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  1. This is a good implementation for this state of the game it will just have to be rewired when AvA and more advanced PvP becomes a thing for raiding and boarding parties. SO since AvA isn't around in any sense it can't RIP. I hope we can see updates and continual little testing like this every week or two. I assume this might lead into a way to tow constructs later on that have been abandoned for salvaging purposes as you can land nearby and dock them to your ship without every leaving the cockpit. This may also be handy in some sort of spyrigging feature later down the road ;).
  2. Thank you for trying to listen and provide the changes that are actually needed given this latest update. Despite people's constant complaints about individual needs and desires you wade through it and are doing good in many aspects of this beta test. Thank you.
  3. Hi everybody i am the Super Legate for an organization that is small in size and only has a few players at this current time. Our organization Titan Brotherhood is one that is for players hoping to experience any aspect they desire from Dual Universe whether it be mining, building, cargo hauling, or just PVP. We are not trying to gain any mass following and become a super power withing the game by any means, but i do hope that other organizations and players would become our allies and help to allow players to freely explore the universe that is being created and be able to experience all aspe
  4. nice intro spazzz very long and drawn out ?
  5. Maybe just make it part of the skills to be able to increase scanning range if your trade is being a miner and that's all you really want to do.
  6. Hey everyone I've been looking at dual universe for about a year now and finally broke down and am giving pre-alpha a shot to help further the goal of making this game incredible for everyone. I hope it becomes as awesome as we all know it can be.
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