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  1. Edit failure, meh... Additional point: any server intensive checks during the editing process could, in theory, be scheduled to run only at the end, when one "compiles" the design. Any errors would be highlighted before you can complete the process. Potentially alleviating any ongoing server strain the design process inflicts. Though this last point is speculative since I don't know what checks are carried out in real time.
  2. We have those pods that let us play tourist. Could just be a spin-off from that to start with. It should not be a separate game mode though. I'm certainly not advocating for anything of the sort. Ideally it would be launched and managed from within the normal game session. Furthermore, it will be an absolute requirement if/when the concept of structural integrity is introduced and ships stop being a collection of parts stuck together with spit and good intentions. Floating voxels may be fine in a simulated design environment, but its down right immersion breaking to see that
  3. Q: What do you need for any economy to flourish? A: Product, and lots of it. And I mean diversity, not just quantity. The more people that can design stuff, the better the economy will be. Depending on where the designers are, you even end up forcing trade to happen, because people will either need to get their backside to the market selling stuff or have it shipped. You don't design an economy solely around the supply of parts, you design it around end products that people want/need to buy, even if they already have something that does the same thing. You want the economy to su
  4. As someone who designs stuff for a living (using a plethora or very expensive design and simulation tools) I support the idea of creative mode. In fact, at this point it's probably the only thing that will bring me back to the game. People who enjoy to play creatively (and only creatively) will not pay to play this game, period. So, not adding it simply deprives the game of subscribers. It's similar to the piracy argument, that if you stop people pirating, they will buy the product instead... they won't. People who enjoy a mix of playstyles (raises hand) need a good mixture of balanc
  5. To be clear, I have no issue with buying access to schematics: historically, people have paid great prices to get access to information they didn't have. However, I don't believe it should be the only path. One should be able to "research" and unlock access. By extension, some high level item schematics should not be purchasable at all, and should only be obtained through research (though that's just the engineer in me speaking) I do take issue with forcing people to group in order to overcome the game system: people should want to group to enjoy the game system. The
  6. You mean, they didn't? it's amazing just how much like Empyrion DU is. Truly. Heck if I know who copied of who, but someone did. It's hard to justify that many system design overlaps otherwise. Now if only DU "developed" similar power and CPU constraints, a lot of the issues would simply go away. Fingers crossed.
  7. Tried it on a whim and I managed to log in, much to my surprise. Unfortunately, I last logged out looking at an unfinished ship prototype, and the thought of not being able to put any work into it any time soon (without having to mine my life away or having to become an in-game corporate employee) took the wind right out of my sails, so I shut it down pretty quick. It still boggles the mind how, with the plethora of choices that can drive human interaction in an online game to chose from, someone actually thought the best way to get people to work together was to emulate the
  8. Actually, "Wishful thinking" is "the imagining or discussion of a very unlikely future event or situation as if it were possible and might one day happen" - Cambridge dictionary The problem here is that the described scenario is a tailored pragmatic overview of past events in other games. It may be a worst case scenario, but it is not unlikely at all. There's little point in being afraid that it will come to pass, but to simply dismiss the possibility merely invites it to happen.
  9. Best get yourself a comfortable seat... you'll get tired if you wait for an answer to that while standing up. The "vision" for this entire game is actually unachievable, no matter what tricks the developers try. This is due to the underlying premise being fundamentally flawed. They want an "online civilisation" where people interact to form communities/corporations and grow? Fair dues, commendable even. Slight problem: there are no survival mechanics (the suit provides for everything) and nothing you build contributes to the universe in any real way. You can make
  10. Silly suggestion: Add "Prototype" Industries to the mix. They come pre-loaded with all schematics, but you can only have a maximum of say 2 of each per account. If you want a giga-factory, then you'll have to shell out for the good stuff. If all you are into is R&D style gameplay (raises hand) then you are still covered. Those who want to design can still do it, those who want to dominate the market need to shell out the set-up fee. How's that?
  11. I’d like to start by saying that I’m a fan of this game, I really am. But I cannot support it in this state, so I’m voting with my wallet. I’ll be back when/if things are a bit more fun to play; it feels like a work simulator now, and I have enough of that as it is. However, I would like to add/echo a suggestion: all issues you may encounter during development should be seen as possibilities for improvement, not monsters to be bludgeoned to death with the nerf bat. If the problem is that people can develop their own production lines and be self sufficient with minimal effort,
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