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  1. Raising


    XD or PvO Player versus Ore. It can be "manual" just another way of doing it. or more than mining, digging
  2. Raising


    Can we have a mining by demolition???
  3. Raising

    General Relativistic Time

    I agree that is not like a feature much people want, but it can add a nice taste to the game. For the traveling nuance, I dont think traveling this way is the designed way the point is if you are traveling at speed of light for whatever reason you cant do anything until you reach your destination so you cant realy play since the player is outside the game( not freezed) and its character is freezed. It may have little impact on the game, apart from "DU has relativity implemented" . It can justify future humankind expansion. Thanks for your replys
  4. Raising

    General Relativistic Time

    There is no need to save Timestamp on voxel because they there is no time travel (as in reality) The implications of this are that you can travel faster than light from your perspective so travel is faster, ( for a photon , "light" there is no time so from its perspective he travels at infinite speed) One reason to implement this is that the things that happens in a system that travel faster happen slower that in a system in a "normal speed". So say you are in a nation ship ( huge ship that holds thousands of people) that travels at normal speed, events, phisics and other time related events happens at normal speed. If you acelerate to 0.87c you will play in slow motion at 0.5 the normal game speed. this efect is local. At first it may look weird but it opens time preservation mechanisms to the game. it may be irrelevant at first but the implementation of it is simple, yust multiply the main time variable * ScuareRoot of( 1- (V^2/c^2)) Nothing more has to be done in code
  5. Raising

    Attach/detach Ships parts

    I feel we are losing so many thing for the sake of a single sard server due to performance In this post I am thinking about a conection to the main frame of the bigger ship container docking is part of this
  6. Raising

    Ship Servos that generate Rotation

    I undestand... it may be a wayy to fake those things without having a performance hit? Thanks for the reply
  7. Since we will be traveling and doing stuff at diferent speeds. We may have the relativistic time efect in the game, so the faster you travel the slower the time pass for you. We may even create a new set of rules for the universe phisics
  8. It may be a hard to implement feature but just in case: The idea is having a component that make a joint in a way that it transform the ship shape and modify engines angles One example of this could be the firefly ship and its lateral engines.
  9. Raising

    Attach/detach Ships parts

    As a General Idea It would be nice to have the technology to have reusable ships that can dock in another ship or even going voltron ( join multiple ships to make a bigger one). Right know iam thinking in a small spherical ship that can be attached to a ship or a station and once atached you get control of the structure. the small sphre by it shelf cant fly but can travel on the surface. Can even work as a scape pod. THis is from tengen toppa, and when this head is atached to a bigger mecha its pilot obtain control of it.
  10. Raising

    SHIP Ideas Box

    I wnat a firefly model, We need rotation engines to make propulsors change directions