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  1. At one point in time, we were Alpha-Testers, and we did so knowing there would be Wipes, it was expected to improve the game itself. When you transitioned us to Beta, we became PLAYERs, not TESTERs; then NQ began collecting subscription money - it was at that point NQ removed the option of a wipe and a 100% sustainable environment. It won't work! NQ attempting to justify a 100% Wipe will ruin the game entirely. Example: Games like Eve or WoW have a long-standing community of players who have built up wealth over their playing-years. Is that no different than what you have in DU right now? "A community of long-term players who have built a society to play in, all the while waiting for New Players to join-in the fun?" It's the same thing. ALLLL of those games have acquired new subscriptions in a game that has extremely wealthy and fortified Players and Organizations alike. I am a no-wipe fan. Clean-up what you need to for balancing or whatever, but wiping the server and starting anew is pointless. NQ - We stuck with you through Beta and amassed our wealth and place in the game to help you provide an enjoyable platform for Future Players. Let it Ride!
  2. Attached is a screenshot taken about 10min ago of a Sell Order I've been watching. In the past 48hrs. this seller has made approximately 2billion quanta off of NQs "mistake/bug/glitch." Call it what you want, but that's a lot of capital to benefit from when it can be researched and fixed. It is unacceptable and should be investigated further. I looked at this sell order on Friday and he had 112 for sale. He's now down to 18 left. That is some serious cash for 0 work.
  3. I've been watching this and other Sell Orders. The seller in the attached screen-shot purchased over 112 Warp Drive Schematics due to NQs mistake and will profit easily, but approximately 2billion quanta. This has got to be investigated and fixed ASAP!
  4. Looking forward to more updated promotions of DU, but i get the focus. Keep it up Team!
  5. Invasion The initial invasion of every plan is well thought out and coordinated. Knowing that the enemy may have a Protective Device casting a force-field over their Construct(s) is part of that plan. However, it is not known how reinforced said "bubble" is. I propose the following meta: If the base being attacked has a Large Core, then the owner should have or be required to have, a Large shield. Of course this item should be Tiered as such Core: XS-Tier I shield S-Tier II shield M-Tier III shield L-Tier IV shield The attacking force would be required to "probe" that shield to determine the level of weaponry required to overcome the shield and it's health/capacity Attacking Ship's Core Theory = the size of the dynamic constructs core dictates the weaponry it is capable of carrying. (an XS vessel should NOT be capable of overcoming any Base, sticking to the "It takes a village" concept) XS: No weaponry capable of penetrating a Dynamic force-field S: >Tier-I Weapon or proper caliber to penetrate an XS Static Cores Shield M: >Tier II Weapon or proper caliber Pulse/Laser to penetrate a S Static Cores Shield L: >Tier II Weapon or proper caliber Laser/Rail/Artillery to penetrate a M or larger static construct Capture The Flag Once the shield is diminished to 0, the timer should not be server-static so we know when to attack. There should be an unknown element of pending-battle inherent in the process itself. If everyone knows what's coming because the force-field has been penetrated, then the element of surprise and inevitable doom is removed from the game. In other words, it should be based on a formula of Construct Size+Fuel available, and possibly another variable determined by the size of the Organization/activity. Super-Large organizations may have more resources, thereby making it more difficult to be overcome by a simple timer. I disagree with the Email Alert system - It is the Leadership/Organization's responsibility to manage their faction members and their land. That's the organizational meta and it should be just that. If you choose to live in PVP, then you expect to get hit - GUARD it or loose it. Login and defend your hex or live to build another day! It's not personal, it's business. Note: Auto-Turret Defenses - Will they be firing through the force-field before it is taken down? Can the invading force be held off by my defenses? Is that going to be possible? Once a base has been over-ran, then the opposing force takes possession by raw power and is able to place their Land Claim Device similar to a "Capture the Flag" moment. If nobody is defending the flag, or I haven't been attacked within a certain time frame, and the owning faction ISN'T actively protecting their base core, then I should be able to place my LCD down and PWN! Weaponry Meta As stated above, no XS Dynamic Construct should have the ability to overcome/snipe, or otherwise overrun a Static Construct that contains a force-field. With the advent of all of these Space Survival games, the meta for PVP is always disputed by PVE/PVP players alike. The playfield has an inherent danger that should frighten the crap out of you and your teammates should you chose to venture away from Home. It isn't supposed to be easy, it isn't supposed to be a cake-walk. The weaponry that dynamic vessels can carry should not be equal across the board. There needs to be a Tier'd weapons system that allows for progression based on superior tactics thereby awarded as such. If you want protection, go play No Man's Sky. Example: In a game I play now, once you level up, you acquire all the weapons in the game for your dynamic vessel. All you need is a bit of ore and you build each one - BAM! You are now the most powerful ship on the playfield. But can you use it properly? My example above, allows for an element of responsibility in the attacking faction to either bring all your big guns and risk the loss of said weaponry should you be attacked enroute, or do some scouting and be cautious with your dooms-day device. My "Attacking Ship's Core Theory" allows for a steeper than normal method of acquiring said dooms-day device. This is in-line with NQ's crawl/walk/run method that they have imposed. These dynamic core limitations and weaponry scaling provide a proverbial speed-bump my Example above. XS: No weaponry capable of penetrating a Static Constructs force-field S: >Tier-I Weapon or proper caliber to penetrate an XS Static Cores Shield M: >Tier II Weapon or proper caliber Pulse/Laser to penetrate a S Static Cores Shield L: >Tier II Weapon or proper caliber Laser/Rail/Artillery to penetrate a M or larger static construct Final Variable @NQ_Stargazer Maybe it would be a better meta to force the factions to seek out partial technology to create their dooms-day device? Maybe, not all of the components in the Tier III Shield Buster can be created from the ores in the ground. Maybe, you need to work a little more before you can take out a Large Static Construct. Maybe!
  6. discordauth:Rm2XJYOB6WzTDUrdcUhCevNiEVEKs6qvJuxUKbklUkM=

  7. Sooo excited to play DU now. Been creeping around for a long time. Looking forward to joining a massive faction and terrorizing the universe! Sync (Discord: (ACP) Rook)
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