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  1. what I'm talking about here is essentially being able to trade permissions for specific parts of a construct in exchange for money or whatever. these permissions would have a time limit on them, and (crucially) the person who owned the construct would NOT be able to modify those permissions until the time limit expired. one example of this would be a parking lot/hangar bay in a city. if I wanted to park my ship inside a hangar bay I would purchase the permissions to open and close the main doors, toggle lights, open some storage inside the bay, etc. if I just wanted to stay there for the night
  2. Hello there! I'm SonEasterZombie, also known by some as SEZ. I'm a student of mechanical engineering at an undisclosed university, which probably means I won't have much time to play this game I learned about Dual Universe from some youtube video talking about space engineers alternatives, and got hooked by the idea. I'm looking forward to seeing where the game goes! My ultimate goal is to create a ship design company in the game, that creates civilian and military ships.
  3. discordauth:2gbMll5TTZ0n5z05JS6oEmd4a-Y4qwsDFuuGlwKVQSs=

  4. I actually completely forgot about boarding! I do think that boarding will be incredibly impractical on most active working ships, as it is easy to avoid boarding ships by maneuvering so that they can't access your entrance (assuming they can't just attach to your ship and dig in). On larger ships this would be significantly easier if you can make it to the ship without getting blown up, but those larger ships would tend to have much larger crews. As for the building ships on the fly option, I think that might have its place, but I also feel that in large-scale space battles a sin
  5. Now I know that we know VERY little about how weapons and pvp mechanics will work in the finished game, but that doesn't mean we can't make educated guesses about how battles will play out in the abstract. Here's my current idea about how things may work. My main idea revolves around the concept that there will likely be many "stages", or areas where a specific type of combat or ship is needed, in any battle. In a planetary battle, there would be 3 categories and 6 stages, outlined below: Category One: Space Stage One: Open/Deep space - Open space is (arbitrar
  6. I believe the devs have made comments about possibly adding more arkships to the game for players to be found in the future. These arkships would serve as spawnpoints for new players which would allow for a new player to forge their own way forward, rather than spawning in the middle of an already heavily developed planet/city. In between the 10,000 years from Sol being destroyed to the Novark landing on Alioth, there is quite a lot that could have occurred in the galaxy. One of these could have been a similar situation to earth, except with another alien civilization. These wouldn't have to b
  7. a good question, if only that blasted NDA didn't exist
  8. I was thinking about how a lock-on mechanic would work, and I realized that if it worked anything like it does in games such as Eve, it would get really boring for gunners. If you are just a gunner in a ship and all you have to do is click on a ship and wait then that isn't very fun, so I thought up something a little more involved. The weapon GUI will have a crosshair, and constructs within the FOV of the weapon camera have circles around them. The size of the circle is based on the relative speed, distance, and size of the construct. In order to lock onto a target, the gunner mus
  9. Pretty sure the only thing stopping companies from tracking your every move and/or installing viruses into your stuff is their reputation and potential legal trouble. For me i'm more concerned with making sure something I buy is from a reputable source, ie. a way to trace it back to a real person or manufacturer, and this would be true in game as well. This makes it sound like you think I am worried about NQ hacking my stuff. That's not what i'm talking about, I'm talking about buying a ship blueprint from someone and they claim it's the blueprint for this awesome warship t
  10. If i'm looking to purchase a gun design, player-made element, static/dynamic construct, etc, what is stopping the person selling it to me from installing a backdoor or override switch in the construct that will allow them to screw with me? If there is nothing, then that could make collaboration between organizations and individuals a lot more risky. I'd love for the economy to develop to the point where you can go to a market and purchase a construct that you can attach to your ship, or even an entire ship, but if each time you purchase a ship you risk having the thing tracked, self destructed
  11. In real life, universal standards exist to make it easier for designers to create a product that is compatible with other products. We have USB because if every single computer company had a different connector, the consumer would have to consider a LOT more when deciding which computer to buy into because they would be buying into an entire ecosystem, unless they wanted to screw around with dongles. We have standardized aspect ratios for computer screens, so that the media we create fits properly (or vice-versa, not sure which came first on that). In order for multiple organizations to wor
  12. If we're talking about keeping trolls to a minimum, perhaps activating a new account would require an upfront payment of more than a months subscription? For the first time you decide to get a full access account you would simply pay for 3-5 months of access, and then any time after that you would just pay for 1 like normal. This would make the upfront cost higher, which would discourage trolls. The obvious downside is that fewer people would activate their accounts, as the upfront cost would be much higher
  13. My first thought when I heard about the way they intend the single shard system to work with ship building and player density was "Well what happens if one person builds like 500 tiny ships and puts them in the same valley, free to tumble around and take up valuable server resources?" Another thing I realized once I had heard more about the way they intended the PvP system to work was that people could probably dock other "ships" to them that would function as extra fuel tanks, more armor, or even a shield if done correctly with dozens of tiny "ships" being flung towards an enemy to block line
  14. Rather than cutting weapons up into several different ranges, classes, speeds, etc, I think it would be smarter (and allow for much more customization) if guns were put into a couple simple groups (Size of the base: anywhere from .25 meters to 100+ meters) as well as classifying the type of weapon they are (Spinal, Turret) plus maybe some damage types like kinetic, energy, or whatever. Everything else like range, speed, accuracy, tracking, and all the other stats that a gun should have can be controlled by modules, similar to the weapon system in From the Depths. Want a more accurate gun? Add
  15. by ugly crap I mean like a pile of voxels with no purpose that's bright yellow or something, not a poorly designed building
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