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  1. I believe there was a post in discord, NQ are trying to figure out how to give everyone free month of subscription because of recent lags.
  2. It's ok, at this stage, as it's still beta. But without any info from developers it's unclear whether there is some hope to enjoy game without such issues in nearest future.
  3. It may be one of reasons. The other one may be that server\connection wasn't scaled accordingly after Alpha. Anyway I would really want to hear smth from NQ about it.
  4. the same. Yesterday I had like 5 disconnects in row just after logging into the game. So it seems servers can't handle the load now
  5. Skill injectors were the worst thing that ever happened with EvE. It will be a big disappointment if they appear in DU. This mechanics allows to create skill point farms with actually dead characters just to resell sp. Why not to sell skill points directly from ingame store then, along with premium ships and modules.
  6. Hi everyone. For last few days I have often disconnects with error message like 'internal server error' and just get kicked out of game. Yesterday it happened across all day for like 20-30 times in total. I have descent internet connection, so that shouldn't be the reason, as well as hardware is also ok. The other problem is that many actions are declined for several times before they are executed: mining - ore diggs out and then pops up again, containers either not loaded or showing all the same content, resources don't drag from container to inventory for several attempts, etc. So I'm wondering whether someone else experiences such issues? Is there any explanation from NQ about work for server stability or improvements connected with such issues?
  7. Yes, though I don't see any mentions about multiple solar systems Exploration may be limited to some space scanning and finding points of interest on planets or asteroids.
  8. I doubt there will be more than one solar system at launch So most likely there is much time till we actually need various space textures.
  9. Regarding textures - they are in progress, there are explanations about new process of texture generation here -
  10. In minecraft I spent a lot of time planting underground woods It would be cool to have gardening elements in DU just for aesthetic purposes. Probably allow planting them only on claimed territory just to avoid some kind of abuse.
  11. I don't like the idea. This may be fun mechanics for solo action fighting, but not for space game where combat has more tactical elements. If you take damage with your space ship - logically that it's components are damaged therefore work worse. I would understand if at some point your speed will decrease, you won't have initial agility and acceleration, part of weapons won't shoot anymore and resists would just decrease. I understand if stats don't change just for making combat a bit more fun-friendly and not that hardcore. But I cannot find any explanations why your ship should operate better when it's damaged and nearly destroyed. Old players should have advantage, in other case there is no sense in playing and learning skills.
  12. on previous Alpha stage they had servers running for 2-4 days per week. After 2 September you'll see next test session schedule via that link.
  13. As there is no land vehicles that actually need roads, maybe there is no need in roads
  14. One more server means twice more money for hardware rent/purchase plus twice more efforts for supporting both servers online. What you get - split community and longer feedback from testings. Adding one more sever before a release doesn't give NQ benefits.
  15. @davizar19 there may be such option when beta comes because many bakers have several beta invites, so probably someone will be sharing them. But beta is still ~1 year away from now
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