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  1. Aaron Cain

    Merwin Presentation

    OH MY GoD The CaKe is A LiE!!!!!! AAArrrggGGhhHhhhhhh "With Picking up the "cake" Aaron got transported right into the Brick at the dark edge of the DUniverse. It Took 2 years and 4 frontal assaults of his Mates to get him out again. When they saw his prison they noticed a holographic representation of a cake. His squad members still wake up at night when Aaron starts screaming in his dreams: OH MY GoD The CaKe is A LiE!!!!!! "
  2. Aaron Cain

    Merwin Presentation

    Welcome!!!!!!! And the truth is out there!!!! The Cake is a Lie!!!!
  3. All discussions about mining are probably going to change once we know how much ore is actually going to be present in DU per planet/moon/ territory tile. Making mining to much a grind will halter the game and i do not mean normal effort but extensive "korean mmo style" grinding. Balancing ores will be the making or breaking of the game. If it takes me a day to get ores to lets say craft a door, the building will be without doors, same for every other element. If building a simple engine takes a week in ore grinding players will leave sooner then Windows 8. I assume NQ knows this.
  4. Aaron Cain

    A civil or military status for cores.

    Same for me, i would like to see a large safezone with basic materials only. High gains should have risks and PvP is perfect for that. Besides that, it will be anyone's choice to go pirate/police state/freelancer or anything between that. Having a safezone with only basic materials can even boost great PvP battles over resources as there will be enough base materials that way to build warships
  5. Aaron Cain

    Servus Commander

    ^^ Indeed, just take a good look around before you decide your direction, everyone loves new members but for you, choose wisely and have fun!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Aaron Cain

    Hi I'm new.

    Hiiiiiiiii welcome here, this is not right place for introductions, but We welcome you anyways Do keep the NDA in mind, we cannot say everything in a general channel but i think you are safe Well, if you are into specialty builds or other things, Good luck and always feel free to share thoughts and ideas. I love to chat with fellow visionairs Greets from the City that never sleeps Tranquility Aaron
  7. Aaron Cain

    Rails system

    NQ posted already that anything moving like pistons and rotors will not be included. They might change their vision one day. But that's reality for now
  8. Aaron Cain

    Concerns About PVP

    Wrong place to ask that question but the answer is: no.
  9. Aaron Cain

    A civil or military status for cores.

    Arm your civilian building or shield it. I want to build a space city and there i cannot even use Territory units so i just need to arm it or have it fly at max speed 24/7. that is the implication of having a game with PvE and PvP elements combined. Just aslong as there are no killboards or level points per kills the actual amount of PvP will be related to actual need on the side of the PvP player, if any classification or XP is added we can expect useless PvP destruction as the risk then is much smaller as the gain, or maybe even the need for xp/classification. This will all depend on the PvP system that we will get.
  10. Aaron Cain

    Pledge + NDA ?!

    looking at your posted pictures i do see the mentioning in the 180 pack but not in the 120 pack, maybe write a notification to @NQ-Diesel that there is something missing there. It would be good to add it there too.
  11. Nice idea Serula, I would say, give creaters a possibility to be creative, if a minefield is what they come up with why not I wanted to type more but thats NDA but there are already ways you can do that now.
  12. It is not only roads, anyone planning to build a space elevator or something alike will need to be able to build outside a box, or the Dyson sphere people, they will also need to do that. there are alot of possibilities totally not related to roads that would become possible with this. I believe the creativity of everyone would be stimulated by being able to do this, adding the safety of doing this while under protection of a territorial Unit would even bring more people in as that would semi-guarantee safety for your space elevator upto space as long as nobody takes down the TU.
  13. When outside a STU/TU that would indeed be the risk But its a nice feature to have, if you want to build in an unsafe zone face the consequences or we will see half torn bridges, i would like to see that indeed. It adds to the game, strategically placed objects will need protection and there is a chance to sabotage others. Or add to the structure, technically when you can steal you can also add, if you have a road close to your city you can add an extra fork to come your way.
  14. This would solve a problem but would limit you aswell, unless we get ultra large cores. But the idea is to not needing pricy cores and still be able to build infrastructure, If your plan would be combined with a sort of "B" core that limits you to only a set of elements but is alot cheaper to produce i would agree.
  15. Aaron Cain

    The Outfit is Now Recruiting

    Welcome!!! Have fun!!! You became member of a group of awesome people, rub them good and you will get infected by awesomeness too!!!!!!!!!