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  1. pmota from Eve, co-founder of Darkness. allliance there, with Skilo, Kanoubi and a couple of others. We'll all be playing DU.
  2. pmota

    Other Games

    MMO (single shard, player driver market, etc): Eve online . Try it F2P. sp or coop MP: Empyrion (way smaller universe but for the price it can give you a lot of fun, excellent value for money).
  3. pmota

    Name change

    I've changed name and picture in the last 48h so it should be possible.
  4. 1 - gather some resources with some friends to make a simple combat ship for each 2 - use our numbers to gank the ones who have mined all day long but decided it was a "good idea" to travel alone 3 - buy me some exotics and party. A lot.
  5. pmota

    Hello everyone!

    Couldn't resist trying the next great single shard MMO Good fights and all that, when guns become available.
  6. pmota

    Hello from pmota from Eve

    (Dragon aka DragonPMOTA) Thx Stark. Just doing my duty, nothing special to it Problem reported and FIXED by the devs. I've also registered my forum account to be "DragonPMOTA". All seems to be ok now!