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  1. From what I gather, stargates will be very expensive. The faction likely wont be able to just build another right away. It's probable that this fellow will not make it as he is unlikely to be fully equipped to survive indefinitely by him/herself. Maybe once this person exhausts their resources, they can point their ship in the right direction, set a beacon, and sleep until someone finds them. Hopefully the ones that wake this guy are a peaceful organization or they may hold him for ransom!
  2. This makes me sad. Wheels must be very hard to get right in these types of games. SE couldn't get them right either. Trucking tons of ore out of a mine kilometers in the ground with a hovercraft will just have a very fake feel to it. Couldn't they fake wheels by using the programming for hovercraft but wheel asthetics? I mean, even if they clip into the ground some, I think it would be better.
  3. Yes, this. From what I gather they do plan on adding new kinds of planets/biomes and place the new ones at more distant locations so it seemed like they were there from the beginning. When developers announce new additions to their games it kind of ruins the surprise of discovery that you would get in game. As for terraforming, I love this idea. How should it be implemented though? I think it should feel like a strategy game where you can place various species to try to play with balancing aspects of the atmosphere/hydrosphere. Maybe there would even be a way to jumpstart a dead planet's core and increase rotation. These aspects would be extremely difficult to master however because there is huge delay with an input and the output. You may accidentally create a runaway greenhouse planet or a snowball earth
  4. Oh, is that right? It does make sense but I was thinking it was because players and constructs that are more distant get their positions updated less frequently.
  5. I understand why they want/need to do lock/fire weapons, especially for ship combat and even more so for ranged PVP. With that said, I don't understand why we can't have traditional ballistic weapons that are based on player skill for close quarters PVP (not construct vs construct).
  6. I think we will be able to create blocks down to a few cm in size so players should be able to make some very nice decorative things with that resolution if one had the patience/creativity. Still, I hope they do ship the game with a good menu of pre-made decorative elements. Even better if you should change the color of the texture of some of these.
  7. As someone who usually plays alone or with a relatively small group, I actually support this idea. Obviously such a weapon would require an insane workforce and some years to build. It would have to be very massive and emit strong radiation or something as to be easily detectable. Once detected, I'm sure there would be a United Nations style organization to convene and decide what to do. In the event that such a weapon was somehow finished, what would be the extent of it's damage? When directed at a planet should it level all structures, kill crops, destroy flora and fauna, glass the terrain? I believe so. It's likely there would be multiple factions trying to achieve this goal. Such a threat would certainly give us a reason to unite. Honestly, in a game where the players are making the story, we must allow for people to assume this evil role so we can have something to fight against.
  8. I have heard this about ARK but as JC has said, it will be very difficult but possible to do things on your own. You need to rely on the market. In this game you don't need to waste time with farming/resource gathering if you don't like it. You just make a grocery run to your nearest/cheapest market and stock up for the month.
  9. I think we can have an intermediate system where eating is a necessity but not an annoyance.
  10. Maybe not. If the Devs make farming to be a challenging activity where success is something that comes with experience then you may actually have a shortage of food at least until you get some good, professional farmers. I do understand that new people, with very little resources may wish to start with farming at the beginning but most will want to move to building and/or exploring before they get too good at farming.
  11. In order to support a varied market/economy, I think the dev should give players the tools to do agriculture as their primary specialty. The recipes need to be more involved than requiring only what we dig out of the ground. There are a lot of materials such as textiles, wood, fiber, medicines, oils, not to mention plant and animal based food than can come from this. Of course in order to make this specialty interesting, it should be as in depth as mining appears to be. For example, say you come across a particular plant on some alien planet and it is discovered that this plant can be used to repair genes. That makes the plant very valuable but maybe it is exceptionally particular as to its growing requirements. It would take a skilled farmer to figure out how to cultivate it. It has been said that there will be plenty to do for people who arn't aggressors and don't want to engage in combat. This could be one of those activities. Anyways, it would make for a more immersive environment for you PVPers to see patchwork farms while you fly over and away from the cities.
  12. This could be a form of a player-made weapon. If a virus is found on a planet and it is discovered it has negative effects on people, you could pressurize a cargo bay with contaminated atmosphere and send it as a present to an enemy faction. Could be neat.
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