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  1. just hoping the market bots dont delete the ores but resell them to others
  2. Watch out for anything NDA. But i do like the idea, maybe not for trains but magnets to be able to join structures or to transport containers on ships would be nice. although this could also be done by clambs.
  3. injectible nanorobotics resulting in overtaking others characters and forming an interlinked voice activation network that cannot be shut down
  4. For some reason i miss read that >< But oki, airlock sanitation is real
  5. For some reason i had to laugh while reading it imagine a big guillotine on alioth near the Arc. but apparently that was not the idea. Good luck with the organization!!!
  6. Indeed, more expencive as they are tradeable, technically it is a way to buy stuff in game with real money.
  7. gametime, is kindy tricky indeed, if that means all my being ingame count up together it will be different as a subscription for a month And 13 euros is pretty normal for a game subscription if compared to other MMO's they are all between 10 and 15 euros per month
  8. probably something of 15 per month, 12 per month per half year, 10 per month per year
  9. Add a fast evolving Protomolecule with an imbedded AI with as base code : take a gamble
  10. Aaron Cain

    2 Res Nodes

    I get what your aiming at here. I would even make it different and make it a single person transporter indeed, short ranged with a sending and receiving unit, and dependent on distance an exponential power usage with a maximum range.
  11. Just hoping NQ does a good job in adding physical needs into DU, just enough to actually need some aesthetics to build structures. As the real world also does not have flying boxes.
  12. Lethys is right, PvP ships will most probably not look like much unless DU forces us to use shapes for ingame mechanics that enhace flying, defence, attack. Else the Borg will invade DU. Really nice ships and buildings will probably be build on sanctuary moons and with a non-PvP meaning, but then again, when these are under threath or are destroyed there is a big threath of these designers to give up.
  13. OOh that would be really great, if it is going to be possible could you make me a work of Art on my city main hall? I will provide materials and space, you will get all the honor
  14. Aaron Cain


    and pterodactyls
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