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    You sir must be corrected!!!!! According to release notes that's "Smooth erosion". So you are NOT polishing a turd, you are smoothly eroding it. Also, if it's not feeling like slow and smooth, just look down, fps will drop and you'll be able to contemplate the full beauty of smooth turd erosion.
  2. What Sylva said. We're here to fight. We'll be here to fight you. All of you, preferably. What about events etc that don't want to be disturbed? Do it in safe zones or maybe there's room for DU to create a third type of zone, where people can willingly PvP (or choose not to). But that's for another forum. Right here right now BOO will look for good fights wherever and whenever BOO believes good fights can happen. Also I always wanted to try roasted ewok.
  3. How hard would it be to have a "docking pad" or even a "docking base" that accepts contact of a "docking pad" ? Something along the lines of Empyrion might work and would help by NOT being this ambiguous. (Anyway thank you teso91 for your tips, they did make my life a bit easier).
  4. I do understand that a small part that had 1m3 now can have 1L. Still that's 0.001 m3 so there was a problem there only because you do not allow sub-unity amounts. Still, a liter is a more practical unit anyway. We'll only be able to fully understand the impact of this change once we are able to try r15. Also, along the lines of what Daphne Jones said, fuel weight going up with fuel usage going down sounds good but don't make it go up in a unrealistic way. 1l of fuel should still be less than 1kg i.e. keep it below water density. Inventory going down to 4000L (4 m3) will still be great for small parts but has the potential of being catastrophic for big parts. I do have noticed that you stated that small stuff will get a bit bigger and big stuff will get a bit smaller. So no real way to anticipate the impact of the change until we try r15. All in all you clearly provide the tools for greater granularity which will make future adjustments not only easy but also possible. On paper this all looks like good news. We'll all be there to give you the feedback on how everything works out! Good job, NQ
  5. pmota from Eve, co-founder of Darkness. allliance there, with Skilo, Kanoubi and a couple of others. We'll all be playing DU.
  6. MMO (single shard, player driver market, etc): Eve online . Try it F2P. sp or coop MP: Empyrion (way smaller universe but for the price it can give you a lot of fun, excellent value for money).
  7. I've changed name and picture in the last 48h so it should be possible.
  8. 1 - gather some resources with some friends to make a simple combat ship for each 2 - use our numbers to gank the ones who have mined all day long but decided it was a "good idea" to travel alone 3 - buy me some exotics and party. A lot.
  9. Couldn't resist trying the next great single shard MMO Good fights and all that, when guns become available.
  10. (Dragon aka DragonPMOTA) Thx Stark. Just doing my duty, nothing special to it Problem reported and FIXED by the devs. I've also registered my forum account to be "DragonPMOTA". All seems to be ok now!
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