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    Terawa reacted to Potato_Farmer in Agriculture   
    In order to support a varied market/economy, I think the dev should give players the tools to do agriculture as their primary specialty.  The recipes need to be more involved than requiring only what we dig out of the ground.  There are a lot of materials such as textiles, wood, fiber, medicines, oils, not to mention plant and animal based food than can come from this.  
    Of course in order to make this specialty interesting, it should be as in depth as mining appears to be.  For example, say you come  across a particular plant on some alien planet and it is discovered that this plant can be used to repair genes.  That makes the plant very valuable but maybe it is exceptionally particular as to its growing requirements.  It would take a skilled farmer to figure out how to cultivate it.
    It has been said that there will be plenty to do for people who arn't aggressors and don't want to engage in combat.  This could be one of those activities.  Anyways, it would make for a more immersive environment for you PVPers to see patchwork farms while you fly over and away from the cities.
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    Terawa got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in building ship concepts prior to alpha release   
    Another one would be Fusion 360, which is also free (for student's and small businesses), but like Aetherios said it requires some practise. Here's one guide to possibly get you started.

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    Terawa reacted to ForlornFoe in uniforms/ custom suit equipment   
    Hello, and welcome to the community. 
    Quote from Kickstarter stretch goal "Advanced character customization" (NQ decided to include this in release):
    "Helmet can be removed. Choice of character faces and hair."
    I am sure more customizable clothing/apparel will come later on, but don't expect too much at launch state. For now we have a couple of different space suits with quite flexible colouring options. NQ has stated that they will keep updating the game with things community wants. 
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    Terawa reacted to esster in uniforms/ custom suit equipment   
    hello community, I'm curious as it seems unaddressed so far, due to the amount of factions and non- space interactions will there be wearables other than the default flight suit? like it'd be a bit stale after a while in a city when all you see is a bunch of multi color space suits walking around, I'm thinking there's two schools of thought : One, all planets are unable to support our life due to atmosphere requirements
    Two, some planets have breathable atmosphere and some don't meaning we could theoretically wear clothes other than the space suit
    if number one is the case then it may be a useful thought to have more customizable suits, decals, different helmets, different attachments,
    etc.I think this is important because the game ,while space focused isn't only for space and in fact in order for the idea to work must have many people willing to mostly remain on-planet, and to help cater to those people it may be wise to add customization to their person to show their character for role-play or loyalty to a faction which brings me to the more interesting thought:
    if number two is the case then having a character customization that includes what your actual person will look like (i do of course realize that this would put some more strain on the server but still) as well as clothes and maybe even tattoos(a bit of a stretch). so that a city looks like a city full of unique individuals or even some people wearing uniforms indicating their function. i think it adds to the immersion.
    imagine you're boarded by a pirate ship and some guys who look exactly like everyone you've ever seen enter, okay, great youre "scared".
    now if you will imagine, you're boarded and six varying sized marauders wearing suits with makeshift attachments and menacing matching helmets all bearing a matching blood red decal on their chest, you immediately recognize this crew as the infamous "red tooth" gang from the Centurian system.
    tell me your thoughts on this please, if i left out any pros feel free to state them, there are of course cons and id love to hear that too
    if this is already addressed then i apologize, though i don't believe that it is
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    Terawa reacted to esster in building ship concepts prior to alpha release   
    dear fellow builders, im wondering about a good place(software/website) to build ship concepts before any release of the game (alpha, beta or otherwise)
    (if theres a topic already dedicated to this, i deeply apologize. i checked best that i could)
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    Terawa reacted to Vyz Ejstu in building ship concepts prior to alpha release   
    For a more advanced, but definitely more rewarding software, I would recommend Blender and SketchUp. 
    Both are somewhat tasking to learn, but they are definitely worth the trouble. With enough practise and guidance, you will be able to use either or both software to make professional designs and astounding pieces of art. 
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    Terawa reacted to Kurock in Decorative Elements   
    In the beginning, there were functional elements that make constructs fulfill their various functions.  But what about purely decorative elements?  I am not talking about player made elements that were previously alluded to (like a pretty staircase etc)
    I mean naturally occurring elements such as plants, flowers, small trees and shrubberies.  Things that occur naturally on planets that could be placed in a construct to make it look... pretty.
    And while we are on elements that players cannot create, how about a water spray element so that players can create fountains
    How about electronic displays, flags, and pennants flying your orgs (static) logo?
    Lets set aside the technical difficulties and whether NQ has the time to implement any of these for now. What other decorative elements would you like to see in the game?
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    Terawa got a reaction from Papa in VR Capabilities   
    If you don't mind 4K in 60 FPS and a little early software you can find one headset pretty inexpensively [(€339,63) with headphones] here. Ships to most countries.
    Would be awesome to see DU in VR! 
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    Terawa reacted to Anaximander in Distances and Warp Drives   
    in Sub-light (That is without FTL / Warp ) the trip wil take quite a while (the word around the campfire is a week). But with Warp, it can be brought down to a significantly less amount of time (somewhere between half an hour and two hours).
    This is a speculation and ideas provided by the devs, as they may not have come around that issue so far. 
    However, the actual distances between planets and stars are actually astronomical, as the devs have said repetedly that the way they have set up two planets in proximity in the demo footage is intentional for those beauty shots and to prove you can move from one planet to another.
    I also tried to find the AMA thread, but was not successful
    I found the Kickastarter AMA posts in the forums, but I could not locate the quote as of this aspect, but yeah, FTL is gong to take some time (as it should) .
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    Terawa reacted to ATMLVE in Alpha to beta + beta to release   
    I have inadvertently stumbled across what I was previously talking about! Here is the link to the post:
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    Terawa reacted to Haunty in In-Game Activities   
    DICE has plans to do some of that potentially: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dice
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    Terawa reacted to ATMLVE in In-Game Activities   
    Thanks for the suggestion, and welcome to the forums! My first thoughts on this is that I think it's a bit of a stretch to ask for specifically programmed games within the game (what you're suggesting makes me think of GTA V, I remember getting into a game of darts with a friend and we couldn't figure out how to win or lose, or even leave the game, was funny). It just doesn't seem to fit the style the developers seem to be going for.
    Now, players can certainly try and make things like this happen. It might have to be something like Tabletop Simulator, a game where you have the pieces and the physics engine, but it's up to the participants to play by the rules- so the game doesn't have the rules of chess programmed in it, but rather it give you physics and a chess board and chess pieces and you can do what you want with that. Scripting will be a thing too, which could help with smaller games within the large one. Dual Universe will be player driven and there will be a lot of tools and freedom, so it could definitely happen! Custom GUIs will be a thing too, so you might even be able to make full fledged virtual versions of the games you're suggestion, in community buildings that could become pretty popular.
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    Terawa reacted to Anaximander in In-Game Activities   
    Well, depends, if the Lua scripts in-game are highly versatile, chances are people may even create (or re-create) some 8-bit games for in-game "consoles".

