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  1. I agree, that should end up being the case. People will end up sticking to what they know best and using the services of other skilled players to progress in the meantime. For a diverse society & economy with heirarchy systems that make sense (and a way more fun/submerged experience) a hundred with a few talents each is a lot more promising than a few with a hundred talents. That's what I'm excited about, the singular importance of each and every player (or groups of individuals contributing) in one universe. To be honest, I have been working on something for a while, just playing around with the concept for now. Don't want to release it to the public until I've determined whether or not it's worth releasing & it's in final stages. Until I'm there, I just want to get an idea of what people are excited about doing to move forward financially & drive the in-game economy.
  2. Just curious, From release, there is going to be an incredibly competitive market, which will inevitably create a huge demand for service providers. What types of job titles are people thinking of claiming in-game? What kinds of services are people thinking of providing? What would you call it for marketing purposes? Have you pre-established any rates of compensation for your work? Are they in relation to any other game/job outside Dual Universe? Do you have any marketing techniques planned to grow your business? Dual Universe seems to provide some cool opportunities for people with skills and education gained in real life. Do your chosen in-game professions relate to any skills/job titles you have outside the game? (3d modeling, logistics, architects, programmers, etc..) Do your skills outside DU give you a step up in-game? Do you think your expertise will play a part in your in-game status? Do you plan on profitting from your talents, or working on your own masterpiece? If you were going to make a list of in-game professional titles, based off of all available information, what would it contain?
  3. discordauth:w1OL1HVlScconrhJmBziDPXGe9CBWkC7sgM_cnZQB_I=

  4. Well, it's certainly nowhere near compact lol it's friggin giant. Also it's all the same color because it's an incomplete blender model. But thanks for the constructive input upon what I'm "trying to make" x)
  5. Reposting as one picture for easier seeings. Lol
  6. Papa

    VR Capabilities

    Thanks brotha I could no longer stay away, need to at least have discussions with people before alpha or I'm gonna lose it lol
  7. Papa

    VR Capabilities

    Oh that's right huh I guess it wouldn't be ready by alpha, that would be pretty dope though. If ever there was a game to play with a VR headset it'd be dual universe. And hopefully when it is possible there's more accessibility for combat to make quick defensive/offensive moves. Can't wait dude.
  8. Papa

    VR Capabilities

    Dual Universe seems to be coming to an Alpha release just as the Oculus, HTC Vive and similar Virtual Reality headsets are becoming more and more popular, so I'd like to discuss what that capability could mean for organizations and the individual in DU as far as exploration, building, combat, etc. and how one might gain advantages or come to a disadvantage over the course of the Alpha, Beta and obviously through the final release. For example, I think building, using the two handheld units that go along with the HTC Vive (given you're able to afford the 700$ price tag) could mean incredible things not only for the overall experience of building but the efficiency as well. Please leave a comment with what you look forward to doing in DU with whichever VR headset you choose to utilize in-game.
  9. I know it's totally off topic as far as recruitment for military personnel goes, but is tu gonna have a public recruitment for builders/engineers/city planners/scouts etc. as well? I'd like to work with the lead builders in alpha and have discussions and so forth before the alpha releases. Thanks and TU rools.
  10. Thanks ill keep that in mind unfortunately I've been crazy busy and I'm still messing around with blender using my basic knowledge but once DU is at alpha I'll have more time to dig in.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/94sxai5srgxgilv/Screenshot%202016-10-07%2022.49.56.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1cejdc4duy5gad/Screenshot%202016-10-07%2022.50.52.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9tt2u0tglmk09vw/Screenshot%202016-10-07%2022.53.49.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2888yrth79htqi/Screenshot%202016-10-07%2022.58.18.png?dl=0 Rough 3d renders created by Jeremiah (Azuros) (Papa) using blender So far: four large landing docks for large fleets of ships, public council chambers with seating for thousands, accessable via jetpack or elevator from the bottom where the marketplace will most likely be. Near the top of the inside of the Galactus, the council chambers can become private via forcefield bubble, large shield etc., detacheable coliseum on top with seating for thousands of people, for settling personal disputes, hosting sports, games etc. To be: about 4000 concealed private ports for passengers connected to their quarters (there's space for far more), rooms within coliseum for fighters, teams etc. More detailed council chambers with added utility within the council's stage as well as screens for viewing the proceedings on every floor of the citizen's viewing area except for the bottom and closest, which will be for government officials and very important figures. Still working on a cockpit separately along with boosters engines engine rooms and blah blah. This design will allow for incredible functionality as well, don't want to give too many details on what I'm thinking but let's say it will become quite mobile quite fast. Might lose the elevator. Also might have another layer or two added for higher population, durability, storage or whatevs. Let me know what chall think.
  12. Hey Darius I replied to your message when you get a chance I have some building ideas to discuss.
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