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    Faster Travel

    Travel will be slow at start but will improve as people skill up and engine designs and upgrades also improve ! =) https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Engine_Units
  2. Well I am a strategic defensive player that loves crafting ! =) I have ben in guilds that have had massive raid groups and where know for putting the hurt on other guild and I did enjoy myself up to a point but raiding and taking people out offensively was really not my thing but I was still a big help to my guild because I enjoyed making weapons and armor for them. My first defensive pvp rush came from when I started to fortify my homes / bases in games and would log on later to see the battle log of how many people got owned from trying to take my territory or destroy my stuff. I am going to focus on the economic game play of DU but I will also be crafting ! The safest areas will be the safe zones but land there will be expensive but don't for get to also make a master blue print of your work for a backup! I will not be able to stay in the safe zones due to wanting to do economic stuff I need to travel a lot and to different systems and also plan on staying neutral but will fight in defense if needed ! If you need some pointers on how to defend or set up defenses for you home / base I can help you and have a lot of experience in other games as a defensive style player. =)
  3. It sounds like a great idea and would help all organizations small and large by being able to contract jobs out that you cant preform your self or don't want to but still need to get it done ! I see mining already be a big one with some organizations focusing on jobs and skills other than mining and don't want to spend many hours doing mining but need the materials from mining. They have not released a lot of information on the contracting and rights part of the game so it might be possible that NQ has already thought about this but just have not released more detailed information on the subject?
  4. Yes I agree ! I am a very private person my self and the fewer people that know a secrete/information the less likely that information will get out ! I'm also suspicious about people and programs wanted my private information !
  5. Expansions : Water =) if they can make water work in the game then that has a potential for water worlds which would add variety in the types of planets we could colonized plus under water bases and cities seem like it would be cool to have ! I guess a alternate would be if we could not build in the water you could still make a planet with lots of islands ? =) just saying !
  6. Maybe not right away at launch but I agree with you and this will probably be a must have feature as the game gets larger ! Need to have banners or coating for organization/guild customization because I can see it now if a ship becomes popular there maybe millions of players using that ship and It would be nice to be able to spot friend or foe by organization coating or banners!
  7. Your right its all tied into each other if you are not successful with your economics then you will probably will not have enough : materials , money , man power , or influence to fuel your war machine to conquer the galaxy if that's your thing ! *wink* My personal idea of game play style would be to control big features of the galaxy through economics and influence ! =)
  8. This idea I think works but mine is close to but a little different in where you go to a unclaimed tile and build the basement level or the starting foundation of a under ground bunker/base and you put your TCU in a well defended or vaulted area then build over it. Its still early but I cant imagine leaving the TCU out in the open and not defended in the final launch version of the game? That would make it too easy and very vulnerable to attacks and possible hacking ?
  9. I get it and like the idea of a smugglers contraband type element to add to game play but drugs have always ben a dicey subject in games but I think most of the DU community are adult enough that it should not be a problem and maybe it doesn't have to just be a drug you could have something like SPICE ! =) I still love Dune moves even today ! =)
  10. Skill certs can be useful in almost any game just don't make them over powered or out of balance! For instance you may hire some one to be like a crew member for you large ship and lets say they are a gunner, any one can be a basic gunner but for some one how has certs in this are they get a small bonus to add to there ability! The reason I am thinking keep it small because in some game you run the problem that you will not get a in a group if you are not geared a certain way to certain lever or you will not get a group because you are not skilled a certain way! I am just hoping they can avoid players using a strict cookie cutter skill certification to determine if a group lets you join are not like I have seen in some games! Lets say you want to master gunner on a ship but because you have low skills or just don't have your skills set up the way they want its hard for you to get a group and there for get the experience need to get more points in gunner you need to grow is harder. This is 100% why I am so against people seeing my stats , skills , gear with out my permission there should always be a privacy feature that I can cut on or off if I choose !
  11. That's not always true there is a small percent of people on a server that have that play style over all, but if the devs don't do anything about it then people get fed up soon everyone will jumps on that wagon and it becomes like the wild west! If you steal your a outlaw don't try to sugar coat it but if there are enough people and systems to help keep this in check then it all balances out and people can play the way they want to without things being one sided! Personally I think the outlaw and bounty hunter play style add character to a game as long as its not one sided like I explained : keeping it balanced will be a real challenge and if I remember the devs said one over night griefer will not be able to destroy you base or ship : it would take a lot of people and coordinated effort to accomplish it and not to mention as long as 1 of your members is on they could put up a good fight and also call for back up form allies and other members! I can understand your fear from playing other games but I don't think that will be a issue in DU also we are just getting started so lets see how it plays out I am sure they will make adjustments where they are needed. =)
  12. Well that helps a lot and I wish I could have had it sooner =) but its ok ! Thanks for sharing !
  13. From what I remember them saying the owner will have a Master Blue print and can set the leave of permissions that others can have to use your blue prints! Like keeping other players from buying your ship blue print and then trying to sell your designs or mass produce them. So if I have a popular design I could possibly sell it to thousands of other players making a killing on in game currency but those players could only use those blue prints for personal use and not mass produce them for sale because of the permissions I have set on the blue prints I make for other users .
