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  1. Lispy, I would like to point out that YOU have violated many of the forum rules and that it would be best if you stop. Many of these violations are actually comments made about your brother.
  2. please no, metric aka base 10 measurement is clearly better. You probably won't even notice it. the primary reason would be that in space we use AU and AU Is defined in meters. 1 AU = 149,597,870,700 m
  3. It may be free to play but you are seriously restricted on what you can do, fly and train skill wise without a paid subscription. My existing characters can not fly any of their ships, which are much higher tier then starting ships. I'm not sure where the line is drawn as to that you have access to though.
  4. discordauth:Hr8mMqX2rFhI-ntGpqkxSTcm205Zg8P-Q_DAdvFF_Go=

  5. The key to VR is integrating the camera tracking for the headset. so it recognizes the head movements to look around. next is intergrating the hand controllers and allowing them to be custom keymapped to the game. when VR hits the game, you will probably see more interesting designs created in the game.
  6. I wonder how much automated LUA controlled ships would be allows. could someone build an npc hostile faction?
  7. I ended up choosing to get the HTC vive myself but what I do know is that the game has to be built around VR if you plan on implementing VR into it. VR immersion has a completely different feel to it. This is why you simply can not just add VR to any MMO. the camera system has to interact a certain way so it can track head movement and let you look around and "feel the game world". That is probably the best way I can put it. There are programs you can use to play games using VR headsets but it is like being in a VR space and watching a screen. The game you watching would only seem to be 3D if it is tricked into supporting stereographic mode. which is what the old VR was. I have that as well. I've managed to pull it off once with FFXIV but I don't know what I did and can't do it again. the only downfall of the vive is that the controllers can't be key mapped as far as VR systems themselves. they need to figure out a movement system for your avatar, which is likely using direction keys on the controller to move around. I personally don't like the idea of teleporting around.
  8. have they placed any restrictions or limits on LUA scripting yet? For instance using LUA scripts to create AI controlled ships?
  9. I missed the kickstarter on this. Either cause I didn't have money at the time or saw it just a tab bit too late. But I really wanted to get into this game due to the potential to bring about some of the content I'd like to see created in a Universe that will have everyone creating and recreating stuff. So I managed to get gold access right as the founder packages ended. I'd like to explore the possiblties of transforming ships or robot type ships.
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