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  1. Nevermind, this was apparently addressed in the 17th or 18th page of the thread 'Pre-alpha Start' sort of imbedded. They are working on it and it may take time to sync all accounts.
  2. So I got the email titled: "Pre-Alpha Access: Download details coming very soon!" which contained the following: In the meantime, to be sure to be ready, you can read a few fresh topics on the Pre-Alpha forum section! Except that all three of the links leads to pages of: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H Does this mean there is something wrong with my account?.. I'm getting the right emails but not the right access? (Yes I've made sure I'm logged into the forums with my email that's associated with my account and made sure it had my as logged in on the top left on the same page that says I don't have access to the content and I am a Gold member.)
  3. Khaymann, I saved you a google. https://fringescientistdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/galactica.jpg The big majesticy one in the middle. And I think I would go more with a Homeworld ship: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/homeworld/images/a/af/VaygrBattlecruiserRM.png/revision/latest?cb=20150304110153
  4. I must admit, I'm a little confused. Novaquark released the in-game pre-alpha footage. It looked awesome, it was smooth, it conveyed all of the tech they promised and it showed how it was possible to have the vision they have. Yet, when I went on the subreddit, 133 subscribed. I come on the forums, and there are just a couple dozen active people. WHAT is HAPPENING. I feel like I've gone insane. How can this game not have a larger following? We've been griping as a community for a game like this for years. Years and years. Practically every day there are posts in Space Engineers of people wishing for a larger scope, more multiplayer. Every day on the No Mans Sky reddit about wishing for multiplayer and more customization. Every day in modded minecraft about something new and progressive but somehow keeps that emergent game-play. These are very different games, every one of them, and yet the ideals they dream for are almost all contained in Dual Universe. There are so many broken promises out there, Unsung Story, Broken Age, Areal, Sticks and Starships, Planet Explorers, on and on. Games that never even made it to the stage that Dual Universe is showing as a PRE Alpha. I'm telling all of my friends. I'm sharing photos and videos like a 35 year old woman who just got her third cat. And I hope you are all doing the same. This is a game we have all been waiting for for a long time. Let's make sure they know it.
  5. Thank you for the idea, Charles. I'm totally using that one. I'm writing down everyones ideas. So good.
  6. Or have every room except for a "last room", so they begin to tear down the structure looking for the 'hidden' final room. Dominar: It will take careful investigation into the look and feel of these ruins for me to copy them exactly enough that people are fooled. Very doable Lady Astrum: They sound cool to me too! I like that there are already ruins that will generate, but I'd still enjoy making something that looks like it contains history and depth. A house on a hill can be relatively plain, but a foundation of a house, tattered with moss and a half standing barn structurer, scorch marks on the side and around the edges. It invites you to question. What happened? Was there a fire in the barn? A lightning strike? Was it set intentionally? Hay fire? What happened to the house? It excites the imagination as only an incomplete puzzle can.
  7. Thank you, Dhara Elysande. First of her name. Pirate of the Coalition. Flyer of the dread ships.
  8. I, too, shall have my fingers crossed for gas giants. I also want to describe something I think you guys aren't thinking about from the perspective of space faring citizens. Sure, a 100km radius world would be hard to explore by foot. 125000 km^2 seems like a lot. But when you are flying over it as a space ship. You will be seeing easily 60000 km^2 from space, and getting more and more fine tuned as you get closer and closer to the planet. From space you can see North America, Europe, etc all as a collective regardless of "the size of Greece." or the UK. The point of a space game is not to walk everywhere. The walking distance is moot. Don't let the number skew your perspective of what it will be like based on the video we just watched. You can SEE buildings from space depending on their size. You can find a good altitude, cruise over sections of the planet and just scan with your eyes, 10's of 1000's of square kilometers per second. What then is a good sized planet?
  9. I don't know if any of you have played Artemis, but if you haven't, you should look into how that plays out. Sure the different Elements will provide different controls and such. It would be relatively possible for a single person to maneuver a ship. But when you factor in sensors, movement, defenses, offenses, etc etc, there simple isn't enough WAYS a player can operate it singly. Having specific stations for people with devoted screens with the fine details of that section, so Weapons control, Communications control, engineering, maneuvering, And maybe all the inputs feeding up to a captain who only sees the bigger picture indications and relies on his crew to do their job. This would be the best ship. The Outlaw Star of the galaxy. Multi-manned ships will begin to easily out perform single manned ships, even with advancements in AI control. This will start the break down of the different classes of ship. There could be large single man frigates, multi-manned destroyers, etc. Dual-piloted fighters that have a pilot and a gunner so that one focuses on dodging and positioning while the other focuses on aiming and countermeasures. ...I sorta like Dual Universe a lot now.
