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  1. As this was made quite a while ago, I'm wondering if there has been any news on any of the features suggested. That is, if what I proposed was fully understood.
  2. Dunno about that. What you say there is entirely up to NovaQuark and what limitations they decide to impose on the game whether it be for financial reasons, or limitations in engine design or simply the way they've designed their singleshard server technology (in the end it probably all comes down to money like just about anything, oh and probably time as well). Unfortunately like 99% of games out there, there is always a limitation. I know a great many people including myself want to see this game become something mindblowing. Frankly I wish there weren't going to be limitations such as terrain NOT having gravity when it doesn't have enough support, but it's unfortunately going to have to be that way in order for there to be better performance. It's a shame we're still so limited in 2018.
  3. Nice we made it to page 2. Well yeah, who knows what I'll do if I get the game. Maybe I will build underground. What I mean by all the focus is, people that are so against this thing from happening that they outright vote against it being implemented in the game because they want to have power over everyone, and not allow anyone to use a potentially amazing feature to be free of their "oppression". Lol.
  4. Exactly why myself and everyone else needs to find out what they intend for this as soon as possible.
  5. It wouldn't be as simple as a checkbox. We'll have to let the developers decide how it will be done.
  6. Bounty "hunters". They're called hunters for a reason. They hunt, whats the fun in hunting if you see all your targets? There's absolutely no point or any fun involved if you're just going to tell everyone where everything is, it practically ruins the PVP part of the game.
  7. I read a forum just after I made my latest comment above that relates to what I'm campaigning for, stealth, fog of war and all of that. From what I've read so far, it looks like people are kind of with me on this one. Think about how PVP will be, do you want to see every structure core, or territory unit or whatever on the map, along with peoples names and blips on the map? No, otherwise you'll have people going from player to player destroying everything they see. Most probably wouldn't exploit the system like this, but some would. If you've played GTA V online then surely you understand the pain behind all of this. That's why blips, name tags and locations of player made structures need to be optional or have some kind ability to 1. camouflage, and 2. remain invisible from sensors and other things in order to get the feel a real and immersive, dangerous and feeling of wilderness and an unknown environment. That's just how it needs to be. Creating broadcasting beacons, advertisement material and of that will of course be available for busy markets, cities and other places that want an audience naturally. Allowing friendlies, faction members and whitelisted people an ability to see the location of you and other structures can be another thing too. Options people. Options, customization. The more choice we get, the better the game is. This relates to other things of course, but what others and myself are proposing here needs to happen.
  8. It quite frankly isn't, and with that thinking I can call your ability to find me instantaneously overpowered, if that is in fact what the developers decide to go for. Both our ways can be utilized by anyone, so they are both fair in a sense. However not everyone will have access to high tech sensors for example, or even spaceships in some cases. Everyone, and I mean everyone will be able to tunnel underground and hide if they choose to. I understand your issue with this, you think everybody is going to do it and it will make using the player versus player element more difficult then it needs to be. Well this kind of is part of that process, and will give less advanced players more of a chance instead of being obliterated in a fight against a superior foe.
  9. The limit to technology and the ability to detect things from considerable distances is a VERY debatable subject. All I know is I simply want the ability to build a secret hideaway bunker on some distance planet, claim a territory without it being pinged to every player that just "happens" to do a quick flyby and be undetectable for a long period of time. If that can't even be a reality, then the game won't really feel like an open world or feel like it has any sense of scale to me. Some people want to get lost in the wilderness, I say let them. Plenty of other people to interact with, no need to worry bout me. I'm willing to take the risk of venturing deep into space, away from safe zones, however there should be some compromise, and that is why I have suggested all of this. It's not an overpowered or ridiculous request really. Whether some of it makes sense to you or not I'm not sure, it sounds like I've gotten my point across. I just hope it becomes a reality.
  10. Yeah well, that's what I mean. Immediately finding me is silly, and why does all the focus have to be on me? This is what I mean, Theres going to be THOUSANDS of other players and THOUSANDS of other things to do besides looking for me and my underground base. Why? Why not just add the features, the ability to hide claimed territory UNTIL such time somebody PHYSICALLY stumbles upon the claimed territory and attempts to claim it and it says "Unable to claim, territory already owned" THATS when I'd accept being discovered. Not before that. Naturally I'd put my Territory claim unit underground so simply flying over the general area won't reveal something.
