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  1. Roll it back, or dock the correct amount of quanta from the players wallets and set up bots to sell BP's back to at the same price they are currently sold for Easy
  2. Yet another poor poor decision on the part of NQ. Where is my free billion Quanta? The announcement below is the biggest pile of lazy dung I have ever seen. I don't mind mistakes God knows Ive made plenty. But this is the WORST response from NQ. Its no wonder people keep leaving the game and there's no community to play with. How's this for a solution you dock the real cost of the schematics from the players wallets who bought them...... On top of that you refresh bot orders and every unlucky sucker that has their ore on the market at current prices gets cheated great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Noveans,In response to a situation where Dispenser schematic sell orders in certain markets were not seeded properly, an error was made during the seeding process that resulted in the items being incorrectly priced.The prices were corrected as soon as we recognized the mistake. Rather than doing a rollback that could have a sweeping adverse effect on the overall community, we have opted to err on the side of caution and leave things as they are.We apologize for the error and are taking steps to avoid similar oversight in the future.Thank you.
  3. You say elements that are destroyed in combat will loose durability, what about a ship that crashes, I see people building giant ships they don't know how to fly and crashing them everywhere. Why wouldn't those elements loose durability as well? This would ensure that expert ship designers are valued in the community.
  4. discordauth:6CHatZG-59NANSIKjQZXbgPOJugr6dXgUCZBgC3ttLA=

  5. Hi, I am a silver kick-starter, I am expecting to begin playing this game sometime in Nov.2018. I have not received any notifications at all, do not know where to download the game and do not possess a key of any kind. Is there a general communication I missed? What is the next step?
  6. Hi, I have a suggestion. I just purchased the silver backer and am very excited about Alpha 1 in Nov. I suggest some sort of communication reply from Dual universe..."Welcome to the family, ......Blah blah....Here is how you DL the game client". Maybe with some teaser screen shots. Thanks
  7. You misunderstand me, I know my money, IF I spend it will not make me a shareholder. It is my opinion that with the way video games now take money up front, before a game is finished, that for me specifically, I expect to know a very large amount of information before i will put my money into a project, which I view as an investment. I appreciate that dual universe is trying to make a game that will be successful, however this is not the video game model of 5 years ago. Crowd funding video games is fairly new compared to the industry.Therefore I DO expect to be in the know, and believe that any question is in fact on the table. This opinion is in fact a fact to me Perception will forever change and shape the future
  8. thats your "opinion" restating it does not make it true Just like my opinion restating it would not make it more correct than yours lunch money is what makes the world go round, this game actually shows it has 1 million plus in lunch money and 5 mil plus in equity but anyway cant wait for the roadmap only reason I posted here is because boots_1588 had a decent question im glad a few people considered it:)
  9. This is why I think this statement is wrong. The video game industry is now operating like a publicly owned stock. Investors, the gaming community players, are now shareholders. Therefore there is a need for the shareholders to know the details, its called ROI return on investment. In my case my ROI is how long will i be able to play this game based on the money i am spending (Or bigger picture) Is the game sustainable. Back in the day when video games were not publicly funded we might compare that to a privately owned company, in which case your above statement would be more accurate. I can understand the interest and where it comes from. This looks like the best game since forever and I am personally hoping it succeeds incredibly. I am hoping the roadmap which is due out this summer will clear up any doubt I may have about spending 140$ on an unfinished product.
  10. Thanks for the reply Ox, Is there any way to get an official response?
  11. Hi, I already know I do not want pre alpha, the play time is too limited for me. In the would of crowd funding gaming it is difficult to know what you are buying into. I don,t mind working through kinks and trying new game content that may never make it to launch. I also understand downtime's for server maintenance and updates and game crashes What i would like to know is how much access will be granted to servers in Alpha 1 & 2, Thank you
  12. Hi, When will alpha 1 Access begin? Or what date are you aiming for? When will alpha 2 begin?
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