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  1. dont forget to get some sleep, its a bit late now we are go in 19 minutes and counting if server goes up exactly at midnight daylight time.
  2. My speed is no problem for ~2GB, its the fact that 2000-2500 people will be simultanously downloading the client, so could be hours of slow congestion and theres just over 4 hours to launch time.
  3. less than 7 hours to go and no client yet, I want to get some sleep cause im gonna be up all night cause it starts at 11pm here and its 4:28pm was gonna have early dinner then have a nap, but cause there is no download yet, and it could take a couple of hours to download, they leaving not much time, with 2000 people downloading the same file at the same time its going to be very slow to download the client in time for the alpha
  4. you are only gonna get to play it for 9 hours (if our client is downloaded in time..that is) and many alpha launches ive been in have been delayed an hour (up to 4 sometimes), then maybe be a month before we test again, who knows
  5. I have like 330k skills in Entropia and that took over 10 years to develop and not to mention a hell of alot of real money spending (if you know EU), i hope the skill system in Dual Universe (DU..lol) rewards players for the time they spend skill gaining, and with no class restrictions or caps you can skill what you like (like EU). skill implants are used in entropia because its an RCE universe whereas DU is not RCE (Real Cash Economy), DU is more like EVE even though ive never played EVE. There are players out there that love to explore and skill, a player named Dan Petrov did nothing in entropia except just skill, skill , skill and he has probably the most valuable avatar in EU. In DU i hope its similar (without RCE ofc) where people who skill and do it smart get far in this game and just the avatar can become a valuable commodity for any organization. Just my 2pecs (lol) on this subject
  6. ah good to hear, how big is the client 40GB or 10GB..etc
  7. cool thanks so its actually the keyboard map not the letters, makes me feel alot better
  8. PVE means 'player versus environment' any thing to do with existing and working different biomes, planets, finding rare materials, mining and exploring is PVE, building , joy rides and living in residences , as someone said build a casino (i was one of the first to think of a casino in UO then other shards copied lol). Sure you will get attacked at some stage, but thats all part of the fun of a survival sandbox, just be prepared that you will get attacked, and have a backup plan always, building skills by training , farming materials , surveying, mapping (cartrography), collecting stuff, researching items , finding what fits where ? its all PVE. cheers:)
  9. Im a bit confused , so your says AWSD are not the standard movement keys in this game Z to move forward Q to move left and SD the same as always, damn Z is at the bottom this is going to be diffucult to adapt
  10. lol star trek is american and its always in metric, remember it is 200-300 years in the future, even the old 1960s star trek was in metric.. in space its metric and AUs.
  11. I like that wiki or find what you like , have the resources..check copy paste BUILD..check makes me happy lol
  12. yeah, im focusing on resource management, exploration and mining mainly, ill leave the military side to the security people of our organization, just also the LUA programming part has me rattled as an autistic person, anything to do with maths would be out of my capability and I hope you dont need to know LUA programming to play this game, im mainly a database management type, im more of a simulation tycoon , adventurer. If LUA programming is needed to build constructs, I will probably have to resort in buying them off other players. Im shocking at basic programming..lol
  13. so its going to be a cut throat adventure exploration game, challenging, i do like it but with my ping in australia i would lose almost every PVP battle, compared to people in EU and US etc.. Big difference between people on 2-80 ms compared to us in australia on 320 ms or worse..lol and because of a european based server it will probably be 380-500ms, hoepfully they have a solution for latency issues, like Entropia Universe does and they are in Sweden and ping with there latency is not bad and been playing entropia for 13 years.
  14. Just remember what NQ said , that territory claims will be extremely hard to craft and will require rare materials, so territory claims will be very costly and expensive to buy, dont expect to see many territory claims pop up all over the place. Im sure there will be many outback ranches you can build where you can explore and colonize yourself in your small part of DU even start a little village with other pioneers. I personally like soloing (PVE Style), im sure NQ will accomodate PVE players as well as PVP Players, maybe also one territory organization or owner might allow you to build a ranch on there land in a safe environment, pay some taxes to mine going towards upkeep of the territory claim and any protection it needs incase it gets attacked. Im sure there will be many possibilities, theres along way to go and we will learn more as the alpha progresses and the NDA gets lifted. cheers:)
  15. yeah i didnt even think about strict french laws , so my mistake in that regard. Well to the long weekend nights of lots of coffee and late to work on sundays during testing days..:) cheers:) cya saturday night
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