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  1. Oooh very nice one indeed. Well we are designing flying cities since day one of the organization, (maybe i can even paste some designs later) and this discussion is one i really like to see becoming reality. We will build a ship, and depending on DU we will be able to design it and hand rights over to people and organizations to add to the ship. To build a city ship Size will be most important and we have a few "option B" ideas if DU goes a different route. The initial idea was to build a ship matrix with merged/linked cores to the ship all owned by the org but rented/given to orgs and residents to fill. That way the outer core would be our problem and the filling of it would be the org/individuals. This was not for design issues but for simple safety and security. the ship will be white due to lore, but lore also includes a sistership in black. So the outer hull, whatever it will be in the end will be indeed mandatory white and with specific structure and materials, however if an organization has a core in the middle of the city ship, they may build a pink uhm thing, maybe the rent will be based on the level of lets call it lack of beauty and coherence. With this the ship city will look as we want to from the outside. But the inside might be a mess, but then again we see it as a restoration project, bit like the large robotech ships or galactica where everyone is dumped in to escape an exploding planet. Lets hope we will get small stargates so we can even add that to the ship
  2. While reading the fora there are a few discussions that keep popping up: -Finance, how will the economy of DU flourish, or is it doomed -PvP, will the proposed PvP from the roadmap work and what are the implications of this approach -Restrictions and limitations, are the current restrictions and limitations faithfull to the kickstarter idea -RP, will roleplay actually be a thing -Cities, will they actually work or are they doomed before starting Personally i would also like to get some community news as all the old news networks are inactivated it seems and the community news always was a nice part of discussions within organizations, Are we mentioned? No thats all wrong, Why org x and not org y, Noo Boo is most peaceful, fun discussions like that. Good luck with the next season, may it be as great or even better as last! Greetz Aaron
  3. Accepting from strangers Too So lets get to know each other and then help offer stands
  4. Indeed, and NQ stated the base game is free to install with a trial period. Anyone investing now is investing and getting some perks but its not to own the game
  5. Bring them on, we are all about transparancy, the only information we cannot give is the personal stuff and anything our partners asked us not to. We have good standings with a lot of organizations and some of them do not mingle well, that is also one of the focus points of our organizations, we like to be mediators if we can help anyone. And well i believe you read a lot on these fora so you probably already found out i can indeed be passionately clear on my standing in matters. I do not believe in black and white, but there is always a middle road except for some fundamental issues in gaming, people should be able to play safely from their home environment. that does not mean i am against PvP, but the game environment should be safe, private data, cyber bullying, ip tracking, all things that are linked to the actual person should be safe. In game we are characters, at home we are humans and people should remember that when gaming. Keep on the great questions, i think you will find some orgs less open or even grumpy when you ask these questions, love to see more from others too This will be fun
  6. @le_souriceauGood question. and good points Hmmmmm neutrality is a simple concept but a hard one to nourish. So the concept sinful is a lot easier, and well there are alot of ways to look at this and to also look at non-neutrality. a Typical neutral should be able to have contact with or act with all kinds of entities, neutral or non neutral, it depends on what your point is, your morality. So is morality and neutrality the same? Nope it is not. Is being a parent a good lesson in neutrality? yeah in fact it is. as a parent you should hold both the neutral and the moral high ground. Fanatics are always wrong, i am no fanatic, i am just clear. That is a difference and ill try to explain before going to point 2 😛 So am i neutral, Yes i am. Is the City neutral? Well that is the intention but that doesn't mean we don't have an opinion or we lay back and only smile. I act like the parent to keep both the neutral and moral high ground, all the groups i am in do not matter in this aspect, if an organization cannot stand alone its food for others, even if you call yourself neutral or a PvP org. One thing i am very curious about is why people think PvP and neutrality are not compatible. We are neutral and will communicate or deal with anyone who wants too, no restrictions but one. The restriction has to do with the moral highground we keep. Any organization breaching NQ rules Or behaving toxic to the community will be on the blacklist. Any supporting Grievers org, is on the black list, simply because we promote positive gaming and we wont work with people who deliberately want to make others life a hell. For your information if you look back you can find we do this since we were part of DU, that already was cause for a Casus belli for one of the orgs towards us, we are prepared. So neutrality is not oooh i am so scared and oooh i dont want to pewpew. BRING THEM ON Our ships are already armed to the teath, we will shoot people who are a threath, we already have a pre-emptive attack squad and we have friends and alies who are not virtual paper tigers but know what an ingame war is. As do I. Alliances are for fun and games not to be used for your defence, any organization withion an allyance should stand on its own feed. Partners are there to help and strike back while you defend and just strike the heard of the enemy. Or as i say, we will not sent our best to defend against your ships, we sent them to eliminate your leader and everyone that is around