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  1. I'm a bit curious about this - are they talking 'same machine', 'same external ip address' or 'same household'? We have three gamers in the house, two of which actually PLAY DU. And sometimes we sit at different machines in the house while doing so. I might sit at machine A for the first half of my day while my other half uses machine B, but then in the evening I might be sitting at machine B while my other half uses machine A.
  2. 😦 I want handshake and clapping gestures... LOL Nice video. Make it so.
  3. It was the worst of times... it was the best of times... but glad you get to be such an important part of something you love Yama! Be well!
  4. Learn to spell Respect:

    • Remember basic kindness.
    • Encourage others.
    • Stand firm in your convictions.
    • Play fair and smart.
    • Extend a helping hand.
    • Cause no harm.
    • Think before you speak.
  5. I'll add it to my growing list of requests. Gotta play with the new changes they just dropped into Lua - was kinda broken during the test on the 4th, but they'll get it fixed and then I'll tool around with it a bit.
  6. That practice would work poorly against a highly coordinated universal body. No Leaders per se, just concensus. Any group that stands in solidarity with a universal governing belief might prove a challenge. Edit: The other thing I would caution against in practice is this, never doubt for a moment that the smaller group you choose to target -may- be supported or protect by a Much larger one.
  7. They had me up to that part... I much prefer defenestration.
  8. Yep and I wouldn't be surprised if you actually either a) rez to the 'nearest' one or b) are given a menu to 'select rez node to rez to'
  9. Oh ye of little faith.... haven't you ever heard the expression.... "If you build it, they will come?" You don't truly believe that just means customers do you? It's not a matter of 'can' or 'will'.... it's just a matter of 'when' it will happen. And it will. You'll run into one of three situations; Give us your stuff and die. Give us your stuff and work for us or die. Die so we can take your stuff (cuz we just can't resist taking your stuff after you're dead!)
  10. Pew Pew Pods? Truly I am hoping that weapons systems don't have much in the way of automated targeting and that they are more reliant on People than in most games, or at least are more efficient when Not in an automated configuration.
  11. I see what you are saying. You want to store revision information. A blueprint comparator, so to speak. I like the concept and would be fully supportive of such a thing. Being able to store itterative information within the Blueprint would be a great idea. I would also like the ability to 'swap' ingredients for materials, if not elements, out of a blueprint. (for instance if its made from blue plastic, let me substitute red, etc.) Or, if I go to spawn a blueprint for which I don't have all the materials, allow me to spawn it anyhow with a warning that missing parts/materials will have to be added manually afterward.
  12. The bottom line is that Resurection Nodes are supposed to be just that..... You die you end up there. We can't die right now because we can't be hurt. BUT.... The whole concept of 'Force Respawn' right now is an immediate teleport, inventory and all. If the mechanic works as I believe it will in the future, Force Respawn may as well be named 'Suicide to Clone' because when you die all your stuff is going to be with your 'body' and it can be looted. If that were the case now, how many of us would 'Suicide to Clone' leaving all our stuff behind with our Body? It is the way it is only for testing purposes and as a QoL feature that is quite likely Very Temporary. ~pictures a landscape of dead DU citizens scattered about~ Oooh... piece of candy... wonder whats on THIS corpse.....
  13. I use a simple methodology for BP's to distinguish variants. Version Numbers. [TAG] (S/D|XL|L|M|S|XS) BPName v0.1 Tag is Corp Tag, in my case [GOI] for Golden Oak Industries. An S or a D to indicate Core Type, and a size designation. If I have a ship that is called the Explorer on an XS Dynamic Core the example would be; GOI DXS Explorer v0.1 Any time I make a 'change' to the ship that warrants remaking the BP I update the value; GOI DXS Explorer 0.2 This way I always -know- what the current iteration is. If you rename your construct prior to each BP, you're set.
  14. I find it amazing. The original Yama-BOT doesn't take any 'personal' information. It grabs a key posted on your PUBLIC DU Forum Profile and grabs the fact that you are or are not alpha authorized (also public) so that the discord unlocks a few channels by giving you a tag. (And NQ has SEEN his code which is good enough for ME... I've been coding for over 30 years.) It simply can't do anything else, it can't grab your Discord PW, it can't grab your forum PW. It's secure. It's safe. Whether @yamamushi made/makes the code for the bot public or not is moot. The same would essentially apply to the author of this bot. Please, don't take MY word for it. Go learn how to make one on your own, and if you've the ability to do so, you'll see I'm right. I get the reservations from those that don't understand the 'magic' behind the scenes. That's fine... don't use it, but don't speak badly from ignorance or being uninformed... unless your intent is to merely troll the post (and in a civilized society that would be the ONLY reason ANYONE would do so... cuz they'ze ig-nant), in which case you can just go <insert your choice of nasty self-inflicted idiocy here.> I give you the following URL to discover for yourselves just how makeing a bot is done; How to make your own Discord BOT Have a cookie... 🍪 'nuff said!
