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  1. Doesn't really matter what ppl say. At least 201 ships attended, 7 of which were BOO/allied. The rest were hostile, I dont care that most were XS and garbage, with those rescources, our ships shouldn't have had a chance yet AC runs like they were hunted by satan himself only to return after they see us leave the battlefield.
  2. It really wasn't, I was in DU Creators discord helping rebels out. Deravi specifically told me this was a very serious pvp event, otherwise BOO wouldn't even have considered to take part as rebels in the first place. We were trying to instruct him, and the other rebels for 2 weeks straight, all while asking if this still was a serious PVP session and him reassuring us it was very very serious. This was supposed to be a fight til the end and nobody can prove me wrong. When I started sourcing material and evidence to prove him wrong in an argument in DU disc, he swiftly removed a lot of our chat
  3. what you're saying here is that Star Wars was great because it was a new take on old concepts, something inovative, now apply that to DU. Instead of hosting make believe SW fights, write NEW history, the history of DU, it will be a story much like SW, but fresh and intresting. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
  4. Thats EXACTLY why there shouldn't be a safezone, who ever is powerful enough to control the land decides the rules and enforce those laws on their ppl. Pirates and outlaws wouldn't be safe, they would have to hide and fight for their survival. Unless you mean a couple of pirates can take over and control all of DU with no resistance... and to that, I can only say that I appreciate your faith in us, but we're not that good.
  5. BOO bois BOO bois whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
  6. I dont know if you remember, but this thread is about mission system, which would make warping cargo a very profitable career. And i never mentioned anything about billions not even close. And if you now slowboat so often and rarely/never get caught, why would slowboating hauling missions be a problem then? I'd be all for warping mission cargo when safezones are gone btw. It's just that at the moment, it would be just another way of making money compeltely inside the safe zone that is a problem.
  7. I mean, you've said the solution to your problems "there is no example historically of pirates being in ships that could go toe to toe with top of the line military vessels", make sure to surround your hauler with these then, and exactly as you said, don't put guns on your hauler, that would be stupid, put a second ship, designed to have guns on it to protect you, make it a top of the line military vessel just in case there is a pirate around.
  8. How does 3 whole safe planets not ruin the whole players make history and decide EVERYTHING that happens in game? The whole reason why there wont be any counter meassures is because there is no reason for players to start a project like that, because NQ provides it for you.
  9. The risk is people who fight back, if that is a short enough awnser.
  10. As NQ has stated countless times before, DU is the game where you decide on what is happening, you are in charge to make sure the universe is governed as you please. They provide the tools, we make history, you can't have that if there are NQ-enforced safezones, laws, rules, police forces... what ever. They can't be our parents and protect us, you have to make sure that you are safe and can take care of yourself, they shouldn't be involved in the ingame side of things as they themselves have stated so many times before, there is no (ingame) problem that this community couldn't fix on it's own,
  11. This would be better, but most suitable for this game is to not have your success depend on chance and luck. This is a game where you plan and take actions accordingly, what you do matters, and if we start messing with chance and luck, it wouldn't matter anymore.
  12. Well if people decided to haul cargo with ships instead of paper airplanes and do some planing and use escorts like you would if you wanted to make sure your valuables arrived intact in the real world. Then it would be a lot harder for pirates to steal your stuff, it makes no sense that hauling should be done using a ship with the structural integrity equivalent with a can of beer. Valuables needs to be protected, you can't just mindlessly wander around with millions of dollars in your pockets and tell thieves to stand back because they should have some risk attached to robbing you. Also I wou
  13. There is no way hauling missions can be warpable, that would kill the whole point of it, no risk yet high reward, that doesn't seem fair does it? Us pirates would like to have a piece of the cake you know. If hauling missions are warpable, people will just warp, go next mission, warp, rinse and repeat and all the sudden you're now rich, for pressing like 2 buttons, there's gotta be some risk, otherwise we'll just have the whole playerbase warping across the system all day doing nothing else and for real, there is nothing fun with that. Make it fun, make it fair.
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