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  1. Yeah would add ton of realism to have them and agriculture in special OFC. But those rubber things oh dear.. Let's hope not.
  2. Another one would be Fusion 360, which is also free (for student's and small businesses), but like Aetherios said it requires some practise. Here's one guide to possibly get you started.
  3. Totally supporting this idea, would be awesome to have clothing variety somewhere down the line when the game has been released. Maybe even add a Clothing store, where we could shop clothes made by other people/corps (in addition you could make them yourself, assuming you have the materials. More artistic people could sell their creations this way. It would also give a reason for another building in a city. This brings another point though. Where to get the materials? Some future nano kano clothes technology could probably be made with 3D printing but at least cotton comes from fields. So assuming some clothes would still actually be knitted fields would be nice. Also realistically we have fields surrounding pretty much every city on earth so would be more realistic to have some in DU too.
  4. Terawa

    VR Capabilities

    If you don't mind 4K in 60 FPS and a little early software you can find one headset pretty inexpensively [(€339,63) with headphones] here. Ships to most countries. Would be awesome to see DU in VR!
  5. Hi, nice to meet you. The game looks awesome indeed. You could do couple of things to start with, if you haven't already. Dual Universe will be based much on organizations so you could join one here. Alternatively you could create your own organization if that suits you. You can "pre order" the game here with some pretty cool bonuses + alpha/beta access. By doing this you would also back the games development at the same time and get your name in the credits as a early backer. Hope this helps. BTW I'm in the Aether.
  6. Terawa


    Ultimately there could be big alliances made among the organizations. This could even lead to a Star Wars like Republic where Organizations would choose representatives for the senate. Then the senate could vote one amongst them to became the "supreme chancellor". Ahh.. brings back nice memories from the 1999 - 2005 movies.
  7. Thanks for the link and wow that's like in the real world with sponsors and everything.
  8. Haha, the GTA V thing was funny and I cannot play it either. I agree that it'd be a stretch for the programmers, thus this could be saved for later. What comes to the programming, that certainly sounds cool. probably 90% of players couldn't do it so it so it would also create a market for game programmers (inside a game ironically )
  9. Hi, first of all correct me if this thread has already been opened somewhere else. If not, well one thing came to mind. What if there could be some in game activities, such as Chess, Texas Hold'em and 8 Ball Pool in the game world. They could be pre-defined models you could purchase or craft in the game. This would bring more reasons to come to play. I don't know if you guys have heard of a game called Puzzle Pirates. If not well it's pretty much what the name suggests: Being a pirate and sailing while doing various puzzles etc. anyway in that game I think this was implemented brilliantly. If I wanted a break from sailing and pillaging then I could just go to the nearest tavern and play some game like Texas Hold'em among few others and relax, completely away from the sailing stuff. This would also bring meaning to some of the buildings in a city or a colony. For example there could be a community hall, where players could gather between their travels, sit down and play together. Some variety to the game + at least something as a heritage from planet earth. Well this is just one idea among others and could obviously be implemented later as there are 1000 more important things right now, but anyway.
  10. One wild idea came to mind. If there were closed cockpits eg. A cockpit you could not see through. Instead there would be a screen inside the cockpit from where you could see outside the ship. Every ship wouldn't need windows this way. Little like this one.
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