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  2. ADFormer

    Faster Travel

    Ah I see, I just heard that planet's are 2 days apart and I didn't want to devote a solid 48 hours of my life just to get from one planet to the next.
  3. ADFormer

    Faster Travel

    I heard that the planet distances are going to be a good 2 days apart in real time, so rather than setting your ship on auto pilot and logging on every 48 hours till you find a good planet to settle on could there be an FTL (Faster Than Light) drive or something like that? So rather than getting the first 15 seconds of this video, we get what is in the last 5 seconds?
  4. Sorry for the months of silence, I kind of forgot about this....... But for my source, honestly I just heard from people in the organization I'm in, the TU.
  5. I heard there is going to be pistons and rotors!
  6. well another thought, if pistons and rotors are not implemented, then use a script to have ships fly in a formation that looks like one big ship right?
  7. so thundergunner42 you mean like this?:
  8. And I got it wrong AGAIN! ok sorry again Haunty
  9. oops, I said 'novark citizen' thinking that it was his name, but now I see it is actually 'Alpha Team Vanguard' sorry
  10. Really the one section that applies to this topic is the time between 0:26 and 1:03 of the video.
  11. Hi, so I was hoping some pistons, rotors, and connecters of some sort could be added so you can do things like this (first I want to say that I tried to find a better example, but this is the best a found so pretend you are doing this with ships I guess):
  12. ok thx, yeah I'm probably going to take the lazy way out of scripting, at least at the start, maybe I'll take the time to learn it and I saw the force field things as well Novark Citizen, I was just thinking something like this could be added:
  13. Ok thx on the hanger doors and drills information, but the question I had for the LUA scrip was not exactly answered, what I wanted to know, now this is just me and I could be wrong but I read LUA as L.U.A. Which says to me it stands for something, what would that be, anything? Also when I asked which the LUA scrip was most comparable to "like this kind of scripting used in the game 'scrap mechanic', or more along the line of Python, java and big things like that?" I meant, how hard is it to learn and understand? is it like the big thousands of lists of coding like with Python or Java or is it a more simple language/system used in games such as Scrap Mechanic or software such as ClickTeam Fusion 2.5?
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