  14. I think that would be kind of cheating in a game like this seeing what the NQ team is trying to accomplish with a single shard mmo game ? If you no long have to gather resources and take a chance then what's the point in having it in this style of game I could simply go to creative mode and make hundred's of blue prints and sell them with out any risk , gathering or even ever playing the game ? I think this is the point and problem people are trying to make you see if you make it separate from the DU server your not in the community and might as well be a gold farmer not to mention that's not how it works in the real world either : Big company's / organizations try to keep there R&D research and development a secret but nothing is 100% Personally I feel the safes way is what I mentioned be for with building a large building /hanger in the safe zone and making it private.
  15. Very Impressive and I like most of them but I noticed you had little to no eco friendly structures like this one ?
  16. Don't a lot of games do that with titles that players can post by there name what they are skilled in : Gundeva { weapons smith } , { bounty hunter } ... and so on. I like your idea and it can be done but I would only ok it as long as it has a private feature where you can cut it off and keep your stats private if you want ! The down side with this feature is some people like there privacy and if your doing something different that day of hanging out with your friends it has ben a pain with people sending me messages all day if I could make them a weapon or armor because that has ben my trade in many games !
  17. Don't for get to add the links then people can refer to them. =) I think I also commented in one of them =)
  18. Of Couse you can be a solo player in a single shard game of maybe millions but I am not sure why you would want to ? Solo will be doable but very hard I'm sure ! If you don't like big groups why not join a small organization or if you don't want responsibility join a organization that gives its members lots of freedom and doesn't really care what they do? Personally I can imagine solo being slow and tedious on a slower learning curve compared to those in organizations that help each other but maybe some like more of a challenge ?
  19. Yea its another version of GOD mode in a game with out even having to work for it and that would get boring fast but I also hate games that make you grind forever that also gets boring ! I just hope they have good balance with customization and the ability to pick and focus on your specialty with what ever skill system they decide to go with in the end !
  20. 100% 100% I will not have a lot of game time due to work and family so I don't plan on or want to spend my little game time on DU mining for ore but if I had a friend that could help me out with the resources gathering I would be will to pay there subscription !
  21. I personally like the idea of some type of creative mode but I have to agree that this should take place with in the game server with all the other players and not on a different server . The easy solution for privacy is own a tile in the Safe Zone and then build a base or simple hanger that people cant see in and lock the permission so only you can enter it . You are still playing the game and being a productive member while maximizing your privacy, security and being able to build alone if that is what you prefer . Just Saying. =)
  22. So far there or no wheeled or biped vehicles in Dual Universe and I am not sure if they will ever have them ? Not enough information has ben released on this subject so far. I do have a idea for now if your interested and I have seen this in other games and maybe you have also : so far the only vehicles we have seen for ground use or hover vehicles so you could try something like building a hover tank and then designing something like a mecha upper torso on top. Necron Destroyer This is what I could find quickly but I am sure you have a better idea of what I am trying to say and I have seen other games that use hover style mecha's. Could be a interesting project for you if your interested?
  23. 100% Custom ships that may have a few replica features I like but they will still be unique ships I design. I will probably build one ship and keep improving it but no more than three ships because I plan on mainly focusing on weapons system when weapons are implement into DU.
  24. I know some people might get upset if you compare games so that's why when I wrote this. To tell the truth no one can say with 100% without a drought that if someone in your organization had that much power and then had bad feeling about the organization or there leader might not try this or maybe they got greed and sold out. My simple point is that you may not want to give one person in your organization that much power where they could destroy it in one day! This may not effect smaller organization if the creator handles most of the primary organization functions themselves seeing that the organization is small but that might be impossible and too much for someone leading a organization of thousands. Also people with little game time because of you life responsibilities might need others to manage functions inside your organization even if your group is small due to your time restraints. BALANCE OF POWER : There or several ways anyone creating a organization can do this as they feel what will work for them and there organization. Personally here or a few I want to try and your ideas maybe different. 1. Members will be able to vote on important organizations discussions simply because personally I don't want to run a dictatorship and also let members know that there vote counts for something. 2. Set up a board of members like a round table and each member of the board will be in charge of a solar system and all organization functions within that system. They will be able to set up a administration or assistance team if they feel its too difficult to run alone. 3. Each member in charge of a solar system will receive a allotment based on the upkeep and projects being built in that system. These or three things I want to try and if it doesn't work I guess I could always make changes but I wanted to go with a open commerce theme and give members as much freedom as possible and the ability to vote without being a great risk to the organization but nothing is 100% right.
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