  11. Well yeah, Setzar has a point. Following someone back to their base is another way to find a hidden base. It also adds a bit of fun.
  12. Allow me to reiterate a bit. Everyone would have this ability, in real life if someone decided to put a bunker in the jungle of the amazon, it would be tough to find. Now scale that to a single planet in unexplored territory. There is a chance it would take a lifetime to discover such a thing, possibly more, assuming you have space travel, FTL, Stargates ect. My point is, months and years for this kind of thing are actually generous if you ask me. Of course it isn't going to be "ULTRA REALISTIC". But look at what the developers intend for space travel. Days to weeks to just the NEIGHBORING system using FTL travel. Look on the wiki. You can argue it might be shortened, but I doubt it. Imagine how long it will take to go say, 10 systems away from spawn. It will take months. Once again, it's not just flat out abusive. Large organizations will always be stronger then smaller ones, and of course players working on their own. I think it's only fair, depending on the size of your base, where you put it, whether you broadcast it or how big your territory should be a deciding factor in whether you're able to successfully hide. None of this display HUD stuff where your ship discovers say, 90% of about everyone and everything on planet the second you enter orbit. This will help in balancing out some things. REGARDING the land rights thing CoreVamore brought up, I know that you think it should be made public but I'm sorry, it really shouldn't be unless you decide. The reason is that the only way to prevent players building in your area is to claim it with say, a territory unit. If somebody comes along say a month after I've built my base underground, completely obscure from the surface and claims the unclaimed territory above my underground base, I can't really do anything now can I. At the same time I don't want it to outright broadcast my location. That's the problem. Obviously large organizations are going to have tremendous firepower versus say, a single person, right? So why not give the extra option to anyone to take advantage of a fog of war system instead of getting completely obliterated by someone simply because they're bigger and better and there's no fog of war elements. Now I have no idea how this would be done, I just want there to be some kind of difficulty in finding a subterranean base that's kind of MEANT to be hidden while ALSO owning the land, so you know, someone doesn't snatch it from me while I'm offline or doing other things. So you see, there's probably not going to be a way to remain hidden while at the same time owning any territory.
  13. Not quite sure if it's implemented or planning to be implemented. After a very lengthy conversation with 1 or 2 discord moderators on "duscussion", I was suggested to come here and make my case. I hope the developers read and see this naturally, as it is intended for them. I understand you have a big game to make, a lot of issues and players to address but please hear me out. From what I hear and see, I'm already beginning to love the idea of your game. All the little things matter, and can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to a game. Now, judging by the title you probably already know what I'd like. Stealth. More of a focus on hiding assets on planets, territory units or hex claims whatever they may be from detection other then visually seeing them with the naked eye from a short distance. My intent is to use the games freedom (hopefully) to build underground, while using the cover of a subterranean base and operation to remain hidden from detection or being sighted by potential hostiles. Please make this possible. There should be an option to decide whether you want to broadcast your position or not to other players, I myself, someone who isn't too keen on joining a large faction would like to be able to remain invisible in such a large universe. For example, I don't want a player to be pinged the exact location of that 1 hex I have claimed on a giant planet the second they enter orbit. Please support the players that want to lone-wolf it. Please, this is one of the key steps in doing so. I want other players to have to work for it, make an extremely lengthy and detailed survey of the planet like real life in which would take months to years to find me and my base if they really wanted to. You have to take that into consideration, it's not overpowered and it's not unfair. It's just reality. There's going to be thousands of other players. Why does one or a small group of them hiding matter? Why limit that for them or anyone?? Knowing where everything is at anyone time is a silly thing to have be the case. This is a unique request I'm sure, I just don't want to see the enemy from a million miles away, nor them me. I feel that takes the fun of surprise attacks, stealth or hiding away. The concept of stealth I'm proposing can ALSO be used for space stations, secret asteroid bases in asteroid fields (if you intend on having asteroid fields) as well as naturally underground bases like I originally suggested. If players want to be found, then there let that be their choice. There should be "beacon" objects that ping a title and a symbol of what belongs to what that is fully customization to the players specifications, or perhaps a radio signal with a pre recorded audio voice. Who knows. Thank you, and please reply.
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