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  1. Too bad hearing that actually nothing changed the last year. Went afk about a year ago just to wait to return when maybe something interesting came up, but seems that is not the case. That actually is a sad thing. Still might throw in a single dac as i still have about 10......
  2. allowed? And what does this have to do with breaking their own rules? And your not sorry, your just trying to hide a toxic response
  3. In the meantime already fully suspended my stuff and i just want my money back but that is probably a big no even though european law is at my side. Amateuristical stuff like not acting on some people who break the rules but not on others is no way near any professional business. With that they killed their own game and the only thing left to save anything has to do with what all large companies do when personal causes the company to loose a great deal of money or prestige.
  4. So they probably want to make a game that fills a hole in a gaming landscape that has no holes to fill specially in the current shitty state of the world. The only meta large numbers of players probably are interested in would be SIMS 5 online with more possibilities and less limitations. and there you have it, less limitations. Unless NQ learns to make something with less to none limitations just skip the next version, its abit NCSoft, create release kill/sell to gameforge.
  5. ah lol, indeed the fake news stuff where even regular news is named fake news if the news itself does not fall gently to those with power.... Well if they sent me back my money ill gently think about being less negative. untill then i just feel slightly scammed, not to incline a maybe indeed am, disclaimer blabla stuff
  6. What they forget is that if you want to be succesfull in masses you dont need high quality perfect voxel works, you need simple everyone can do it from tech advanced to 12 year olds with no computer experience. If you want what is said by NQ to actually work yu need to concider making it as simple as sims. A sims on different worlds with a world portal in every home would do it, with direct acces to other worlds all fully build on a preset by the developer. Just like in the first Lego movie, any subject you can use should be a world, syfy, western, film noir, Umbrella corp..... The idea is as simple as that but the actual development will be hell if you want to do it from scratch and dont want to pay high server costs and are too cheapassed to build your own data center with high class server accessability. In short, unless backed by someone like Gates or Musk you will have a hard time. You dont need the wizzkids as sups you need the bored house wives/men. And if you cannot develop for that group, forget it.
  7. Your very positive Probably they hope to be bought by meta or any other high class roller, well if they ever read these forums its endgame. So expect these forums to de discontinued soon.
  8. So in short, OP has a point to ask this question and wonder about digital safety.
  9. Just take the break and everything gets deleted, frankly is there any reason to come back from a break in the current state? As long as we cannot rebuild civilization as promoted this game has a serious issue with playability.
  10. with even 11 dac in my pocket, there is no reason to get back. Updates are late, expantions vaporware, and the basic game is worse then the end-alpha version (when it was marketed as alpha, not the version we have now that is barely not alpha) Even a free version would be a waste of time compared to other once pay/always play space games. A firm rebounse to the roots with a well defined redevelopment could change that but that requires the vision that people need other stuff more then, lets say, purple voxels
  11. De-install and wait for a reaction of NQ on this forum. Thats what we all should do. Anything a regular antivirus detects in software is a reason to think twice of installing. Even if this is safe, do I really want NQ to be able to do stuff or read stuff on my property?
  12. I still have about 11 dacs in storage but frankly the game isnt worth activating them, maybe someday it will, but not today
  13. Yep, this game made itself obsolete long time ago. When a budget cut is presented as a game improvement you have hit rock bottom.
  14. It is scammy for some time now. Selling a brick as a plane because it can fly is just as scammy, just be fuzzy about the actual length it can actually fly and add enough limitations to what you believe the word flying can mean. It also helps to make sure your HQ is not in the US or EU and your probably safe from legislation. Disclaimer: Scammy is an immaginary term and all names or items or localizations are based on fiction. No animals or aliens were hurt in this post. No claims can be made from anything people can anyhow read in this post either in full health or under really good funny medication or muschrooms or other means of self education
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