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  1. I have enlightened you too why all of your builds are now off by 1 block
  2. I just noticed something, something very, very, very, bad. Likely to be the spookiest thing I have seen this Halloween and is indeed the scariest thing I have seen today. Today I placed down L core for who knows what time, I then measured the sides, then I noticed something horrible, for those you have basing off of the 2x2 cross section of the L core for your constructs, this is disastrous, for I have discovered that the length of each side is 511 blocks which if you are counting is not an even number. This horrific revelation means that a large number of L core constructs are off center, and that the L core it self is off center mean for those of you who like your builds to be symmetrical they are not, horrifying I know. Nova Quark please fix this grievous error as to prevent others from suffering the same fate as we all have in our unfortunate existence. Thank you for your time and may your Halloween be better than mine as now I need to fix everything.
  3. I have been with Meridian and now Pantheon Jumpworks for over a year now and I can guarantee you that it's one of the best organizations you can join in Dual Universe with a welcoming and open community, Pantheon Jumpworks ascending the limits.
  4. A leap forward for us all -Galvius Orion chairman in Meridian Jumpworks
  5. discordauth:X18wYGEr_cDTBljK_uweDvOeLr80FqQGr6pEiK2VfY0=

  6. discordauth:X18wYGEr_cDTBljK_uweDvOeLr80FqQGr6pEiK2VfY0=

  7. discordauth:X18wYGEr_cDTBljK_uweDvOeLr80FqQGr6pEiK2VfY0=


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