    This way and depending if the devs will enable info to be shared between different screens in-game, a Texas Hold'Em game could be made via screen interaction (because in-space, you do not need paper ).

    As for puzzles... I mean... trying to figure what's the best ship design and fitting is kind of a puzzle of the highest order... so yeah, you could say puzles are a thing.
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    Terawa reacted to Kurock in In-Game Activities   
    Games that depend on physics (like most ball games) will depend on the in game physics. If they don't move around when hit, then the ball games simply won't function. So we will have to see.
    Board games with moving pieces should be doable, even if it's the players themselves enforcing the rules. Though the size of the board would again depend on how it all hangs together in game. If GUIs are customizable in game then these games might not even be made up of voxel pieces.
    More ideas? Post em here and/or come chat on the DICE discord: https://discord.gg/B6a48gr
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    Terawa reacted to Atmosph3rik in In-Game Activities   
    I definitely like the idea of some kind of mini games within the game.  
    I was also thinking it might be cool for there to be some kind of golf like mini game or something that involves the terrain.  So coarse building could be as much of an activity as playing the game itself.
    I also love the idea of simple board games too.  I've wasted a lot of time playing checkers in Assassins creed games.
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    Terawa reacted to Xetoxik in Mechs   
    So, then only thing I can think of to ask about at the moment is, what does everyone think about Mechs? All I'm going to say on this is, there is a lot of potential in this, and I really want to see this game go far. So dev crew? Show us what you got!
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    Terawa reacted to Kurock in Mechs   
    Constructs are not planned to have moving parts (beyond single element doors), at least not at release.  So you can have a mecha shaped ship, but no moving "limbs".

    On my wishlist are rails for things like trains and elevators. And then Space Engineer (SE) like pistons and rotors.  Pistons and rotors should be enough to build a transforming ship.  Though whether it will happen is unknown. And if it does, I expect them to blow up less than the SE ones.
    Still a good idea.  Keep them coming.
    Edit:  Hinges could also work
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    Terawa reacted to Anonymous in Date convention   
    For feedback and/or community/NQ endorsement.
    Proposed terms:
    BCE - Before (the) Collision Era
    CE - (Post) Collision Era
    AE - Alioth Era
    Key Dates:
    0 CE |  (-9854 AE ) -  August 8th, 2538 - The Final Collision - Earth is destroyed
    (0 CE - 9,854 CE) - "The Long Second" - The Arkship is in transit for 9,854 years (310,968,590,400 seconds) before it enters the system containing Alioth.
    9854 CE | 0 AE - "Year 0" - Landing on Alioth - Game "Launch" (could be Beta if that's when "Alpha Teams" enter play.) In real life terms, the year 12,392 A.D. Dates after this point will progress as a measure of seconds (Unix style) since the server goes "live".
    The Gregorian calendar is based on the Earth's rotation around the sun - .
    The sun no longer exists, making the Gregorian calendar essentially irrelevant at best, and stupidly complicated to implement on a new world at worst.
    Astronomy (and logically by extension, the astronautical industry) uses the Julian calendar.