him/her. We are not a paperless tiger although we dont use words like Conquer or PvP or Purge or imply we are an empire or imperium. About the sugerdadies, we turned down 6 organizations from the first two pages already and will keep doing that. You dont need a big organization to be safe, you need a good organization and good friends behind the screens to be safe. If else who is safe when Empire calls in all members at once to obliterate you? Boo? Maybe Boo but thats it. Its pretty simple, in DU nobody is safe. You can build a massive ship or building with massive gun placement but if the right person is on the right spot and he works for the other side, your screwed. We indeed have alliances, visible and secret ones, we have friends visible and invisible ones, we have alts, good relations with numerous people. I must say i did smile about the " can have any decent fighting chance" Most of the members we got in our teams already fly in DU since pre-alpha or in EvE, emperion, SE, Starcontrol, you name it. Or hand to hand combat, we just think this is a more fun way to play This game and well neutrality does not mean sit back and die, actually to be neutral you need an even larger combat force to be able to enforce it. The reason we have al the little alliances with us is not to form a large force but to be helpfull together and get massive community projects done, it is not for security or to fill a list. Some ideas are just brilliant and if the owner of that idea comes for help I always try to help if i can, or sent him/her to someone who can, we can only build DU together. But in the end, In space nobody hears you scream I love your questions, lets keep them coming i hope i was able to answer some. As long as it is not interfering privacy or info on other organizations (also privacy) i will try to answer it all And about the tags, we dont fly with city tags, we fly with C.A.T.S. Tags and none of our members or CATS members is obliged to fly with them, we care for our own but everyone is free to do as they please. But i know someone who is already waiting for 6 months to get the order to strike Just wait a little longer my friend, War has not started yet and we are not the ones to start them But we will finish them.
  7. hmmm fool all the people all of the time, sounds like a good book Some organizations really are trying, some already failed, but the most honest ones will prevail! Great work on your organization! Good luck and i love to get in touch on a diplomatic ground. My organizations are neutral but maybe we can help each other is one way or the other. Freedom is great, trying to be great is even better! I cannot help with vehicles but if you want help in building accomodations/living quarters i would gladly help, as long as i can remain neutral ! I hope you accomplice your goal to be great people and to be free of any drama or oppression, its a good goal to go for! Freedom for all! Greetz Aaron
  8. Greetings Visceros Welcome to DU Awakening! Sadly i do not master Russian although i have some great friends there and i would love to welcome you to DU and to visit Tranquility some day when you are around! With warm greetings, Aaron
  9. When taking this community into account, the PvP aspect, the proposed mining and flying abilities, 6 months to have a city running is fast. to answer your points: 1 the actual building will need logistics and large industry and containers to even start, this will take some time. the amount of voxels needed for a city are Huge! However, if you can get all the people for a city to actually mine and build time could be reduced, but then i talk about hundrets of players, not in the ten'ths 2 DU material handling, mining and logistics this will be weeks to months for mining these loads. It is a city not a small build. A city is only a city when it fills at least a full territory, preferably more. 3 yess, decoration will take even longer and i did not take that into account. 4 indeed, the actual LUA needs and logistics, specially logistics need to be build prior to building the city. This is also one aspect why it takes long, beside full logistics you need to build full industry capable of building a city that spans over a few Kilometers
  10. You are correct, and about the city, there are already organizations that can support you and that will help. Within CATS we already are planning this also to get the best spots but if you need help getting there or any other help, just contact me and i will do what i can! We City builders must help each other, the best way to make cities Viable is to have them all interlinked in neutrality or friendship.
  11. That would be on discord or in the community page, but the community page is currently down. While DU is in alpha our actual building is minimal but all preparations, diplomacy, organization, testing in-game, is well under way. There is a roadmap, but while the community page is down i will try to fix it today to a format that i can post here. There is building in game, static and dynamic specially for this project so i will include that into the roadmap
  12. Agree, within curent Lore there are some posibilities for Roleplay but in the end they all have the Arc in comon, what ones past is before the arc or past it can be filled in. For my character i do have a background and a lore, i even added my whole organization in it and some more. Posted it on outlook Zebra and with that i see it as part of my DU roleplay. Nothing fancy but a way to be in the game, a good gamer always keeps game and real life split with priority on life but it is the most easy way to keep real life issues away from any game. Aaron Cain, squadron leader of Adventure Squad One, picked leader of Tranquility until better arrives, addict of Coffee, Brother of Skylynx and due to overextended cryosleep chaotic in mind and forgetfull, sleeping bad due to war traumas and frequent flashbacks. Kind soul, vengeful if provoked or loved ones are harmed. Proud member of BMC who saved my ass when no-one else would even botter to dig my cryotube out of the dirt. Anyone can be whoever they want to be in DU. Live life, Die another day
  13. Remove size restrictions on cores at all
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