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  1. Mine out of safe zone since rarest mats will be found there. Create homebase, weapons, ship(s), blast off, and get away from the mobs of people. If in an org, may coordinate with wherever "HQ" end up being.
  2. I'm not sure yet what stealth mechanics should be, as I'm just getting into DU. But I do think stealth tech needs to be invented or rediscovered tech via PLAYERS, not simply "given" by NQ.
  3. I've been on the email list for awhile, but just made an account on the website. Background: Gaming since "Pong". SWG:Starsider. Eve:Bittervet. ED:Since beta 2, and I'm done. FDEV lost their way. Many others games as well.Currently backing SC, but I'll be getting a refund, because DU will be WAY better for me than SC. Only have time for one MMO these days. I love PVP, and flying internet spaceships. My hobbies include shooting people in the face. I tend towards intel/stealth/e-war gameplay. I missed getting a founders package, but, hopefully they'll be made available again, or may
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