keep in mind that this does not protect you from a player’s direct assault. There are two kinds of Territory Units: Normal Territory Units Sanctuary Territory Units Normal Territory Units can be crafted or bought using in-game currency up to a certain limit. They are restricted to: Normal territories, which are the large majority of the game space. In a normal territory, all offensive actions are allowed. Guarded territories, which are territories under the protection of the Arkship and will be located around it. In a guarded territory, players may not initiate any offensive action. Normal territories owned by players are subject to rights management such as restrictions on mining, crafting, and building. By default, players can build, mine, and craft on unclaimed normal territories. Sanctuary Territory Units are restricted to the Sanctuary territories. These territories are located on special moons called Sanctuary Moons. In a sanctuary territory, players may not initiate any offensive action. Sanctuary territories owned by players are subject to rights management such as restrictions on mining, crafting, and building. By default, players cannot build, mine, or craft on unclaimed sanctuary territory. Sanctuary Territory Units can be purchased through the future in-game shop using real currency up to a certain limit. Upon starting Dual Universe, each player will receive a free Sanctuary Territory Unit in their inventory. For more information about territory protection mechanics, you can read our DevBlog post here. But it doesnt address my later PVP concerns or group vs personal use questions. That last part is weird though, as alpha 2 backers ("Contributors", 60 Euro) seemingly wont get one?
  7. Hi all, So with the new support packs coming out, one of the reasons you might get one pack over the other is the "Sanctuary Territory Unit (STU)" Their description is as follows: Territories located in a Moon Secure Area are called “Sanctuary Territories”. A player can claim a Sanctuary Territory with a Normal or Sanctuary Territory Unit. (Note: Sanctuary Territory Units are bound to account). The precise role and application of Sanctuary Territory Units will be explained in more detail at a later date. On unclaimed Sanctuary Territories there are no offensive actions and nothing else is allowed. On claimed Sanctuary Territories there are no offensive actions and everything else is subject to RDMS. No valuable resources are available in the ground (only dirt and soil). in the faq page and: Sanctuary zones allow players located in it to build, socialize, store items, and do commerce. Note that the Sanctuary Territory Unit items can only be used within safe zones located on moons. Please refer to the FAQ for more info. So I guess the idea is that we can set up businesses/shops/bases/certain types of cities in these areas, but I feel like the likelyhood of people clumping together to build commercialism outside of the biggest clans might be quite low. So what exactly does Novaquark have in mind for these tiles, and more importantly: how do you get them without buying into the alpha. Also if tiles are account bound does this mean they are more for personal and not intended for group use? It says "will be explained in more detail later" but faq like these are rarely updated timely, so do we already have said update? Another fairly big concern of mine here: what stops people doing mining in dangerous places cheaply without real danger when they can just set up cheap mining and then transport goods into safezones? Why would anyone NOT do this? Therefore, how can attacking/raiding anywhere ever be lucrative? Thanks in advance!
  8. To be honest the audio there seems like it was edited in rather than in-game. Which wouldn't be unreasonable as the video wasn't exactly a tech showoff, it was just a quick tribute. We very rarely see games with interactive audio that's quite that realistic in terms of action, and DU is still really early in dev. If it is from in-game then its quite exciting.
  9. Really good comments guys, thanks. If they do end up adding clouds like the video @Tango_Lima just posted then I will be very happy indeed. As for what you guys want first, I feel like that's fairly irrelevant as the graphics/world building guys really shouldn't also be the backend server guys, so this isnt the kind of thing that would stop the other progressing. And I dont expect or event want work on this any time soon, I just thought its worth discussing. Actual gameplay should come first before anything else at this point. Thanks @MookMcMook for the info, I wasn't aware they'd said anything about clouds before hand.
  10. Specifically clouds. Hi all, So I've noticed from all the DU videos that at the moment clouds are seemingly just a single flat model held at a height, and frankly look awful. I assume they're just placeholders, but id like to know if DU intends to make more advanced clouds. As silly as this seems, I think clouds in a single-shard open-world space/planet game are actually going to be fairly important in terms of graphics, as you'll see them from basically every angle. And so far, most games (especially space/planet games) completely get clouds wrong and just have these cheap awful white texture blobs in the sky, or none at all. For example Warthunder, which (when in planes) takes place at above, in and below sky level - yet has fairly bad looking clouds (despite being a fairly pretty game otherwise). Just as a reference, take a look at Horizon: Zero dawn's clouds (link below). They're absolutely gorgeous. And it's suddenly very easy to mistake the ground underneath them ISN'T REAL. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could have clouds like these? Devs, do you think it could be possible? Thoughts everyone? Horizon: Zero Dawn clouds:
  11. I spent some time as a UI developer and intend to in the near future, and one aspect of this video had me slightly wary: My concern is with the responsiveness of UI elements. It's been proven by studies (and anyone that has used any bad UI for an extensive amount of time will tell you) that added delays of over 100ms between interaction and response leads to user-input frustration. As displayed at 0:07 pressing b opens a menu, however it does so slowly, sacrificing usability for an entirely aesthetic animation. At the very first time you use something slow but pretty you'll think it looks good, but after the 10th time you'll notice it could be faster, and the 100th you'll be frustrated. Same goes for the options highlighting at 0:28. I'm not saying that everything in the game is like this, but simply giving a warning that UI development with little regard to responsiveness will give a bad user experience. So please head this and make sure you aren't intentionally adding delays of over 100ms just because it might look pretty. Making a user interface have a responsive design is critical to how users perceive it. Thanks for your time.
  12. Looks like I accidentally duplicated the post when making it, sorry! Can someone remove the other two please? I cant find a way to delete them
  13. Hi! I'm just wondering if we'll have tools within the voxel system to make bent surfaces/faces/lines. For times you want to make a ship that looks very curvy, you'd want to actually bend the voxels with a system rather than try to cobble together loads of straight lines yourself. Example: You want an arching column (a "parabola") over the top of your ship. You want it to look like a perfect arch and for it to be easy to do ideally. From all I've seen so far, you'd need to just build lots and lots of straight cuboids to build the shape. What i'd quite like to see is having a 3 point vector line that bends approximately. Is this going to be implemented in the building system? Example pics: 3 points, start, middle, end - program "curves" between them. https://imgur.com/a/flT3o So my first question is if we will have base tools to create curved things like that. My second is whether or not we'll be able to make advanced faces, for example moving vertices of a polygon before creating the voxel object, much like conventional 3D modelling of polygons. Thanks!
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