  10. Kairos: I'll try to have something that will be be small but denote it to be mine DarkTemplar: No Promises.... Cybrex: Thanks! I'm happy to be here!
  11. I think this is not feasible for a lot of reasons. Judging from the latest gameplay footage, the planet looked to be about the same geographic size of our moon more or less. Or to put this in mass terms, 7.34767309 × 1022 kilograms. A standard spaceship by today's standards is 2027558 Kilograms. For being conservative, lets assume the small ship shown has the same mass ratio, it accelerates and leaves the atmosphere to the space station in a matter of seconds. The space station looked to be about 10-20% of the radius away from the surface, so lets again be conservative and say 20%. Super powerful engines. So, 20% of 1,737 km, or ~350km. Assuming the gravity is earth like, to be conservative, and just, if I'm over conservative in every single field, Hell, assuming he went from the surface to the station in 1 second. That's 811GN, or giga-newtons. Even with these crazy 811 Specials I'll call them, with ONE BILLION of them, it would take you over a minute just to accelerate the planet to 1 m/s. Ignoring the fact that these engines will also add to the mass of the planet. This ignores also the fact that that amount of force, on one side of the planet, would push in the crust and break the crust, causing world ending earth quakes and basically everyone and everything melted. All I'm saying, is that we won't have to worry about these being overpowered.
  12. Yes and no. Based on real life physics, you could do this. All you would need is to put the city into an 'orbit' Now, how you can achieve this in the game may be subject to opinion and it also depends on how high you mean when you say "floating" If you mean just above the surface, you will need lift exactly enough to counter the F=gMm/r^2. Assuming we don't have anti-gravity, that would mean a lot of really strong thrusters operating around the clock burning fuel to keep the city afloat. Assuming anti-gravity, than of course, it should be possible. If astrophysics come into play of orbiting, then you can have an orbital base in orbit around the planet and just make it look like a city where the buildings rise up away from the city as it arcs around the planet.
  13. I have a couple of probable answers based on my knowledge of programming and server architecture: Data storage: Already been asked and I agree, if we are going to be able to make anything more than a fly-by-wire interface for ships then there will probably be need for some long term persistent data storage. At its most basic this would allow remote sensor probes, surveying mining spots, collecting data for tech research.There are several ways I think they will handle this but I think the most probable way is that certain Elements will have stateful variables and certain variables associated with the element. Think a guidance system will have variables for a "Home" or a home system or up to so many saved locations. What I think is less probable is a 'file system'. It doesn't fit with the architecture that has been laid out. As such, the saving and manipulating of large data stores doesn't seem likely. Sensors: I don't think it was explicitly mentioned but we would need access to various different types of sensors, eg. gravimetrics, positioning, surveying, friend-or-foe etc. Would those be separate modules you add and then access through a specific interface?Within the scope of what was laid out in this post, its probable that each type of sensor would be a separate "Element" that needs a plug-in slot to a DPU for processing. Each sensor could be accessed manually into its own GUI based on its internal DPU, but then would have variables and functions accessible by the host DPU it was plugged into to be able to react to events and situations presented by those sensors. Communication: Autonomous drones would need some communication between each other and back to the base ship to propagate orders, will there be a messaging framework for this that would need to be coded or would work outside the scope of the scripting?This would depend on if there is a communications 'Element.' If there is, it makes perfect sense that one of its functions accessible by the host DPU is to send and receive messages for rudimentary parsing. I would say this is likely with drones and such being mentioned as a definite, there would need to be some way of communicating commands and controls to this entity. That being said, the drone will probably receive the message in plain text. This means that your drones ability to weed out friendly communication from enemy communication will be important. You wouldn't want your enemy easily taking control of your ship because they happened to know the right commands to transmit to your drone/ship. This can probably be combated by having a "self.communicatron.receive('friendly', <msg>)" to where you only have the parsing of commands happen on a friendly message and not from just any passerby. Libraries: Will the code only exist on the unit that has it programmed or will there be an independent repository of code that each player has / can access that will then be deployed for execution? Similarly, will we have some sort of version control? I wouldn't be able to write much without an in-game git before it all became a mess.Based on what was said about the Elements, how they function, and how you can market the coded Element, it