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  1. As a person who's real life job (one of them) is patents, I'm going to go out on limb here and say no. We don't need that kind of baggage on our ship designs. Now if you are talking about Read only blueprints that doesn't allow a ship to be edited upon being created/printed. Sure. But all the hassle of locking out reverse engineering? No. Just no.
  2. By your ship powers combined we are Captain Voxel Ranger Zord! Actually I was just thinking about this as means for say, making voxel based weapons such as large torpedos. Things that hit with remarkable power and are partially self guided once you set them to target. They would of course take up physical space on the ship rather than storage.
  3. Maybe if we are talking gene splicing and we generate a new near human species that is and isn't human... then I can see it working. Beyond that, no.
  4. So the plan was to ship it last night interesting. So probably throttling of email. Anyone know how many gold+ testers there are?
  5. I'm guessing they may be dealing with spam throttling, they can't send out a bunch of emails at once? Or if its on the eternal messaging then no idea. Nothing here.
  6. Rails for turbolifts as well. You need something to get you to the top of the space elevator!
  7. It makes me wonder, how hard will it be for a single player to construct a space elevator? There's no physics that are going to be constraining the design of bases... so can't we just build straight up? If you keep it thin enough, it won't take much in the way of resources.
  8. I think that they should be intrinsically linked. All skills we have as humans are linked to the technology involved such as farming is to a rake or a hoe, as there is a skill in crafting the rake or a hoe. Which is I'm trying to say that if you have three entities that represent this. You have the knowledge of the technology unlocked, the skill to craft it at higher and higher qualities, and the skill to use it with higher and higher levels of skill and bonuses. Build your tech tree off of that and the tech tree leads different webs of related professional skills and tech.
  9. As long as sound drops quickly like it does in real life even a market shouldn't be that loud. I'm all for this along with voice modulation.
  10. I'm thinking a combination of both linear and circular. Linear tech tree contains the core primary nodes for tech/skill backbones but each branch on linear shows differentiation for things unrelated like say agriculture and piloting. But each node on the linear explodes into a circular tech three lots of ways of specializing and growing. This allows you to cherry pick while still researching things required for the next major node on the Linear tree's branch. Say you can have a core branch for each major profession that produce numerous circular tech trees w
  11. I think there is room to have this both on small and large scale all using the same system. Prefab weapons are great starters and but customs are a mixed bag. Custom weapons can be overpowered but they can also be incredibly weak or risky. Its up to the creator to learn where they can cut corners and where they need to reinforce. To much of anything either leads to waste or being impractical. Plus the more powerful the weapon, the more voxels are required to mount elements. Each element modifies all other element properties for the weapon. Sometimes unpredictably so. Ra
  12. So I had a thought relating to one of the dev blogs or what not stating they want to avoid ships just using people to hold move cargo as mules. So how can this be solved? The best way I can think of it working is storage is done via storage voxels which produce a formulaic amount of storage. The more voxels you have placed connect/next to each other the more exponential the storage becomes. It would need to be set up in a way where a small single player fighter would only have enough storage space to equal say half of a player's innate storage capacity. For freighters though they could move hu
  13. That's a lot of digging... where are we going to put all the resulting resources... or since pre-alpha is basically creative mode... no resources are going to drop?
  14. Would also be good for PvP without lasting repercussions too. Like simulating war games and what not. But primarily creative mode of some sort. Or at the very least allow limited combat in an otherwise protected zone. Hopefully it doesn't malfunction or someone turns the safeties... off.
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