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  1. I have been with Meridian and now Pantheon Jumpworks for over a year now and I can guarantee you that it's one of the best organizations you can join in Dual Universe with a welcoming and open community, Pantheon Jumpworks ascending the limits.
  2. A leap forward for us all -Galvius Orion chairman in Meridian Jumpworks
  3. discordauth:X18wYGEr_cDTBljK_uweDvOeLr80FqQGr6pEiK2VfY0=

  4. discordauth:X18wYGEr_cDTBljK_uweDvOeLr80FqQGr6pEiK2VfY0=

  5. discordauth:X18wYGEr_cDTBljK_uweDvOeLr80FqQGr6pEiK2VfY0=


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