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  1. Aaron Cain

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    Hear Hear!!
  2. Aaron Cain

    Hello there

    Welcome!!!!!!! Already found a nice organization? If no, What are you looking for?
  3. With great pride i thank all our residents for the next keystone in our development. We reached 60 residents, together with the known travelers we will get it is now time to start building on our next Districts! Anyone interested in a district, loves social interaction Ingame, and thinks our simple laws and rules are simple and convenient is free to join or talk to Any member of the Adventure Squad one or Two. Hope to see you all soon in the city That never sleeps!!! Aaron
  4. Aaron Cain

    Standardizing construction

    Indeed!! quality by design, followed by continuous improvement. Good thoughts!
  5. Aaron Cain

    Server Status with REAL TIME STATUS

    Since there is only one server i think a simple solution should be possible
  6. Aaron Cain

    Standardizing construction

    True, but i think the point in this would not be to force everyone into one standard but to see if we can figure a way to atleast build a standard interlock device so we can dock ships together, or to a space station, stuff like that.
  7. Aaron Cain

    Standardizing construction

    probably but that does not determine how to standardize docking bays or landing paths or airlocked interlink systems Still a valid observation
  8. Aaron Cain

    Solar Panel

    Agree on this. it would be best to have unlimited options, but that will take some development time to be able to make this happen. I would also like to see an engine that runs on this energy or energy at all. seeing our present world is already experimenting with electric planes and cars are already common as are bikes and other transportation vehicles i would think that in about 10k year that would be more common practice then impossible.
  9. Yeayyy Congratulations to All members, Sponsors, Followers and anyone else that now does a dance in the office like me! Party time!!
  10. Aaron Cain

    Hello :)

    Have fun!!!!!! Anything special you have as end goal in DU?
  11. There is a possibility they have a clear voting system that takes the voices of all members into account, i know we have that in CATS and i would think others would too. But that sort of information is not known to the whole community and takes a readup on statutes for all these organizations comprised of more than one Doing a nice Job Wilks on first sight, i hope we will meet often in peace to make DU a good place to be! Greetz Aaron
  12. Aaron Cain

    QuantumKitty is not a bot

    Hello Kitty!!!! Damn i fell for it ><
  13. Aaron Cain

    Merging Constructs.

    If i recall correctly there was a q&A session with NQ where merging and aligning was discussed as a posibility after release but i cannot find it back. It should be possible in my opinion to merge and release dynamic structures and to align them, not to build the Enterprise but even simple things like freighters with "containers" or escape pods build into a ship that are actually small crafts merged to a large one, things like that.
  14. Aaron Cain

    Hello :)

    I'm wearing green, am i safe to meet you? Welcome!!!!!!
  15. Aaron Cain

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    Bacon!!!!! Sorry after that i lost the rest of your message Bacon!!!!!!! Welcome, add more Bacon!!