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  1. Nevermind, this was apparently addressed in the 17th or 18th page of the thread 'Pre-alpha Start' sort of imbedded. They are working on it and it may take time to sync all accounts.
  2. So I got the email titled: "Pre-Alpha Access: Download details coming very soon!" which contained the following: In the meantime, to be sure to be ready, you can read a few fresh topics on the Pre-Alpha forum section! Except that all three of the links leads to pages of: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H Does this mean there is something wrong with my account?.. I'm getting the right emails but not the right access? (Yes I've made sure I'm logged into the forums with my email that's asso
  3. Khaymann, I saved you a google. https://fringescientistdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/galactica.jpg The big majesticy one in the middle. And I think I would go more with a Homeworld ship: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/homeworld/images/a/af/VaygrBattlecruiserRM.png/revision/latest?cb=20150304110153
  4. I must admit, I'm a little confused. Novaquark released the in-game pre-alpha footage. It looked awesome, it was smooth, it conveyed all of the tech they promised and it showed how it was possible to have the vision they have. Yet, when I went on the subreddit, 133 subscribed. I come on the forums, and there are just a couple dozen active people. WHAT is HAPPENING. I feel like I've gone insane. How can this game not have a larger following? We've been griping as a community for a game like this for years. Years and years. Practically every day there are posts in Space Engineers of peop
  5. Thank you for the idea, Charles. I'm totally using that one. I'm writing down everyones ideas. So good.
  6. Or have every room except for a "last room", so they begin to tear down the structure looking for the 'hidden' final room. Dominar: It will take careful investigation into the look and feel of these ruins for me to copy them exactly enough that people are fooled. Very doable Lady Astrum: They sound cool to me too! I like that there are already ruins that will generate, but I'd still enjoy making something that looks like it contains history and depth. A house on a hill can be relatively plain, but a foundation of a house, tattered with moss and a half standing barn structurer,
  7. Thank you, Dhara Elysande. First of her name. Pirate of the Coalition. Flyer of the dread ships.
  8. I, too, shall have my fingers crossed for gas giants. I also want to describe something I think you guys aren't thinking about from the perspective of space faring citizens. Sure, a 100km radius world would be hard to explore by foot. 125000 km^2 seems like a lot. But when you are flying over it as a space ship. You will be seeing easily 60000 km^2 from space, and getting more and more fine tuned as you get closer and closer to the planet. From space you can see North America, Europe, etc all as a collective regardless of "the size of Greece." or the UK. The point of a space game i
  9. I don't know if any of you have played Artemis, but if you haven't, you should look into how that plays out. Sure the different Elements will provide different controls and such. It would be relatively possible for a single person to maneuver a ship. But when you factor in sensors, movement, defenses, offenses, etc etc, there simple isn't enough WAYS a player can operate it singly. Having specific stations for people with devoted screens with the fine details of that section, so Weapons control, Communications control, engineering, maneuvering, And maybe all the inputs feeding up to a captai
  10. Kairos: I'll try to have something that will be be small but denote it to be mine DarkTemplar: No Promises.... Cybrex: Thanks! I'm happy to be here!
  11. I think this is not feasible for a lot of reasons. Judging from the latest gameplay footage, the planet looked to be about the same geographic size of our moon more or less. Or to put this in mass terms, 7.34767309 × 1022 kilograms. A standard spaceship by today's standards is 2027558 Kilograms. For being conservative, lets assume the small ship shown has the same mass ratio, it accelerates and leaves the atmosphere to the space station in a matter of seconds. The space station looked to be about 10-20% of the radius away from the surface, so lets again be conservative and say 20%. Super pow
  12. Yes and no. Based on real life physics, you could do this. All you would need is to put the city into an 'orbit' Now, how you can achieve this in the game may be subject to opinion and it also depends on how high you mean when you say "floating" If you mean just above the surface, you will need lift exactly enough to counter the F=gMm/r^2. Assuming we don't have anti-gravity, that would mean a lot of really strong thrusters operating around the clock burning fuel to keep the city afloat. Assuming anti-gravity, than of course, it should be possible. If astrophysics come into play of orbitin
  13. I have a couple of probable answers based on my knowledge of programming and server architecture: Data storage: Already been asked and I agree, if we are going to be able to make anything more than a fly-by-wire interface for ships then there will probably be need for some long term persistent data storage. At its most basic this would allow remote sensor probes, surveying mining spots, collecting data for tech research.There are several ways I think they will handle this but I think the most probable way is that certain Elements will have stateful variables and certain variables associated
  14. Fleet Commander A. R. Wright, I am a recent graduate of the Stellar Research Initiative - Lambda 7 campus with a major in Xenogeology. I have heard excellent things about the Cerberus Expeditionary Force. Namely, based on my thesis at graduation, I want to utilize my training in exploring and indexing those planets that we have yet to discover. To show off the natural wonders of the interstellar world in a way that brings the C.E.F. honor and prestige as scientists and innovators. I respectfully request a position on the Providence under the Chief Science Officer to perform those actions as
  15. But also, just because LUA is the coding engine you can write your bot script in, doesn't mean the API it has access to will be as all encompassing, as some have mentioned to a degree. My thoughts go to modded Minecraft and the ComputerCraft mod. You had a 'Turtle' miner that you could program and there were rudimentary programs for movement and excavation, but this still required user input eventually both in the addition of more fuel as the process went on and in emptying the ever filling drop inventory. I do appreciate games that reward creativity and design. If you can design cleverly a
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