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  1. maybe you could enlist one of the “righteous good” orgs to put out bounties on bootleg ships, id take the bounty personally. sounds fun “hunt down any ships that copy this design 1000 credit per ship”
  2. heyyy i know you guys, love your organization, i hope for the sake of keeping your useful service alive that fuel transfer is possible
  3. good point mrjacobean maybe thatd be one of tne draw backs, is at a glance youre not noticed but upon further inspection you do still register as an enemy
  4. i thought this may not be a bad idea, but not to let you test your ship out, just to design ships in a space solely for making ships, just to kickstart community ship demonstrations maybe even apply to have your ship used in an official demo? so not a mini world but just a place to combine voxels into a ship concept, doesnt even have to carry over designs into release, just solely for people to figure out what kind of ships they might build
  5. sort of like having a buleprint on what you want to make before you havr aquired the materials to make it? that sounds useful for big projects or for people who want to sell designs but not have to collect resources
  6. i think a radio station is an amazing idea, adds another job to the market, and another building to be used in city building. also itd give another place to have advertisements for companies and organizations, perhaps even government propaganda or new laws
  7. i completely agree with this, id love to add some vents or antennae to ships or buildings, and holographic signs/adds where displayed in a concept art from NQ thought it remains to be seen if this will reaobe added. id find it EXTREMELY helpful with immersion
  8. oh heez sorry, forgot to add a response after the quote. and yes that was mostly the idea, regardless of who provides the gear id find it really useful to print decals on it also i think clothes would be very usefull in areas that the suit don't make sense like politicians or traders as suggested haha btw the pirate uniform idea was mostly like scare tactic you know, you becoming such a feared crew that you can command attention when you board "brand recognition" so yoy know they are super dangerous and maybe youre more likely to give up on the other side of that i think itd be an awesome idea to be able to steal uniforms for disguise purposes this being especially useful when sneaking onto larger ships
  9. how long is the contract, will there be pay? what size/ type of ship will we be flying? how soon after planet-wide space exploration discovery will this mission take place?
  10. hello community, I'm curious as it seems unaddressed so far, due to the amount of factions and non- space interactions will there be wearables other than the default flight suit? like it'd be a bit stale after a while in a city when all you see is a bunch of multi color space suits walking around, I'm thinking there's two schools of thought : One, all planets are unable to support our life due to atmosphere requirements Two, some planets have breathable atmosphere and some don't meaning we could theoretically wear clothes other than the space suit if number one is the case then it may be a useful thought to have more customizable suits, decals, different helmets, different attachments, etc.I think this is important because the game ,while space focused isn't only for space and in fact in order for the idea to work must have many people willing to mostly remain on-planet, and to help cater to those people it may be wise to add customization to their person to show their character for role-play or loyalty to a faction which brings me to the more interesting thought: if number two is the case then having a character customization that includes what your actual person will look like (i do of course realize that this would put some more strain on the server but still) as well as clothes and maybe even tattoos(a bit of a stretch). so that a city looks like a city full of unique individuals or even some people wearing uniforms indicating their function. i think it adds to the immersion. imagine you're boarded by a pirate ship and some guys who look exactly like everyone you've ever seen enter, okay, great youre "scared". now if you will imagine, you're boarded and six varying sized marauders wearing suits with makeshift attachments and menacing matching helmets all bearing a matching blood red decal on their chest, you immediately recognize this crew as the infamous "red tooth" gang from the Centurian system. tell me your thoughts on this please, if i left out any pros feel free to state them, there are of course cons and id love to hear that too if this is already addressed then i apologize, though i don't believe that it is
  11. i want to start a vehicle company specializing in small to medium sized vehicles (land/air/space) i want to be a recognizable brand like the chevy or honda of dual universe
  12. dear fellow builders, im wondering about a good place(software/website) to build ship concepts before any release of the game (alpha, beta or otherwise) (if theres a topic already dedicated to this, i deeply apologize. i checked best that i could)
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