is very likely that the code is independent to each Element. Granted, nothing is stopping you from developing the code in github/some other repo that you then copy/paste into the game. But I will very much bet that there will not be universal libraries and that each code will only be for the scope of the Element it's tied to. This is because its the coder's lively hood to sell the better nav system, the better weapons system, and if the distros are all on libraries, then anyone can potentially poach the code and have the top of the line fighting system. Testing: Could we have a sandbox within the sandbox to test code? If you were to write a drone AI it might decide to start attacking everyone and hurt your standing if you got some code wrong.Based on the structure of this game, I can almost definitely state that this would not happen. The entire premise is a single uninterrupted server with no sharding/instancing. It will be part of the risk in developing AI code, and that goes for ship design too even outside of coding. Oh boy, I hope we put enough engines on this thing <crash>. Experimentation and development will drive the better codes/ships/buildings/designs. Go to a barren side of the planet, or test on a barren world like Char. Even if you make the next Borg, it'll be part of the fun that it will behave and interact in the environment that everyone is in. Just.. uhm.. be sure to warn everyone if you accidentally create the Borg please. Collaboration: Will groups of players be able to work on the same codebase to produce something that a single player wouldn't have the time or skill to make themselves?I can potentially see guild mates having access to guild systems and being able to modify the code on the fly. While feasible, I would suggest using a repository like Git in order to do more complex things. This is for the very versioning you mentioned before, as well as if a guildy comes on and totally borks your code, you have a distro that has it all saved prior. We would want to limit code injections though, because a guildy who may think they are making something more efficient or work, might do just the opposite. Your safest bet is with your own repo for copy/pasting which also lends to community modification on a guided path. I hope I was able to help you with some of your questions!
  14. Fleet Commander A. R. Wright, I am a recent graduate of the Stellar Research Initiative - Lambda 7 campus with a major in Xenogeology. I have heard excellent things about the Cerberus Expeditionary Force. Namely, based on my thesis at graduation, I want to utilize my training in exploring and indexing those planets that we have yet to discover. To show off the natural wonders of the interstellar world in a way that brings the C.E.F. honor and prestige as scientists and innovators. I respectfully request a position on the Providence under the Chief Science Officer to perform those actions as required as a member of the Research Force. Although I have very little experience, I will devote my energies in developing those skills that would make me a valuable asset. Attached to this transmission will be my Curriculum Vitae and references. I hope that this message finds you well, and Explorare , Cognoscere , Vivificabit. ~Ghezra Rehtirnah
  15. But also, just because LUA is the coding engine you can write your bot script in, doesn't mean the API it has access to will be as all encompassing, as some have mentioned to a degree. My thoughts go to modded Minecraft and the ComputerCraft mod. You had a 'Turtle' miner that you could program and there were rudimentary programs for movement and excavation, but this still required user input eventually both in the addition of more fuel as the process went on and in emptying the ever filling drop inventory. I do appreciate games that reward creativity and design. If you can design cleverly a way to automate mining through the use of the tools you have but it took effort and materials and design, Why not let them have it? The argument of it will destroy the economy is an interesting one, but inflation and prices will go as they go. Iron will be useful to build. So even though miners flood the market wastefully with iron, there are those that will buy it up at its cheaper price because they are trying to build a spacestation, or a new player trying to build out their first ship. Who hasn't been on WoW and seen someone flood the market with leathers only to buy them all up and resell them at a higher price? The market will adjust and people will do what they will to make money. If mining iron no longer becomes profitable, how do they pay to keep the lights on? They'll have to modify and adapt their designs to mine other things, survive on other things. Then iron will go lapse again as another space station or capitol ship is build that destroys the market stock. I'm not arguing for no moderation, but I don't believe we should limit ingenuity because some people could potentially make autonomous mining bots which can also be hunted for scrap since they don't have a human in them and can be easily fought since they are just following a code. I'm arguing that the same API that could provide mindless mining drones could also provide an unknown host of well thought out and never before seen creative robotics that make you just say, "wow.. I had no idea that was possible with this game." And those moments are not cheaply bought.
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