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  1. You forget NQ's mo. They will just ban the players who bought schematics.
  2. Yes it is a drastic change, and as incomplete as this game is there is a lot more change needed. However, I have lost all faith in the vision of NQ. I see a lot of parallels here with Curt Schilling and 38 Studios. A lot of passion and vision, but the head guy lacked the expertise to oversee successful game production. I would argue that Dual Universe has already seen more success than 38 Studios, but the fact that they call this a Beta with so many core elements of game play simply missing and not even on the radar, the trajectory to me feels similar. I do hope I am wrong. There is so much unrealized potential to this game. My subscription expires on Dec. 27. I may return in a year or two if they ever do hit a true beta state.
  3. Just curious if anybody else is having this issue. Since the patch I am incapable of running the default configuring as (pilot) flying construct. The option is still there, but it does nothing. No matter what I do I can't get my construct out of hovercraft mode.
  4. Blazemonger is correct, there is no main pillar. There are different reasons people play games like this and PvP is just one of them. A successful MMO gives different players incentives to play in a way that interacts with and supports all the other "pillars" of the game. I've played this game obsessively since the beta launch and have recently run into a hard wall when I realized this game has fundamentally failed on every one of these pillars. What has been created here is a beautiful framework with tons of potential, but the game itself is missing. Just take a look at each of these pillars along with my personal ratings. 1) RPG - Score 2 out of 10. We have a set of worlds in a distant future and a minimal backstory, but that's about it. There are no other aspects of RPG present. There are no skills to hone, no factions to support or oppose, no arc of personal growth, no quests, no pve. You can do nearly everything right from the start. Those few things you need to unlock with a skill such as being able to place larger cores can just be put in a skill que, log out for a day and when you come back you are done. As an industrialist I have access to build everything in the game right from the start. All I need to do is have the materials and the appropriate industrial unit and I can on day 1 make the most advanced items in the game. 2) Exploration - Score 4 out of 10. The worlds are quite beautiful when they finally load in. I have spent a lot of time flying around just to see the different type of landscapes, however flying 5 hours to another planet does not make for compelling gameplay. Once you have seen the sights the only real reason to explore is to look for mining resources. If mining isn't your thing then this pillar runs pretty flat. Without creatures or any type of PVE, the worlds feel sterile. 4) Social - Score 3 out of 10. I'm primarily a solo player, or only run with my small group of friends. However, that being said, I enjoy games where I feel like the world is alive and what I do on a solo level somehow contributes to the playing community. There seems to be no reason to interact with anyone. Anybody can build anything, and nothing is ever destroyed. There is nothing to strive for as a community, only your personal goals. Here lately I don't get the sense that there is anybody else out there. I can go weeks without even seeing another player if I don't go to one of the districts. 5) Economy - Score 0 out of 10. To me this by far is their biggest failure. These developers have absolutely no clue how to create a functioning economy. If you want to make a player driven economy you can't have bots. If you don't want a player driven economy then you need to develop the whole system yourself. Half-assing it never works and using bots is half-assing it. How do you get money? Log in, or sell to bots. Nothing which is built ever decays or disappears. How can you call that a player driven economy? What are your money sinks? Bots and Territory markers. That's it. When I can make far more money selling the raw ore than I can selling finished product the economy is completely broken. 6) Building - Score 5 out of 10. This is to me where they have had the most succes. The ability to terraform and create your own bases and ships is pretty incredible. However, as good as this ability is, it is very cumbersome and non-intuitive. If I have to go outside the game to only to see the ridiculous and very time consuming steps I need to do in order to make even fairly basic shapes then as a developer you are doing it wrong. You have created immense barriers to one of your best features. 7) PVP - I will leave it unscored in that I have not personally engaged in PvP yet, however I will still classify it as a complete failure. First off, you need 2 people, or yourself and al alt in order to PvP?? That alone is such a baffling decision and is one of the big reasons I have never bothered. What I have seen on youtube of PvP looks completely lifeless and boring. My gamestyle is geared more to mining and crafting but I very much like the idea of building bases and becoming an industrialist in a high-risk environment. The only problem is so far it's the empty promise of a high risk environment. Decisions on building ships, bases, factories, and supply routes all depend on what the PvP environment is and of right now it's just not present. If I build a base or a space station will it be safe? Don't know, that system isn't present. If it's not safe what kind of defenses would be practical? Don't know, that system isn't present. How will I dodge pirates when seeking materials? Don't care.. not worth flying 4+ hours and spending the time to set up a base and mining operation when I have no idea if I'll be able to keep anything or how risky it will be to fly materials back because the territory PVP system doesn't exist yet. As of right now it seems like it would be relatively safe in that I am hearing all the PvP players are quitting because they are bored. What sort of items should I manufacture? Answer - Nothing. It's more efficient to sell raw ore and buy anything I need. No point in building anything for PvP either because nothing is ever destroyed. Now I understand there are "big things to come" but the very basic things which make a game a game worth playing are simply missing. It may be a sandbox, but there isn't much sand. This game in it's current "beta" state is like being asked to test drive really nice looking sports car. It looks great from the outside but when i get in there is no steering wheel, no gas tank and no engine. I'm asked to imagine and get excited about the roar of the engine coming to life sometime perhaps in the next year. Imagine how it will handle the corners and check out the awesome high-tech navigation system we have planned to implement in the future. Why did you ask me to pay for the opportunity to test drive a pretty shell not even capable of driving? I see the potential for this game and still have high hopes of what it could be, however I have very little confidence they will actually pull it off. There needs to be far more game theory and far less "tech demo" of a single shard universe. No point in making a single shard universe that is lifeless and absent players because those who are interested came, saw, and left. You have lost a lot of good will from what would have been your most loyal fans by releasing this in the utterly incomplete state its in.
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