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  1. Oxyorum

    Website Questions

    In his defense, that's literally what the red "2" means. It means you have 2 unread messages.
  2. Oxyorum

    Sayin' hi

    Welcome to Dual Universe! happy to have you with us
  3. Oxyorum

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to Dual Universe!
  4. Oxyorum

    Alpha 1 test schedule

    For now, yes. You can be sure that test times will be much longer as we get closer to release, and eventually the servers will be up 24/7. If you pay the $120, you will have access starting with next week's test, which will last 48 hours. You can always check the test schedule at the server status page.
  5. Oxyorum

    Alpha section?

    No. You are good. You just need to contact support at Novaquark Support or send them an email at support@novaquark.com asking for access to the alpha section.
  6. Oxyorum

    Le Doge has arrived

    Hello, MisterDoge. Welcome to Dual Universe.
  7. Oxyorum

    Hello World

    Welcome to Dual Universe! glad to have you with us
  8. Oxyorum

    I am a real person

    Welcome to Dual Universe! glad to see we have some celebrities taking interest in the game
  9. Yeah, lets not make wild speculations about things that are not public knowledge. I am positive that we will have alpha 1 by the end of the month as stated by NQ and if there is any reason to change the schedule, we will know ahead of time. Another thing to mention is that Novaquark has not stipulated which founders will be let in at which time, something which they said would be stated before Alpha 1 was released.
  10. Oxyorum


    Welcome to Dual Universe! glad to have you on board
  11. Oxyorum

    I am in fact not real

    Welcome to Dual Universe! glad you could join us, we are accepting of even the most virtual of beings
  12. Oxyorum


    Welcome to Dual Universe! glad to have you
  13. Oxyorum

    Multi level Residence areas

    Its a permissions system to control who can interact with your things, not a shield. It can't stop someome from destroying your stuff - use a TCU or build in a safezone.