  15. Lachenlaud


    Only if we can add a spacesuit to them along with an engine or two...
  16. I wouldn't count out the possibility of it. We're a long way from release and docked ships will in all probability (I hope) be possible then. If you can remote control the larger vessel it might be possible to leave in the smaller vessel in a pinch (i.e. shuttle/pod/whatever) Though I don't know how far you could fly from the mother ship and still control it from the pod.
  17. @NQ-Nyzaltar @NQ-Entropy You guys need to add a scroll bar to the talent page to get down to a larger view of the queue - it is very difficult as it is to re-prioritize talents as of the last iteration of the menu, and if you are adding more talents and taking more space away from the queue itself it is going to be virtually impossible. (Example attached)
  18. Frankly having the game be a flat fee inclusive of some type of cash shop for elements and other accessories would drive me away from this particular game only because of the fact that the developers would be spending all of their time developing more crap for players to buy in order to maintain their income and to have the funds to continue developing more crap for players to buy it is a ridiculous model and one that the industry as a whole should be ashamed of. Whole thing is a vicious circle and makes for poor player interaction and poor support because quite frankly it's designed to be a cash cow.
  19. Speculation: What if someone just puts your 'sanctuary' under 'siege'. They can't blast you inside the zone per se... but what if they could put a flotilla above it and prevent anyone from moving in or out of it. How would you get supplies in, or people out for that matter. We can 'guess' all we want to see how it's going to work, but as a long time Eve Online player... I can assure you that if there exists a mechanic by which they can stomp on you, they'll use it if they think they can get away with it. My tactic in Eve was to make sure they either couldn't catch me with my pants down... and that meant one of several things... 1) Timing. Not being where they expected you on your own terms, 2) Superior Firepower when needed... blast your way out, or 3) Superior Speed when you needed it, and lastly, 4) Allies that would support you (typically negotiated through wheeling, dealing and diplomacy. Nothing is foolproof, because if you create something you 'think' is foolproof, a bigger fool will come along and prove you incorrect. Plan for everything you can think of.
  20. There are many game mechanics they could employ to allow for intra and inter-system travel within the game. It's technically been stated that the world inside the game will be a contiguous shard... To speculate, they could use robotic probes to travel to other solar systems to set up 'beacons' for FLT Hyperjumps... they could use 'gates' that you fly your ships through. They could introduce space anomalies that you travel through (like wormholes in ST-DS9... wouldn't THAT be a cool effect to see if they did it right?) - or they could just intro a 'deep space scanning' methodology that lets you find stars outside the starting neighborhood on which you can get coordinates that you would have to 'warp-drive' to like in ST-TNG... so many possibilities exist (and frankly I'd like all of them please!) that it boggles the mind. They've done an amazing job so far... I'm loving the things they've told us about so far... I haven't thus far been disappointed with anything they've accomplished... and I would love to see more of it.
  21. The second half of the year, at least on 'my' Calendar, doesn't begin until July 1.... patience. NQ shall tell us when they are ready to tell us. It has been my observation that they have been open and honest about everything they've done. Frankly if it isn't ready, I would neither be shocked nor upset considering the HUGE amount of work that goes into making a game of any kind (and they were VERY ambitious with their scheduling) an extra bit of time to put a bit of polish on some of the things they want tested during the next Alpha phase would not be unexpected in my mind. By 'my' Calendar they've got just under 26 days to tell us if Alpha 2 is going to start on schedule. Hounding them isn't going to speed that up. So... I counsel patience.
  22. The other things you'll need to worry about with a non FTL (faster than light) voyage are things like Fuel and Navigational Accuracy. Simply pointing your ship in a given directly won't be very effective - we don't know if there will be things like gravitational anomalies that might throw you off course, and of course, carrying enough supplies on such an extended voyage could prove to be problematic. It --would-- absolutely be interesting to be able to try though I'd think you'd probably have to run things with other players in 'shifts' to keep the vehicle moving.
  23. Introducing Golden Oak Industries! ABOUT Golden Oak Industries operates on the principal of "For the Group, by the Group!" What this means is that if you help the organization, the organization will help you! GOALS To assist every member in character and educational development, including, but not limited to; Development of Character Ship Construction and Acquisition Base Building Research and Development Mining and Industry ... and more! While we will welcome members from all walks of life, in any area of the world, our primary time zone is GMT-7. As the group grows, this will, perforce, expand. More information to come soon™! Website https://www.dualuniverse.us (still under development, but planned to include; Public and Private Blogs Public and Private Forums Member Profiles Member Blogs Messaging System Organizational Reporting Centralized Resource Management Centralized Planning Tools Instructional Video Library (as developed) ...and more! )
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