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    You can just buy the pledge you want to upgrade to. You should be charged the difference between your current pledge and the one you are buying. This is assuming you bought your first pledge on the website and it wasnt a kickstarter pledge. I am not sure you can upgrade those. Contact support@novaquark.com to ask them if you can and how.
  2. This is already accounted for: It describes the exact scenario you are concerned about. EDIT: I realize you are talking about the ability to miss the change even after the offer is automatically deselected. Although I would personally chalk that to lack of care by the player in question, it wouldn't hurt to add in some sort of pop-up window that will indicate that one of the parties changed their offer, in addition to the automatic deselect. That way, players have a visual queue and are more likely to double check their offer before accepting it a second time.
  3. I mean, liters (L) are just a measurement of volume. Yes, its most commonly used for liquids, but I don't see that as a reason for them not being able to use this unit. Just look at Space Engineers, which bases its volume measurements in liters (L).
  4. I guess they want us to actually put thought into how much fuel we are going to need for things, rather than just running around with full tanks at every occasion. We will probably have to calculate how much fuel we can bring with us based on how much mass we are moving on our ships. Also, keep into account that they are increasing fuel efficiency, so as to ensure that fuel consumption per distance traveled stays the same after the changes. Only thing I want clarification on is this:
  5. In his defense, that's literally what the red "2" means. It means you have 2 unread messages.
  6. Welcome to Dual Universe! happy to have you with us
  7. For now, yes. You can be sure that test times will be much longer as we get closer to release, and eventually the servers will be up 24/7. If you pay the $120, you will have access starting with next week's test, which will last 48 hours. You can always check the test schedule at the server status page.
  8. No. You are good. You just need to contact support at Novaquark Support or send them an email at support@novaquark.com asking for access to the alpha section.
  9. Hello, MisterDoge. Welcome to Dual Universe.
  10. Welcome to Dual Universe! glad to have you with us
  11. Welcome to Dual Universe! glad to see we have some celebrities taking interest in the game
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