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  1. Hiya, Firstly, I really like the 'My Territory' map option and the clicky access to scans. I would however like a map tab for territory units to make finding your own or org units much easier. I doubt it would take much dev time to implement and would be a great boon and quality of life improvement for people who actually have territory.
  2. Hmm...i may have just fixed my own problem....It would appear that Microsoft game bar had been enabled and after turning it off has somehow unscrewed my menus. Anyway its probably worth noting for other folks that microsoft game bar might in some way beshit the DU menus etc.
  3. Hiya, How come the menus and UI are suddenly all laggy and crap? My PC isn't struggling to run DU and my mouse pointer and windows menus are working just fine as is DU itself. Unfortunately whenever i open my inventory or any of the crafting menus etc the mouse pointer gets all laggy and awful. so far as i can tell its affecting all the windowed elements, such as RDMS, talent queue, inventory, market pretty much anything which relies on mouse control. Thoughts?
  4. That will do for me 🙂 Thanks
  5. I've heard a few things about future updates but was wondering if there is any kind of timescale associated with them... now i'm not wanting solid dates and obviously there could always be problems leading to delays and so forth but without some idea of the time scales involved it kind of hard to plan anything or prepare 'in game'. If so then 0.24 (which i believe is missions, and org wallets and a few graphics upgrades) which doesn't really take much prep for the player side) So are we looking at days, weeks, months, months & months or years? Like i said specifics ar
  6. Just a quickie, Firstly I actually like the idea, I do think that people should be in some way rewarded for participation...Sadly, I have no idea how it would be implemented long term though as there are only so many skills for mining etc. so if i were a dedicated miner i'd just mine for a month then i'd be awesome and further mining yields few rewards (assuming i'm not interested in doing anything else with that toon) However, the assumption that people need more than one computer to run more than one account is not true...virtual machines are a thing and do work with
  7. Title pretty much spells it out. I imagine its already been suggested but i've not seen it anywhere (not that i've looked all that hard) but currently i like the scan results thingy in the map but having to have them in your inventory really sucks when you're working with other miners in the same area. If you want to have people working together rather than as singletons it makes sense to allow players to coordinate their efforts more easily rather that all just running off in different directions also can we please have the ability to annotate or rename scan results...
  8. Basically, an element which removes you from radar detection but likewise prevents you from locking a target. I would however recommend not falling into the EVE trap of having them last forever and be utterly impenetrable. That said i do like the idea that exceeding an arbitrary change in velocity breaks or prevents cloaking.
  9. oh yeh, its far from a fully fleshed out idea. I just liked the thought that it gives non pvp toons a way to strike back and be a little vindictive...after all PvP should never be just one way. Too many games think that the act of 'taking something' from a weaker person in some way entitles them to possess that thing and never bother to put in any ways for passive players to strike back. When in real life, petty revenge and good old fashioned spite are very much alive and well even among the most placid players.
  10. In a game where pirates are out there intent upon stealing everyone stuff. I think that weaponised or booby-trapped containers would emerge. Essentially, you either have some kind of pin code or passphrase and if its entered incorrectly then the pirate is greeted with an almighty AoE bang or the contents are destroyed or whatever.
  11. I've been thinking and currently the only reason to own a territory tile is to deploy static constructs. Yes I accept that will be changing sometime soon but I do like the idea that someone could 'work' a territory tile or install some kind of static construct which increases the seed value of the tile or speeds up the respawn rate of the ores etc. (Yes I know that ores do not currently respawn, but at some point that will have to change and I have said this before many times addressing this sooner rather than later is always best). Anyway that's pretty much it. I like the idea tha
  12. Well i'm not about to get into yet another pointless argument but i will point out your staggering lack of foresight & vision. Your entire premise hinges upon the current state of the game and *does not* allow for any change of circumstances. Currently Territory is basically worthless. It does nothing other than allow you to place static cores. This is because unclaimed tiles can be mined and so forth. The upcoming mining units, territory warfare and presumably many other future updates which will each likely add value (large or small) to any owned territory will lead
  13. Another discussion again led to this. Basically its been stated that there are roughly 260k tiles on Alioth which is apparently going to stay a safe zone for ever. That sounds like a lot but it isn't. So for example, I join the game as a new player, scrape together a few pennies and plod off to Alioth to claim some territory. Once I get there, I claim a modest 3 tiles because its cheap... I later leave the game for some reason...In its current state those tiles are gone, effectively removed from the game forever...If we assume a modest turn over of say 500 transito
  14. Right this discussion has gone off track....So.... Is there or is there not a safe zone? Is there or is there not a Safe Zone around planets? Do you transition between them? If so then there *Is* such a thing as partial. If you can add a safe zone around a planet and add in its atmosphere etc then you can also change other aspects of the game in localised areas. The big question is how difficult it is to do it. If its too difficult then this entire thread becomes moot...if not then if offers a way for NQ to mass test aspects of the game without screwing up a live s
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