    In astronomy, the Julian year is a unit of time; it is defined as 365.25 days of exactly 86400 seconds (SI base unit), totaling exactly 31557600 seconds in the Julian astronomical year.

    As a game mechanic - using a static Julian system is a nice way to deal with the idea that Alioth may or may not rotate at game launch. It then becomes a universal reference standard, with any given planet's rotation (if rotation is implemented) being able to, depending on how the game implements objects in space, be measured in seconds and turned into a local Julian (i.e. fixed length) calendar.

    Feedback welcome.
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    Terawa reacted to Anaximander in Terran Union National Space Force Recruitment Post   
    You can't have such a military structure when you do not have knowledge of if said structure is required. And for the moment, so many petty officers are indeed redundant. 
    Build a ship, see what a ship needs, then adjust a roster as needed. No fleet ever built its roster first and then went and plugged said roster into ships. It works the other way around. As the proverb goes, don't put the cart before the horse
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    Terawa reacted to loz117 in [CSYN Contest] Picture this [CLOSED]   
    posting for a friend who wanted to take part
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    Terawa reacted to Code24 in [CSYN Contest] Picture this [CLOSED]   
    ODS Ganymede, prototype and lead ship of the Ganymede Class Assault Frigate, operating ahead flank propulsion during mobility trials near the Haedus Terminal shipyards, Alioth system. In concert are a flight of Valgard Class space superiority fighters, tasked with monitoring the test and gathering telemetry for later analysis. The trial was a success, and the Ganymede Class went on to become a mainstay sub-capital combat ship within several ODY affiliated entities. The vessel represented a significant evolution of compact, lightweight structural design and armor doctrine
    Here is my submission. This was a lot of fun to make, and my first Blender project so I'm glad this contest gave me an excuse to learn it. 
    Credit to Sgt.Toothpaste for helping me out by making the particle effects for the engine trails and adding a colorful description. 
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    Terawa reacted to Kurock in [CSYN Contest] Picture this [CLOSED]   
    Welcome to the first Cinderfall Syndicate DU contest.
    The competition is completed! A big thanks to all those that participated and the voters. Also big thanks to Cinderfall Syndicate for sponsoring the prizes.
    The winners are Code24, MrStarWars and D. Diablo. With random draw being DarkNovation.
    See here for more information: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/?p=43096
    What is the competition?: This is a art/digital art competition for the best looking space themed design you can create. This includes anything that can pass for a construct in Dual Universe, including but not limited to buildings, ships, hovercraft, space stations etc. It must be your own creation and must be made especially for this competition. In game screenshots and 3D modelling tools are allowed as long as the design is your own.
    Who is the competition open to?: Everyone that has an account on the forums. Cinderfall Syndicate administrators may enter the competition but are not eligible to win prizes.
    What do you need to do to enter?: Take a picture of your design and post the picture on this thread. One entry per person. No alts please
    What do you win?: game keys!
    When did it start?: 16th December 2016.
    Entries closed at the end of 28th December 2016. CLOSED
    Voting occured from 29th December to 4th January. A poll was created here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/
    Winners were announced on 5th January 2016 here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/?p=43096 CLOSED
    The winners are Code24, MrStarWars and D. Diablo. With random draw being DarkNovation.
    There will be 3 community voted winners (top three get same prize) and a random winner.
    1st place: Space Engineers key*
    2nd place: Space Engineers key*
    3rd place: Space Engineers key*
    Random draw: Space Engineers key*.
    *If the winner already has this game, we can exchange it for another game.
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    Terawa reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    'Trust is'

    Trust is specific. Ploys are vague.
    We are an organisation with deep dreams and vested interests. Premium services are cardinal to our dominance in handpicked sectors. The HTX is committed to exotic industry, a network of effective logistics services, sterling trade hubs and lethal PvP. Through Outpost Zebra, we hope to provide players with prime, objective news coverage online.

    Trust is finite. Money is printed.
    Welcome to Dual Universe. We are here to serve you – not the organisation or alliance. We know trust is finite and hard to obtain. That’s why we’re always in for the long haul. Lifelong trust is lifelong gain. The HTX won’t sacrifice long term advantages for short-lived profits. To forfeit integrity is loss; to break neutrality is anathema. Your alignment in Dual Universe is inconsequential: we have a reputation for impartiality. Business with the HTX is Suisse banking.

