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  1. hey, id like to chat a bit if you're willing. my work is all over the place so discord would be best, give me a shout. Zee#4301
  2. Yes. Very much Yes. message me, here or discord Zee#4301
  3. this is the recruitment thread bud. post this in the general forum
  4. ya youre right, but i feel like the deploy ground element tool at least can be folded into one of the other tools. Not sure why static cores need their own tool specifically. Im sure another one could be combined too, maybe the two radars.
  5. If you're really serious about this then you should show it by proofreading this post you've got here. Not insulting you, this is genuine advice. This post is your first impression to everyone you're trying to recruit, don't let it be so full of errors. If English isn't your first language, get someone to proofread it for you. A post like this shows that you can't even take the time to reread your own post and fix errors, never mind lead a serious organization Everything I highlighted in yellow needs to be fixed. If you fix it all I'll delete this post so no one sees it Good Luck!
  6. On the contrary, Im really encouraged by the organization. A group that actually has structure in place means theyve put a lot of thought into it and actually expect to be around for a while. Most groups ive seen so far tend to be loose "come play with me!" organizations. The pictures make me want to join more Then again, that may be because im an ex-eve player... Regardless, please contact me. My name in game is ZeeRohSum, my Discord name is Zee#4301 or you can PM me here, but Im interested in learning more about you guys and possibly joining. First impression says We'll get along great
  7. Name: ZeeRohSum Region/Timezone: EST / UTC -5 Language: English What type of Organization are you looking for? A group that doesnt focus on just one thing., I want to try it all. Friends to build with, interest in fighting and conquest, ability to handle production lines, all of it. Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: Any, I've been a director/lieutenant in other games groups for a while now. I like being able to help a group grow strong, but I dont have much experience in DU yet. Roleplay interest? Meh, maybe could be convinced but not the plan Other: Not too big, I like helping groups grow, not interested in joining a big 50 man group that has everything ironed out already. But also needs a leader who is serious about making their group successful. Put the work in and ill give you my all Preferred contact method: Discord: Zee#4301 or forum PM here. Look forward to flying with you!
  8. NQ has specifically said they dont want to have automated mining for that very reason. The existence of LUA as a main feature in the game makes abusing mining as a profession and flooding the market all too easy. They are worried that if they allow construct based mining it will make mining less balanced when comparing newer players to old. That said, I disagree with them. While I do think there should be limits to prevent fleets of unmanned mining dro6nes making loads of passive income for organizations, we need something better than pickaxes after spending a lot of time in the game. And i definitely agree we need more construct based professions. in a game that touts being able to build anything, it seems silly that we cant make ships that actually do anything other than shoot.
  9. I like it. Or maybe something similar just using asteroids instead, so that you dont tear up the landscape too much. I agree there should be some form of mining that isnt just players with space pickaxes. It's silly to think thats the only way to gather resources in the year 12,390. And I think your idea would be a good way to balance the desire of the players to have more variety in mining methods, and the devs requirement to not make mining too easy to abuse
  10. I would say pve like the way EvE dreams of PvE, where the ai reacts and forms coalitions the same way as players, sure. But red squares in space the way it is now? nah im good.
  11. would be really nice to see how close to full our inventory is without having to open it. Maybe it can be attached to the Flashlight/mining lamp so it appears on the screen with the azimuth and altimeter gauges that already appear, to avoid clutter. Just a little yellow bar on the bottom of the screen
  12. wish there was a downvote button
  13. yes please. and add an option that if the target inventory is full. you can choose to fill it up with whatever it has rom to take. this works when standing in front of a container, but not when transferring to linked containers through the "i" inventory screen
  14. Sorry in advance for the text-wall., but I wanted to think this out as much as I could I know that the devs have said they never want to automate the mining process, which is respectable, based on their intentions of making sure new players have a steady income source. However, the idea that large organizations in a futuristic scifi game can only mine by hand is a little silly. The idea of fleets of battleships being built by sending out dozens of people to scour the planet with a dinky scanner and a pickaxe is pretty un-futuristic. So, in lieu of automated factories or mining ships, I think that we should have a more advanced version of mining in space. In my idea, this would take the form of asteroids. Instead of the standard "mine asteroids, fill cargo, go home" formula, I think DU should actually require us to break down entire asteroids in an industrial fashion. My idea, in concept, would be to have asteroids full of materials. In my head it would be only one material per asteroid, and they would be much less common than standard worthless asteroids, that way you would still need to search for whatever you need the slow way. You would then need to tow the asteroid to a static construct with the appropriate elements for breaking it down, and over time it will be broken down and provide the materials it is made of. I think this could be a decent compromise. Over-automation and making it overpowered could be prevented or mitigated with certain restrictions and penalties. Some possible examples; the towing device can only be activated on a ship of a certain size, the towing device cannot be on the same construct as any weapons, the towing device requires a certain number of crew members to operate, using the towing device limits the ships speed, etc. Things like this would prevent over automation, force teamwork by requiring separate defense escorts, and providing considerable risk to the towing ship in that it can be attacked en route to the base if it doesnt have an escort. Overpowering would also be mitigated by restricting the element that breaks down the asteroid to a static construct only, and possibly preventing it from being reclaimed or providing a steep penalty to move it. There could also be a limit on the number of refineries per organization. That way organizations would be forced to venture further and further out to find resources, preventing them from turtling in a corner of space forever and hoarding resources (*cough* goonswarm). This would provide a faster method of gathering resources, but would require an organized group of people to do, and over gathering would quickly strip an area of space since resources dont respawn, so resource production would slow down over time because of the longer travel times needed. However, it would effectively be an infinite resource, since space is big, so theres little chance of any group having a monopoly. Let me know what you think, and be gentle. I know the technical requirements would be a challenge, but this is an idea thread, not an official drawing board
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