    Trust has history. Lies die swiftly.
    Our arrival in 2016 as The Aether was little more than a whisper. We have since evolved. It’s hard to imagine now, but at one time, The Aether arguably had the largest network of alliances and agreements in Dual Universe. We are not the white knights of old. Alliances and memoranda; been there, done that. Time has shaped the HTX into a focused and observant group. We have shed ghosts to obviate inflating our numbers. We have avoided alliances to spurn partisanship. Join an organisation with an untainted history and famous members. We make only one promise: business is business.

    Trust is enlightened. Gullibility is uninformed.
    In 2017, we realised, ‘this isn’t going to work.’ The Aether had goals to offer services to Dual Universe. However, alliances would require compromise, sooner or later. Simultaneously, going solo was to paint a target on our backs. A bulb turned on: neutrality is not isolation; independence is not frailty. The options: stick to The Aether or do better. Two years later, we’ve never been prouder of our decision. Dual Universe is a world that can only grow from here, and along with it, so will we.

    Trust is industrious. Deception tires quickly.
    Maximising the minimum gain is a philosophy you will come to understand in the HTX. It is foolhardy to assume an organisation can be the best at everything. We decided instead to be the best at everything we do. Our focus on industry is limited to the dynamic production of high value items. Whether these are transferred to nefarious entities for further use or creative players for protecting themselves is none of our concern. However, we are interested in ensuring the purchased goods are delivered in pristine condition. To that effect, we are developing our haulier services to reach you wherever you might be in a timely fashion. To handle hostile interest in your consignment, the HTX intends to cultivate a small, skilled and specialised group of players. Their purpose is not to harass organisations or individuals. This arm exists to make sure no living being or plan comes between you and your delivery. As a secondary goal, our PvP members must be able to stall companies many times their size, or turn the tide if a delivery so requires it. Lastly, keeping people updated on the events in Dual Universe is important for their safe passage, information and entertainment. We need nothing more than a few objective reporters around the Universe to bring you the news you need to hear.

    Trust is patient. Failure is restless.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take time, careful planning and a long march to achieve our end-goal. The sniper waits for the right moment. The industrialist builds his conglomerate over decades. We are dedicated to achieving what we set out for. Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while waiting. In Dual Universe that means having fun, learning from setbacks and constantly working towards a goal. We short-change ourselves when we give in to impatience and laxity. Dual Universe is fun; we are fun – if you have the mind to welcome it.

    Trust is decisive. Hope wanders.
    Are you satisfied? If you think you have found a mutual fit in us, submit an application. We have clearly defined goals for decisive people. If that’s you, you’re more than welcome to join a premier organisation. If we have identified you as a promising candidate, you will hear from us soon.
    Trust is the HTX.
    The Heimera Trade Xchange is a unique name, formed from our values and learned members. ‘Heimera’ is a word taken from Icelandic ‘Heimana’ (worlds) and Greek ‘Meraki’ (to do something with soul, creativity or love; leaving a piece of yourself in your work). Together, they signify our dedication to making an impact in the best way we possibly can. Is there a more realistic way to signal commitment to excellence in our activities?
    Our members shine. The first ever community digest featured Aetherios (now known as Vyz Ejstu). The second one interviewed Falstaf for his excellent work in founding Outpost Zebra and his generally flawless character. Anonymous is an inconspicuous figure almost assuredly behind the largest projects in Dual Universe. Kael often runs both Outpost Zebra and the organisation with mechanical efficiency. We encourage our members to be active and build a respectable image for themselves and the organisation. A star filled night sky is beautiful, but nothing without individually shining stars. What else to expect of an organisation that draws inspiration from the best of history, philosophy and design?

    Visit our Discord Server to learn more: Heimera Trade Xchange Server

    Head to our Community Portal to submit an application: Community Portal

    Visit Outpost Zebra to keep up to date with Dual Universe: Outpost Zebra

    © Copyright Published by TextBomb™ A subsidiary of the HTX. All Rights Blown Up.
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    Terawa reacted to ATMLVE in Weaponization   
    Dead Space 3 style hand weapons would be awesome. I used to spend tons of time at the bench trying out all sorts of different weapon combinations... The weapon making and animations they did were my favorite parts of the whole game!
    Unfortunately, I don't see NQ going so in depth with handgun mechanics. It doesn't really seem to fit the style of the game; combat will generally be between constructs, and it's definitely not meant to be a shooter. Still, it'd be neat! But again, I don't see personal weapons ever going very deep. Just my guess of course.
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    Terawa reacted to Peregrin in [Novawrimo] The Sleeper   
    Here is my participation to the fanfiction contest.
    Thanks again to NQ and Yama for giving us the opportunity, not only to compete and win prizes, but also to kick-start (and crash-test) the player-made lore in a coherent fashion.
    Novawrimo The Sleeper.pdf
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